Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mother's undying love...

Saw the latest news about Marlene's predicament as a mother, and I was stunned at her statement last night [again] about her two sons, Colby and Jason, the comparison I meant. I think she has a lot more to reveal but cynics will sneer and and will still doubt about it. I am not a shrink that's why nahihirapan akong i-assess si Marlene but somehow as a mother I know that she is in pain to see Jason, and what's happening right now. But what I know is, no matter how much I love my children...hindi ko kayang i-tolerate ang ano mang gagawin nilang alam kong wala sa tama in anyone's yardstick. I've proven that already so many times...like when I was called at the office when my youngest was still at his senior high. Nagtampo siya sa akin at sinabi niya later in jest na, "ayoko na kayong papuntahin sa office kasi ilalaglag niyo lang ako" ...because I personally saw him whinging about something to his teacher and so before the deliberation steams up, I told him to be more respectful, kahit gusto ko ng sabunutan ang teacher [am sorry my bad] because she's scolding my son right at the tip of my nose. Medyo off ako don, she could have said it in a nicer way out of respect, she's a teacher kaya dapat role model siya. The reason...nakita niya anak ko at ang gf nito sa canteen together and spurted out, "oh ano kayo na naman?!"...with matching eyes rolling pa daw. I think she has no right more than the mother. And to indict a student in front of so many people while eating lunch...eh malamang ganun din ang gawin but just the same I told my son that he should not let those things get the better of him anyway.

PS/I am a stickler of punctuality more so of a lifetime good manners...[and in this world, truthfully ay napakahirap pa rin gawin] :)

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