Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nice gifts! Good reads!

I am halfway reading the book No Escape by Heather Lowell...about a frightened teenage runaway who was raped then made a big accusation to someone who's moneyed and well known. She vanished and the prosecutor named Tessa was left but to protect her and bring Kelly home even if it puts her own life into thin line. This previous holidays I got what I wanted. A book. A very special book about Barack Obama, entitled Dreams from My Father... and oh dear me...I attempted to start reading Dreams not only thrice at the expense of No Escape, which is also a good read. Wheew! Ang hirap nakakaexcite kasing silipin ang life ni US President Barack Obama. How he was in his childhood.

PS/I didn't expect to receive such kind of book as Xmas present because it's quite pricey am sure. Plus 2 MJ's DVD. Wow...wasn't that great?! I also received a beautiful yellow-wallet with multi-card holders. And also that white Adidas jogging pants na actually ay pang yoga ata yun. Hahah, with the price tag still hanging inside. Attention naman sa mga nagra-wrap ng gifts, please don't forget naman the tag price. Kailangan pa bang sabhin yun? Ako mismo I bought a gift from Robonson's for my niece and voila...andon din ang tag. Kakahiya kaya yun. Eh siguro pagod na rin sila pero it's not an excuse noh?!

Sa mga gifts na natanggap ko last or in kind, lol...thank you guys!

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