Thursday, January 14, 2010

A writer's block!

After posting earlier in the morning, I slept the day away and really I enjoyed sleeping with Mishah beside me in her fink [sic] hoody. Then hours later I woke up and fixed myself and rushed to SM for some groceries needed for tomorrow. Because tomorrow is my son's birthday.

I got nothing to write about honestly...I think it's but natural to have writer's block sometimes. Still I manage to extract something from my head because sayang naman kung open and close lang ang drama ko ngayon. Better to write something na lang...kahit medyo kulang sa sense. Just for the heck ika nga. Kaya eto ang ideas ko sabog sabog na wala pang sense.

What's happening to really out of gas now...[nothing comes to mind]
Lol...I think I still have to catch some Z's...

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