Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh dear hurts

I needed an immediate medical, I was rushed to a nearby clinic!

I've got a torn TMJ disk thus the result of my ocassional lockjaw attack. And having lockjaw is definitely not a joke.

My very first worst attack:
And it's been a long time since I've got my most painful locked jaw. It was a lady doctor who had helped me fixed it. She of course told me to relax, after which she gave me a shot of muscle relaxant to ease my jaw contraction. And presto...I was relieved when I was able to close it again. It was so painful and I was left to panic although I tried my best not to because it only worsen the situation and I could feel it right then that the muscles only tightens and you'd think they'd have a life of their own.

Now the 2nd worst:
Earlier I was lying in bed half asleep and before I knew it my jaw locked [subluxation] after a mild yawn. It was locked opened for more than five minutes. I went to the bathroom to peeh and pretended nothing bad was happening...relaxed...relaxed, I told myself. But finally... I decided to ask my son to drive me to my doctor's clinic. There, the doctor gave that instant manoeuvre to close shut my jaw. Wheew! The right side of my skull, the temporal bone hurts. It was a tough and hard experience I tell you. The doctor used clean [and sterilized] gauze cloth which I hope should be and it gave my poor gums some raw scrapes. There was a small amount of blood blotched in the gauze cloth afterwards.

Past two years already when I decided to wear a splint [TMJ] that would help me correct my bite [of course after a series of dental x-rays and with professional advice]. It did yes, [but the first few weeeks it was hard to chew and gave me some discomforts. But then it enormously helped my jaw feel better and corrected my bite talaga. Only last week I started to notice some clicking and popping again. And this thing just happened nga now. I think, I will have to find time to consider having it again with my dentist's advice.

This TMJ [Temporomandibular Joint] disorder is not to be confused as the one with tetanus infection. This lockjaw is a result of "Temporomandibular Joint Disorder" having a mis-aligned biting motion when chewing food. When biting in an incorrect motion it is easy for the jaw joints and muscles to tense up or lock up. [it's a good thing I got no $#@ to give *&$ a $#@%]

PS/This wacky picture was taken 2 years ago if I'm not mistaken after we finished enjoying the water in the pool one summer break. While waiting at the van for others, me and my daughter took pictures to pass away time. Me and my dau went wacky taking pictures inside. I was at that time still wearing my light blue TMJ bite splint. and btw, that walrus stuff-toy used to seat in front at the top of the dashboard...but unluckily I've lost the other pair. Somebody filched it away...natuwa I gave also the other one away. I was kind of sad kasi seeing it without the other pair.

The next picture shows the real walrus.

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