Friday, January 29, 2010

Best before...

Yesterday I bought ...only half a kilo of pre-mixed shanghai at SM Hypermart. I usually buy fresh meat in the market and do the mixing myself. My children love shanghai rolls. And going back,I went there to make another round of groceries for the coming birthday of my daughter. When I got home I felt famished so I heated a small pan and deep fried some shanghai rolls I cut in 2 inches long. Voila...a whiff of rancid smell of the spoiled shanghai was everywhere. Nakakahiya sa neighbor na makakaamoy talaga. What I did, I looked for the receipt yesterday and I decided to bring it to their attention. I looked for their landline and immediately called the customer service...grrrrr...the lady who answered piqued me when she put the telephone down to its cradle while I was telling her about my sentiment, I don't know if that's a pretext that she doesn't hear me talaga. But then I redialed and another lady answered naman politely and told me to bring it personally. So I sent my son right away. Alas! They gave same half kilo but not the shanghai mix na but ground meat instead. Fresh ground meat in fairness! This pre-mixed meat recipes that are sitting there at the grocer's shelves are highly prone to spoil easier than the packed pre-mixed [factory-wrapped] sold usually frozen in smaller volume because they're freshly sealed in a modified athmosphere packaging.

PS/ Thanks sa SM dahil naayos nila ang problema in a nice way naman.

Is Frozen Food Safe?
Food stored constantly at 0 °F will always be safe. Only the quality suffers with lengthy freezer storage. Freezing keeps food safe by slowing the movement of molecules, causing microbes to enter a dormant stage. Freezing preserves food for extended periods because it prevents the growth of microorganisms that cause both food spoilage and foodborne illness.

Does Freezing Destroy Bacteria & Parasites?

Freezing to 0 °F inactivates any microbes -- bacteria, yeasts and molds - - present in food. Once thawed, however, these microbes can again become active, multiplying under the right conditions to levels that can lead to foodborne illness. Since they will then grow at about the same rate as microorganisms on fresh food, you must handle thawed items as you would any perishable food.

Trichina and other parasites can be destroyed by sub-zero freezing temperatures. However, very strict government-supervised conditions must be met. It is not recommended to rely on home freezing to destroy trichina. Thorough cooking will destroy all parasites.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This is it! For one thing I love Travis Payne from the off since he was one of Michael's aces behind who'd been so much of a good help as his long time choreographer. My gee, he's now an instrument to make it possible for these Cebu inmates to shine more around the net globally. This is history. No one ever imagine this could really happen. A collaboration of MJ dancers and the now famous Cebu prisoners. And best of all...a simple duplicate of Michael's dance video huh?! This is amazing...I have goose flesh all over while watching this one. Btw, I am a Michael Jackson fanatic!

Kudoz! Imagine teaching throngs of inmates?! The people behind this great idea deserves the accolades they are receiving right now. They're touching lives here and there!

Fly high inmates!

The Icon...

PS/ apology , the new video has been removed but you can watch it directly via you tube.

The lyric's here...

Mother's undying love...

Saw the latest news about Marlene's predicament as a mother, and I was stunned at her statement last night [again] about her two sons, Colby and Jason, the comparison I meant. I think she has a lot more to reveal but cynics will sneer and and will still doubt about it. I am not a shrink that's why nahihirapan akong i-assess si Marlene but somehow as a mother I know that she is in pain to see Jason, and what's happening right now. But what I know is, no matter how much I love my children...hindi ko kayang i-tolerate ang ano mang gagawin nilang alam kong wala sa tama in anyone's yardstick. I've proven that already so many when I was called at the office when my youngest was still at his senior high. Nagtampo siya sa akin at sinabi niya later in jest na, "ayoko na kayong papuntahin sa office kasi ilalaglag niyo lang ako" ...because I personally saw him whinging about something to his teacher and so before the deliberation steams up, I told him to be more respectful, kahit gusto ko ng sabunutan ang teacher [am sorry my bad] because she's scolding my son right at the tip of my nose. Medyo off ako don, she could have said it in a nicer way out of respect, she's a teacher kaya dapat role model siya. The reason...nakita niya anak ko at ang gf nito sa canteen together and spurted out, "oh ano kayo na naman?!"...with matching eyes rolling pa daw. I think she has no right more than the mother. And to indict a student in front of so many people while eating malamang ganun din ang gawin but just the same I told my son that he should not let those things get the better of him anyway.

PS/I am a stickler of punctuality more so of a lifetime good manners...[and in this world, truthfully ay napakahirap pa rin gawin] :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

It's good to be loved! :)

My best friend just arrived from Baguio for a three day seminar and she brought me some fresh delicious strawberries! And a jar of oatmeal cookies... Woohoo! I love it!

Thanks dearie... :)

Just a glimpse...

Yesterday I heard Marlene Aguilar being interviewed while I was at the kitchen doing salad minus everything, lawl, uhhhmm actually that was a left over cuke that sat inside the fridge waiting to be noticed and some croutons and fresh carrots only. I was kind of peeling the old skin of the cuke 'coz it's exactly 2 days ago since I bought it from SM fresh produce, pero d na siya fresh :) So I was there while the tv was tuned in The Buzz. I heard my favorite Boy Abunda who's so adept in doing interviews...[I missed the imaginary mirror of Boy]. It could have been a bit meaty if only Kris had said a lot of her mind about the matter. I understand Kris now for zipping rather than zapping. Mahirap yun for someone as eloquent and as articulate as Kris. I would love to hear that part sana. I love KA that way, absolutely frank and candid. She really loves Noynoy that's why she's holding back a little. She's very eloquent and it's a hard try dodging some nice debatable topic like that of Marlene and Jason's predicament. She just said that the mother or all mothers [?] will never stop loving their children. Period agad and nothing else, kaya bitin. Now why do I post this topic? Well, I've notice kasi, that Marlene always bring the issue about her being a writer. If that is true, well I am a bookworm and I can't possibly live my life or let me rephrase it better...I can't imagine myself without a book at my side, or in my bed. I really am a book fiend and no one at home can contest that part. So I can truly say that in my years of frequent visits to browse/look for good reads at NBS, I never saw her book until now, not even at Filbar's where I always in the hunt of resales and discounted books. So she's a writer , and not only yesterday did I notice that in her interviews the topic always segue from Jason to her being a writer, her being the wife of blah, about the US blah, about the lover blah. Watch this link. My God, Jason's life and future is at stake here because he is a suspected killer, [who's been wounded in a recent raid...] and it's quite annoying whenever the topic veers away from Jason. She's there to speak about how Jason is as a son and how she brought up Jason and what pushed Jason to go wild and fought with frenzied rage during the raid. She also mentioned "if you are a ranger, sira ka na lang kung..." more or less we know what follows here or whatever she wants to convey. Eh talaga namang pag sinabing ranger ka di ba? It means a lot because to be one, you'll have to go through a lot of challenging trainings on surprise attacks among other things. And it holds true, he did give them [NBI] a ten minute fight. And according to news, Jason even shouted Kill me! Kill me! Going back she also said..."Aguilar ako"...for me it's something na parang off but what's in a name? Of course everyone should love their names, like ako Aquino rin ako pero am not bragging kasi there's nothing naman for me to brag in the first place. Am just an ordinary person. Buti sana kung si Kris Aquino pa ko. But Kris never naman say na Aquino siya with some air of being cocky or whatever. Correction...I never said anyone is cocky. The thing is, what's more important is to live in such a way that you'll never become a nuisance or rather you choose to be a blessing instead to everybody or sa society...but that's next to impossible naman talaga. So that leaves us not to try to do things that will only put us in bad light or just go off the deep end heedlessly. For we are the lone accountable and or responsible in every action we will make or do.

Being a mother
takes a lot of pain. Like me for example, I chose to quit my studies because of my two kids then. That's the turning point in my young life as a mother. I wanted to be a teacher, I was in my 3rd year college when my eldest asked me to stay at home. That they wanted me to be the first person who would greet them when they arrived from school. So out of great love I did quit schooling. They're growing and I wanted to be with them the whole time. Their growing years are most important. They'll carry those lessons they learn each day until they grow old. They must figure out what is right and what is wrong. And we mothers are one of the guiding posts. Now that they are all grown ups...I can truly say that I am blest. I am blest because now I can see them the way I wanted them to be a better person...they might not be the very best, but they are not someone who'd be considered as worse. But because they are my kids...for me they are the best. Like Marlene, Jason will forever be beautiful in her eyes, just like what she said in the interview. I don't condemn Marlene for loving too much...but in all honesty as a mother...may kulang, may mali somewhere...and she has to find it. She has to make up for that, she has to deal with that if she really loves Jason that much, because something is searing Jason emotionally.
And I do believe that if ever the court will be able to point their accusing fingers on Jason, without a whiff of doubt, then Marlene will have to eat her words...saying wala siyang dapat ipanghingi ng sorry kahit kanino. Well..still, the court will decide on this matter with the help of the evidences submitted against Jason. The latest is about the slugs that killed Ebarle Jr. Let's see what's next.

PS/Bakit ba dito sa Pinas if we ask some professional advice of a shrink, they'd assume na may topak na tayo or tililing? Ako if only I have some extra money in my pocket I would love to visit one.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mother and son in crossfire...

This news about Marlene and Jason Ivler has been hugging the limelight for some times already and I couldn't help but give my two cents worth though I tried not to from the start. What pushed me to write this was the mother in me. One thing I've learned from my life experiences and has become my motto was ...we're not here to condemn anybody. Alright, we each have our own ways and beliefs to apply in our lives, and it's our own choice how to discipline our own children in such a way we find it better. We all know and I do believe that no parents would ever wish that kind of life to their child. I mean the life Jason is up at the moment. Been tagged as "suspected killer'...with concrete evidences pinning him down, gone into hiding, the manhunt and the reward, and had been nosed out and wounded from gunshots in recent arrest right at her own house, that can only be defined as coddling a fugitive...making you an accomplice. I don't think I would ever imagine myself at Marlene's shoes [no matter how she lives in style or moneyed if ever] witnessing how armed agents' ransacking the house with guns aiming at her beloved son. That's hard to imagine...knock wood. I wouldn't be as brave as she was. I'm calling her brave because as a mother, when I saw that arrest video, I simply cowered. What if Jason died? But what about Ebarle Jr's untimely death and the agony the mother is still going through? Those words that came out of Marlene's that “I don’t believe I have any apologies to make. We do not decide who lives or dies. You know that is the choice of heaven” ...these selfish words numbed me and I felt sorry for her conviction as a mother. That's selfishness. That's beyond the true essence of being a good mother that pleases God's eye. This is gross, [hindi po lahat ng bagay sa buhay natin ay naayon sa fate, minsan ay kagagawan ito ng mga taong wala sa hustong pag-iisip at nandadamay ng inosenteng kapwa, kaya mali po na ito'y isiping God's will]. How could she have said it without blinking, when the whole world is now up against them? I think it could have been better if she only remain low-keyed. Better if she's gone more sympathetic and more compassionate. What if she's wrong about Jason's innocence? Mother knows best? Not all the time I guess. Best of all, we can throw this "the wife's always the last one to know...", you can delete the word wife and put the mother instead. And saying about how nice Ampatuan is, more so put herself in bad light now that the man is receiving a lot of condemnation out of that Maguindanao heinous massacre. They only met and talked for say some short hours. The evidences is ten against one...but we have to follow our existing rules of law. To side with the man who's at the center of the trial of the century is a sure suicide. Why not try switching paradigms for a moment, putting herself in Mrs. Ebarle's shoes? Bakit di siya magbasa ng dyaryo...or broadsheets and gather facts before spurting some uncaring ideas or opinion? She said she's a writer, so at least she knew how to tame herself verbally now that they are in the offensive situation...and we have to wait for the court to present the verdict that they are innocent. Prove them wrong. But for now, the verdict of the great mass of people is up against her Jason. Am sure naman she's very articulate so she definitely knows about the Miranda doctrine, that anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law.

It could have been better...! Her son is very talented not only the looks. Yesterday, I consumed a lot of time browsing the news about them via internet. I read everything about them and I stumbled upon Jsin, Jason's rap music in you tube. He has got talent in rapping and I believe if not this bad incident, he could have gone far in music. The video is not as nice but if thoroughly polished it could swing high in the music chart. I remember FrancisM. Jason could have been a great filler if only this things didn't ever happen.

Words to ponder...every unpleasant behavior we have done will come back to bite us later...!

Am sure every mother would wish only the best for their kids. Now it's a matter of how we will mold them. But one thing we have to put in mind...that too much of everything is not that good as what we might think of. Too much love given to compensate for the hours spent outside while the child was left at home with their nannies is not a sure thing. Mothers should apply enough hands on interaction with their children no matter how busy they might be. For we are to be blamed for what ever misbehavior our children will have...coz mothers are tasked to be molders.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

If life gives us rocks, it's our choice whether to build a bridge or a wall.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh dear hurts

I needed an immediate medical, I was rushed to a nearby clinic!

I've got a torn TMJ disk thus the result of my ocassional lockjaw attack. And having lockjaw is definitely not a joke.

My very first worst attack:
And it's been a long time since I've got my most painful locked jaw. It was a lady doctor who had helped me fixed it. She of course told me to relax, after which she gave me a shot of muscle relaxant to ease my jaw contraction. And presto...I was relieved when I was able to close it again. It was so painful and I was left to panic although I tried my best not to because it only worsen the situation and I could feel it right then that the muscles only tightens and you'd think they'd have a life of their own.

Now the 2nd worst:
Earlier I was lying in bed half asleep and before I knew it my jaw locked [subluxation] after a mild yawn. It was locked opened for more than five minutes. I went to the bathroom to peeh and pretended nothing bad was happening...relaxed...relaxed, I told myself. But finally... I decided to ask my son to drive me to my doctor's clinic. There, the doctor gave that instant manoeuvre to close shut my jaw. Wheew! The right side of my skull, the temporal bone hurts. It was a tough and hard experience I tell you. The doctor used clean [and sterilized] gauze cloth which I hope should be and it gave my poor gums some raw scrapes. There was a small amount of blood blotched in the gauze cloth afterwards.

Past two years already when I decided to wear a splint [TMJ] that would help me correct my bite [of course after a series of dental x-rays and with professional advice]. It did yes, [but the first few weeeks it was hard to chew and gave me some discomforts. But then it enormously helped my jaw feel better and corrected my bite talaga. Only last week I started to notice some clicking and popping again. And this thing just happened nga now. I think, I will have to find time to consider having it again with my dentist's advice.

This TMJ [Temporomandibular Joint] disorder is not to be confused as the one with tetanus infection. This lockjaw is a result of "Temporomandibular Joint Disorder" having a mis-aligned biting motion when chewing food. When biting in an incorrect motion it is easy for the jaw joints and muscles to tense up or lock up. [it's a good thing I got no $#@ to give *&$ a $#@%]

PS/This wacky picture was taken 2 years ago if I'm not mistaken after we finished enjoying the water in the pool one summer break. While waiting at the van for others, me and my daughter took pictures to pass away time. Me and my dau went wacky taking pictures inside. I was at that time still wearing my light blue TMJ bite splint. and btw, that walrus stuff-toy used to seat in front at the top of the dashboard...but unluckily I've lost the other pair. Somebody filched it away...natuwa I gave also the other one away. I was kind of sad kasi seeing it without the other pair.

The next picture shows the real walrus.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hanging loose now!

Haha! At last the house is in spic and span order now. Even utterly flaked out for last night's celebration, and late night bingeing...and no matter how small the party would be...hirap pa din ako because my physique isn't in its proper and healthy condition na already. Not the normal type. My spinal is like that of Trex na... is S-like and quite debilitating na and even if things are putting me in agonizing pain still I couldn't care less basta trabaho lang ng trabaho 'til I drop. Wheew! Masakit sa mata pag not clean and messy.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Flacked out!

I need to have a power nap now to regain my eyelids are so very heavy na!

To my dearest son...

Happy Birthday Myspace Comments

All the best!
I love you so so much! **hugs**

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A writer's block!

After posting earlier in the morning, I slept the day away and really I enjoyed sleeping with Mishah beside me in her fink [sic] hoody. Then hours later I woke up and fixed myself and rushed to SM for some groceries needed for tomorrow. Because tomorrow is my son's birthday.

I got nothing to write about honestly...I think it's but natural to have writer's block sometimes. Still I manage to extract something from my head because sayang naman kung open and close lang ang drama ko ngayon. Better to write something na lang...kahit medyo kulang sa sense. Just for the heck ika nga. Kaya eto ang ideas ko sabog sabog na wala pang sense.

What's happening to really out of gas now...[nothing comes to mind]
Lol...I think I still have to catch some Z's...

Wish I was some kind of Big Cheese!

I wish ...I wish...LQTM
...and I do believe in the proverbial saying that Morning dreams come true...[fingers crossed]

**I have here in front of me some boxes of different cheeses [courtesy of Aya] which are all Greek to me. I put them here last night to remind me of the brand names for blogging purposes.**

Legend has it that an inhabitant of Camembert, one Marie Harel, invented the cheese which bears the village's name. She was reportedly given the "secret" of its manufacture by a priest. During the French Revolution (beginning in 1789), all Roman Catholic priests in France were required to swear allegiance to the newborn republic. Those prelates who refused were executed or forced into exile. Some chose to hide in the countryside while waiting for better days. In 1790, during the month of October, the Abbé Charles-Jean Bonvoust supposedly sought refuge with Marie at her farm, Beaumoncel. He came from the Brie, a region near Paris famous for its cheeses. In return for the shelter she offered him, he gave to Marie the "secret" of making Camembert cheese.

**Ay bakit kaya ganun, medyo tila nawala sa eksena yung nagturo mismo sa kanya ng paggawa ng isa sa itinuturing na pinakamahal at isa sa pinaka-masarap na cheese? Yung priest from Brie.
The cheese is made by inoculating warmed milk with mesophilic bacteria, then adding rennet and allowing the mixture to coagulate. The curd is then cut into roughly 1 cm (1/2 inch) cubes, salted, and transferred to Camembert moulds. The moulds are turned every six to twelve hours to allow the whey to drain evenly from the cut curds; after 48 hours, each mold contains a flat, cylindrical, solid cheese mass weighing approximately 350 grams (about 12 oz). At this point the fresh cheese is hard, crumbly, and bland.

**I went downstairs to get pieces of bread and made a mug of steaming coffee...and so now I am eating for the first time the well known Camembert cheese, and I go hmmm, real yummy pala ito but minus the salty taste of the common cheese we have in the market...someone so very very dearie in my heart gave me some boxes for Christmas
2009 [previously] as presents. And I love it...**

The surface of each cheese is then sprayed with an aqueous solution of the moulds Penicillium candidum and Penicillium camemberti and the cheeses are left to ripen for at least three weeks. The ripening process produces the distinctive rind and creamy interior texture characteristic of the cheese. Once the cheeses are sufficiently ripe, they are wrapped in paper and may be placed in wooden boxes for transport.

Camembert can be used in many dishes, but is also popularly eaten uncooked on bread or with wine or meat, as the subtle flavour and texture does not survive heating. It is usually served at room temperature.

** Next here is Meiji brand from medyo a bit pungent and tangy unlike that of Camembert very subtle ang dating. **

**Got here now also
is Kiri Frais & Cremeux...[opening one to taste].
..para lahat matikman ko and know the difference. Wait...hmmm...kakaiba rin ito ha...mas masarap kaysa...ssshhhh...Meiji...basta, di ko ma-explain ang lasa pero masarap siya talaga at lahat sila have one thing in common...very spreadable silang lahat!**

Source: Wikipedia

Monday, January 11, 2010


I really love eating, rapsa!

Braving challenges just to make a change!

Act Now - Change the Future

Four of our activists were detained in a Danish prison. Their crime? At the UN Climate Summit last month, they managed to get into a dinner party where world leaders were dining with the Queen of Denmark and held up banners demanding they take action against global warming.

Juan, Nora, Christian and Joris, known as the “Red Carpet Four” have remained in virtual isolation, without trial, over Christmas and New Year.

Civil society has spent the past year trying to make politicians understand that the time has come to act. The restriction of peaceful protest against a problem as pressing as climate change is a serious threat to democracy.

Queen of Hearts: Now then, are you ready for your sentence?
Alice: But there has to be a verdict first.
Queen of Hearts: Sentence first! Verdict afterwards.

Hurrah for the Red Carpet Four! Good thing they were released after sitting idly in jail for more than 3 weeks after walking along the red carpet. The four activists – Juantxo, Joris, Nora, and Christian had risked their lives and names to do something about climate change. Were kept apart from their families and loved ones over Christmas and New Year just to make their chance to be heard via peaceful and non-violent action. Copenhagen police said, "When you do that kind of thing, you are going to pay for it." Maybe how they got themselves squeezed into the group of VIP's was the main reason that had sparked the commotion and why they were held in jail. But it's also inhumane to treat such silent activists especially if the advocacy is something about the protection of the earth where all will benefit from the great outcome. We are all liable for the worsening effect of global warming.

So let us take action...before it's too late!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nice gifts! Good reads!

I am halfway reading the book No Escape by Heather Lowell...about a frightened teenage runaway who was raped then made a big accusation to someone who's moneyed and well known. She vanished and the prosecutor named Tessa was left but to protect her and bring Kelly home even if it puts her own life into thin line. This previous holidays I got what I wanted. A book. A very special book about Barack Obama, entitled Dreams from My Father... and oh dear me...I attempted to start reading Dreams not only thrice at the expense of No Escape, which is also a good read. Wheew! Ang hirap nakakaexcite kasing silipin ang life ni US President Barack Obama. How he was in his childhood.

PS/I didn't expect to receive such kind of book as Xmas present because it's quite pricey am sure. Plus 2 MJ's DVD. Wow...wasn't that great?! I also received a beautiful yellow-wallet with multi-card holders. And also that white Adidas jogging pants na actually ay pang yoga ata yun. Hahah, with the price tag still hanging inside. Attention naman sa mga nagra-wrap ng gifts, please don't forget naman the tag price. Kailangan pa bang sabhin yun? Ako mismo I bought a gift from Robonson's for my niece and voila...andon din ang tag. Kakahiya kaya yun. Eh siguro pagod na rin sila pero it's not an excuse noh?!

Sa mga gifts na natanggap ko last or in kind, lol...thank you guys!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Trying to keep up!

Sometimes kaming mga over the hills na should take time to listen sa mga suggestions ng mga kabataan. Like one time, Charri made a harsh comment sa playlists kong I'll Make Love To You ng Boyz2men, When I close My Eyes ng fave kong si ang Out Of My League. She went like, "Ano ka ba mama, ke aga aga parang nang-aakit ang mga songs mo jan sa blog mo...palitan mo kaya. Magsearch ka naman ng mga Top Ten..." And we end up kay Lady Gaga's Bad Romance......ayos naman kasi kada magbo-blog ako napapasayaw pa ako...awww!

Taking time out to smell the roses! [part2]

While I was busy doing this post selecting pictures to post, the phone rang...
ME: I picked up the phone from the cradle and I went, Hello...[nobody acknowledged], hello...[but I heard din of voices in conversation and some office noises] hello...
From the phone: sino toh?! [woman's voice]
ME: Duh! I just wanted to be nice and say hello...pero instead I said, ikaw ang tumawag eh...and I rolled my eyes...but just let it passed...baka naman busy lang sila at nagkamali lang...gave the benefit of the doubt na nice...I promised for 2010! Yey!

Wheew! Sometimes we do need a lifetime and guaranteed good manners. Pero di ko naman laging maipangakong magpapakabait ako lage. Hindi naman ako mataray type. But I get piqued easily pag ettiquette is nowhere around.

Let's all be nice! :)

Hear ye! Hear ye!

I already posted one item about Miss Mercedes Corrales' luck and hardwork combined. Man...she amazingly has climbed her way to the top! She achieved a lot and still is... big deal and own a place in the sun ika nga.

If you're a coffee fiend [like me] and frequenting most of the time in Starbuck's...err, during breaktime I mean, you should read this.
My good friend Buds sent me this info via email and it's a crime to ignore this with a shrug...of course I wouldn't do that. In fact it gave me goosebumps sa layo ng narating ni Miss Corrales and yet not everyone knows about this. Of course ako rin di ko ito malalaman if not for Buds. Eh malay naman natin sa mga Board of Directors ng isang big companies di ba, unless gaya kong may nagsabi. But you know what, we should be very very proud of this. Me, talagang kinilabutan ako and I just felt proud of her because Pinoy eh! Paging Miss Korina Sanchez or Mel Tiangco...I think she deserves to be featured in your shows. We should be proud of her stature as an entrepreneur...big deal!

Subject: Appointment of Maria Mercedes Corrales

To: All partners
Date: April 16, 2009
Re: SCI Partner Announcement

I am very pleased to announce that Maria Mercedes (Mercy) M. Corrales, chief executive officer (CEO) and chief operating officer (COO) for Starbucks Coffee Japan, Ltd. (SBJ) has been appointed senior vice president and president, Starbucks Coffee Asia Pacific, effective June 29, 2009 reporting to me.

In her new role, Mercy will be responsible for all Starbucks company-operated, joint-venture and licensed markets within the Asia Pacific region, comprising Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand. Mercy will also continue in her capacity as board member for Starbucks Coffee Japan.

Mercy joined Starbucks Coffee Japan in January 2006 and since then has helped grow the business to 855 stores while delivering strong financial performance and achieving a leadership position in Japan’s specialty coffee shop industry. The Harvard Business School Club of Japan voted her Business Stateswoman of the Year in 2008, the first non-Japanese to win the award. Mercy has also taken a very active role in the development of her team in Japan while promoting diversity and corporate responsibility.

Prior to Starbucks Mercy had a distinguished career with Levi Strauss and Co. holding several leadership positions spanning two continents and 11 countries. She has a consistent track record of growing businesses, building brands, driving innovation, developing future leaders and building high-performing teams.

Mercy received a Master of Business Administration from the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Mapua Institute of Technology in the Philippines.

Members of Mercy's Hong Kong-based Asia Pacific leadership team are:
Mike Yeager, vice president, Finance & Business Development
Rob Naylor, vice president, Operations
Arun Bhardwaj, vice president and general manager
Christine Deputy, vice president, Partner Resources
Nishad Alani, vice president, Supply Chain Operations
Andy Adams, vice president, Store Development
Wayne Michigami, director, Corporate Counsel

Martin Coles
President, Starbucks Coffee International

If posting this announcement is not appropriate kindly let me know and email me so I can do the next step. Just being too proud for a fellow pinoy's successful climb to the top. I believe her success is also ours. Pinoy eh!

And...those of you who want to book or make flights reservations...just visit Buds facebook account and you're there. I recommend DANFIL Tours.