Friday, March 16, 2007

All doing great!

When my sister had been diagnosed with the big C, I couldn"t dry my tears...almost chokingly, I cried and cried and cried that day away...I never thought I'd feel that way...coz we weren't that close enough but we do have some moments together before she passed away.. I felt I misjudged her for being so picky, like she wore signature shirts and jeans...would prefer Guess, Giordanos, while I would rather raid a slopshop with just a meager amount for a simple hands-me-down. We're opposite in so many other ways. So we didn't jibe much.

While on her sickbed, I'd visit her and took charge ot taking care of her. Giving her a bath and brushing her teeth wasn't perfunctory but it was my way of showing her how much I care for her....

Today, I am fully happy to see her children all grew up the way she molded them to be....
All successful in their own field....all doing great!

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