Saturday, March 31, 2007

On vacillating....or of giving up...

Though I am used to vacillate oftentimes, to warily weigh things, I think I don't give up too easily. When in friendship, if it seems that nothing is reciprocated, faltering or not functioning well, the question is whether you can wait and stay.

What I'm trying to imply here is the perseverance in a relationship and or any kind of human relationship. The stick-to-it syndrome will keep you wait and stay until the hard part is endured.
The creases can be ironed out and the relationship which was once good can be better or good again. To ask or to wait for a complete reciprocity can hurt you or the friendship itself. Though sometimes too, there are relationships that are beyond repair maybe due to luck of interest or it is not the two-way kind of friendship. As always, there is an exception to the rules.

Just how Allan LM says, for in all relationships there is a movement at times toward intimacy, at other times toward withdrawal and or distance. A secure and loving friend does not panic during a phase of withdrawal.