Tuesday, March 20, 2007

On friendship....

This world we live in is all about love and hatred....either we love or hate. According to others, love is the purest human emotion. Period!

We love our God mainly because He is our Creator, our Great Divine Providence.
And the love we have from our parents, who brought us into this world we called life. They also give us special providence to keep us from harm, poverty, sickness and all. They do love us that much, and so in return we do love them also...and so dearly too...!
And the love between our siblings...relatives...and the likes.

But one thing I do wonder is the love that binds friendship. Person who we do not know first, from Adam...suddenly came into our life. Sharing our dreams, our plans in the future, our goals,
knowing our likes and dislikes, our favorite stuff, and blah, blah, blah. Giving us pat on the back, doesn't leave us when we're in doldrums...feeling heavy and downhearted. Giving the loudest shout and boost in our struggle. Though sometimes bullying us and annoying us to some extent. But in the end we still love them. For me it is inevitable...and I digress! I can't explain why I love a friend...to no end! Give me a hug, dawg... : ))

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