Saturday, March 17, 2007

On motherhood...

I was browsing in the corner of the book store, when two women passed by. Laughing and talking about some matters I wasn't kinda interested to know. I was so engrossed with the newest book on how to lose weight via macrobiotics, derived from Zen Buddhism.
Out of earshot, I heard the woman says, "You go out of your shell my dear friend, look for a job that will give you a lucrative pay"
I glanced and went on browsing, then heard her again..."Being a mother is boring so all you have to do is look for a nanny and go leave the house and work. For me it's just a simple, and trivial pursuit!"
Whaaaaat? I said to my self. Motherhood for her is just a boring, trivial kind of pursuit?
Let me tell you this, being a mother is synonymous to happiness and fullfilment.
It is a great lucrative salary, no insurance and no day off...
Only giggling, cuddling, embracing, laughing, cooing, changing nappies, teething, feeding...
I don't know....but for me being a mother gives me happiness.

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