Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tush, dear....!

Last night, while I was lying on my bed, trying to contemplate about things in my life that I proved to be not essentially helping me grow as a person...should be deleted right away. In retrospect, I got used into doing something that only my heart gets the benefit from doing so. Wanting to make people happy. But it wasn't helping us grow. We might as well try veering away to another direction...let's say a 180 degree complete turn about, quite a turning point, huh. If we bleed, just go is not about all of its cakes and ale. Trudging in life needs a lot of courage to go on when the goings is rough. Me, being so aloof and retiring veered away and look for a better space in my life, where I can be fruitful, progressive and fulfilled. I am more into saving for my children's future nest egg. They are my inspiration, my reason to live, my consolation, my gift from Heaven, and my everything. All the hardship will be time....!!!