Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jumped at a chance...

I saw my old friend Rowena, just now...whom I didn't talk for a very long time...say about 9 years already?!
Yes...I did cut all possible communications. It was a very complicated issue. She happened to be with the group, and it was my decision not to communicate with anyone from that group including her. Yes, wala naman siyang kasalanan. And this woman...already a spinster..( : )) hehe..wag sana nyang mabasa ito)...I tell you, is a crowd drawer. A very , I mean very...beautiful woman. She's near-perfect. From head to foot...and I wonder, why guys didn't woo her. Hahaha! She used to tell me na naiinggt siya sa akin. Dahil daw I have a very good husband...a good provider...lovely kids and a good life ahead. Ako naman, I used to tease her of having a nice and shapely pair of legs talaga. Ewan ko bakit hindi siya nakapag-asawa. When I saw her kanina, she smiled at me and I excitedly jumped at the rekindle the long lost friendship. Honestly I do missed her a lot. She's so sweet...and sensible. She promised to visit me at home. And I'll wait for that moment. I know I need to meet a lot of friends uplift my spirit. Definitely, she's not one of the fair-weather friends on earth.

A devoted friendship is never without......anxiety.