Tuesday, July 31, 2007

SS row...!!!

Eat your heart out guys...!!!

I got a reserved SS Row ticket for DRALION in Japan for October this year! It's a triple yahoo this time...that means I will be seating in the front row...to have a full view of the circus....lol...rubbing elbows huh!

Thanks sa nag-sponsor sa akin ha...Masanori salamat talaga!


Hai! hai!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

A double Yahoo!!!

Yesiree! A real double yahoo this time, 'coz we just have a reserved seats to the forthcoming show of DRALION...where?....in Japan.

DRALION (pronounced as Drah-lee-on) a touring production of Cirque du Soleil. It's theme is the clash between the east and the west. The name combines 2 popular characters of the eastern world. The dragon representing the east, and the lion representing the west.

We'll be there to see those aerial hoops, contortion with bowls, foot juggling and other acrobatic numbers with melodies from drums, violin, winds, keyboard, guitar and percussive instruments..

* Osaka Jul 25 - Oct 14 JP
* Nagoya Oct 31 - Jan 6 JP
* Tokyo Jan 25 - Mar 2 JP

Hayaku....isoide!!! :0

Source: Wikipedia

Invading the Duty Free shop...

In the pix is my beautiful niece...mana sa mommy nya! All along I treated her as a baby...bunso kasi..during our trip, I threw her a very serious question, ayan ang napala ko...she answered me seriously also and she's candid hah!!! Wala lang...ako ang na.shock, intelehenteng bata...excuse me poh, matanda na yan, mukha lang bata...har! har! Val I love you hah! Hehehe! lapit na Bora natin...2-piece ka ha...ang ganda nglegs mo hah!!! Mana sa daddy! Hello Kuya Caloy...ex links tayo ha, bigyan kitang Japan visa in exchange sa Aussie visa ko...deal? Pwede ba un? :)

Who says I'm addicted to chocolates? With my MFGirbaud handbag...hindi ako sweet tooth kasi, napilitan lang akong tanggapin ang bigay ni Bong and Russel, ang bango ng Hugo Boss...ang Green Tea, Russel...ay iniinom, mas gusto ko pa rin ang D&G ko... :0

We went to fetch my nephew yesterday. But to our great surprise...he went home pala ahead of date, straight at home...so off to Duty Free na lang kami. We had a great fun-time together, giggling and sharing a lot of stories. I really enjoyed eating yummy Bulgari marsmallows in bright yellow...yummy! Then the crunchy Doritos...sans my favorite salsa.

I annoyed my nieces of asking them everytime to convert dollar to peso...I hate figures except when I am inside the bank for some updates. And I am amused by how some sales agent of these imported chocolates do their tasks...akala ko nasa Divisoria kami.

Condo sales agents keep on giving me some leaflets...lol..akala ako ang balikbayan...hehehe! With my hair-dyed...and make up...who wouldn't think I'm not? Then we giggled...my nieces talaga...minus Maroh, who is presently honeymooning (what...again???) in Palawan. Nagpapa-tan...lol....want to know why? Eh kakulay un ni Janet Jackson eh...Maroh joke lang ha..ILY! :) Malapit na Boracay natin...!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

On rush...again!

Been up at 4:30am...multi-tasking na naman, giving the house a quick once-over!...sigh...a never ending serbisyong walang bayad, walang benefits, walang vacation leave, maternity leave, walang increase at higit sa lahat...on call palagi...walang day off...hay naku...oooopppsss! Joke lang oh!
Yang pagiging nanay ang hindi ko pwedeng pabayaan. For me being a mother is the greatest gift I overly enjoyed in my whole life. Still enjoy I mean! Really...I may not be the best wife ever...pero I see to it na my children will do enjoy their life with me. We are not here forever that's why I do everything I could to make them feel that they are well-loved, well-protected, and well-provided sa abot ng aking makakayanan...
But sometimes I tend to be sad...and at the same time glad that they're growing up na like my youngest na nagbibinata na talaga. Getting up a little bit late, scurrying to have a quick bath, prodding him to eat his brekker immediately before leaving the house...leaving his nanay just like that...ooopppsss...pa-kisss!!!...hay naku...ipapaalala ko pa! Teka san kaya yun pupunta eh Saturday ngayon...
"Mama may practice po kami sa play namin...saka nga pala kailangan ko po ng props na skateboard. Pwede po ba akong bumili?" When the last time his friend borrowed his skateboard, at dinala sa school...ayun at na confiscate ng Sir nila. Hindi na narecover. Baka si Sir ang nag-e-skateboarding at home!

.....lol...naalala ko ang blog ni Racel...about the allowance!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Quote of the day!

"The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs.....!"Maybe Charles de Gaulle is right!

I love you Mishah!!!
Eat your heart out...dawg!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


She's really the apple of everybody's eyes in our house. When I go out and buy something for our "alaga".....kids eyes are rolling and seem enthusiastically eager to find out what stuff is new...a dog she is...alam nya paano maki-bonding sa aming lahat. With her now, my time is not that favorable to others. Hindi na ako pwedeng basta umalis. Though mayroon akong vet who offers board and lodging for puppies like Mishah...wherein pwede ko siyang ihabilin while I'll be out for hours. Ayoko nga...kasi nung pna-groom ko sya last time, wow ang mahal huh...for P600.00...others offer only P350.00, kasi vet talaga un. She went home tired...real dog-tired. Kasi may ugali si Mishah na napaka active pagkatapos maligo...parang bago ang battery...siguro nakipaghabulan pa don.

At napaka-sosi nya ha! Ayaw ng walang aircon...at never ko syang pinabayaan sa floor...afraid akong magkaparasite sya. What Mishah gets...Loupin also has. Pero nagseselosan ang 2. Loupin is a mongrel...

Mabuti pa minsan ang doggies...they know how to appreciate the warmth and the care given to them...very reciprocal ang relationship...love begets love I mean...and that should be for every game we play! If not...well...your guess is as good as mine!

What a doggie morning today!!!


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Don't cry Maroh....

I love you guys also and that's for sure. I do care a lot really!!!
Don't hesitate to see me when you need me...I'm just a text away...

I'm just a text away...!!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

I love Josh Billings' famous quotable quotes...

Silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute.

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.

Confess your sins to the Lord and you'll be forgiven.

If we had no winter the spring would not be pleasant.

"Quand meme..."

Kicking my heels at the lobby of TMC.
While waiting I took pictures of my feet/ours.I was not in the mood waiting our turn for there was a very long queue...but anyway I needed a taxi cause we didn't bring Tonton that time, that needs battery replacement.
Anyway again, many things did upset me that time. A bad hair day, I thought of...the credit card mess...the head of the HRD dept...told me na may fault din daw ako...the heck! I was piqued so I reasoned out...I told her not to go beyond the issue, the issue was, 1 telemarketer put my order in floating when I considered it as a deferred transaction...then after less than 2 months she sneaked at my account and saw a chance, then immediately activated the old transaction we had made. I think that's foul! I told her I could easily file an estafa case against them specially that Gladys. In the end I've gathered strength, and have lost ballistic impulses. The company promise to fax the credit memo to my CC office to refund the cash and credit it to my account again.

Now am ok again...but too sleepy to work. I need quality sleep.

My Mishah.....my additional happiness!

I feel lightheaded this morning. 'Coz I haven't got enough sleep...because of Misha...napakakulit nya kagabe. She wants to sleep in my arms...she wants to be cuddled...pagnakatulog ako, ginigising nya ako. So I was left with no choice kungdi ang himas himasin sya para makatulog din cya....sigh...

I'll go back to sleep after posting this one...and sleep the day away.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Went ballistic again....

Yesterday I was at the computer shop ...actually the young owner, who's Jen, my long-time buddy...we were at the height of our "kumustahan" and at the same time I personally picked her up amongst other computer shop who make custom-made invitations.
The old-friendship was rekindled. What a happy time we were having when all of a sudden I received a call. I blew up and blighted by a sudden anger. Know why? The other line told me about the product they're endorsing, 2x delivered to my door...and 2x I refused to accept. Why would I accept when I didn't make an order? The hell is...so many times I did tell their agent that I was shy of cash...the real reason was...I didn't wish to get 1 after my card was declined last May 2007, for a simple reason...I consumed my credit limit already. And the fact that I had just bought 1 in cash payment, since I do not wish to use my card anymore for a very simple reason...that I wish to fly out of the country in a few months so I want to clear my credit card of any transaction anymore. Imagine this Gladys...reactivated our old transaction pala. I blew up yesterday when somebody on the phone told me, that it was already charged on my credit card...wait...wait...how could it be done if I myself didn't know anything and I didn't approved of any transaction in my account? How could it be? I needed a phone, I told myself. I needed to be home where I could scream on the top of my voice without intimidating others.
So I went straight home...turn the aircon on to keep me from fainting...I needed a cool air. And so I dialled the phone immediately, and talk to their superior. I was really foaming in the mouth...couldn't control my anger because of the misrepresentation this Gladys has done. I dialled the number of my CC office...and told them of my annoyance and voila...the amount was debited already since July 10...on the tip of my nose. Would you believe that? One week, 6 days ago I was charged of something I never knew of. Worst story...isn't it?

I didn't stop with my verbal vollies until they assure me that this matter would be settle in a jiff.

Well...well...well...what a way to start a day.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Never, never give up....

Someone told me never never learn to give up...yes there were times I did fall, a lot of times  and failed...things turned out not the way I thought it would be...I tried not to be affected but I am just human. And so I sulked...I did brood...but I would later on pick myself together and stand gain...and try hard not to give up. Resilient. That is very very important. Giving up is cowardness, and cowardness is a failure to accept trials. There's always the positive and the negative sides of life...whether we like it or not, and it's up to us to take control of it...and steer veer of old course to find new and better path.

Just keep the faith...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Went bowling at Megamall after the 3hour seminar...

After attending the seminar with my sister-in-law in tow, we were invited by Ruffa to a free snack at McDonald's...wow ang sarap ng libreng fries, burgers with mustard...arghhh, i don't like that...and rootbeer with ice...it just annoyed us that everyone around us was all heavy-smokers...I do wonder what satisfaction they get out of smoking when we all know that it can ruin our health. After finishing that free snacks, we went right away to the bowling lanes. I won the first set and Ruffa won the other set. Mickey have losts in 2 games...went home with heavy heart...jokes!
Ruffa and me did a lot of strikes...and it's a yahoo!!! Arrived home past 9pm...exhausted we went straight to bed...and dozed off after some bullying and kilitian...kulitan...tuksuhan...and some serious girls-talk.

We went home with full of fun and enjoyment in our hearts.
Love you guys!!!

NOTE: My back doesn't look so nice...very bad...I have levoscoliosis. Just don't comment huh! Dear me...

It's a monday Monday...

I'm hand full today...as ever. Being a mom is a hard task, mind you! A multitaskers ever. But I don't mind serving this way to my loved ones. Minding their everyday needs is a sacrifice...a role I enjoy doing for the rest of my life. Doing it with my whole heart gives me such a sighful feelings. I wonder how would I live my life without them.

It's a Monday and they stresses me to no end when everybody is yelling...."mom, where's my socks?"....."mom, i can't find my hanky!"...sigh...."mom, I lost my ID!".... "mom, I need to pay my tuition fees!"...."mom, I need my excuse slip now"..."mom, somebody is in the phone for you!"...."is this my pack lunch?"....

I think I need a break...!!!

...."mom, where's the yellow paper?"..."mom, my allowance!"

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Transformers...the movie

Went to Sta. Lu yesterday to watch Transformers, though very late na, with my friend Sir Rudolf. We ate lunch first at Shakey's. We both dozed off a little inside the movie-house because we were both tired and neck-deep with so much concerns. So we decided to unwind and enjoy the day outside.

The movie is great no question about it. I thought I wouldn't appreciate it cause I am not so fond of that robotic story. I just thought it would be just for kids. But we do appreciate it very much. The FX are very good indeed!

I appreciate the politeness of the one who served our meals at Shakey's...
Nice place and nice people...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

My migraines attack usually at the 30th of the month...

Yup...! This usually happens during that particular day of the month where in I have to pay those bills....electric consumption, water, phone bills, Smartbro, tuition fees, medications, school needs, food allowance, and everything. Wheeewwwww!!! I spent more than P15thou this month only for prescription drugs. When my son was hospitalized he consumed 13 vials of Co-amoxiclav (needed every 8 hours for about a week) which costs a little less than P700.00 each. And for his post medications he took the same brand, but now it should be a little lower dose, caplets is at P98.00 and he needed 20. I could imagine how big the pharmaceutical company earns. Prescription drug may be, is the most profitable industry in the world even more than oil industry I mean.

For one thing, me, I take medicines for my heart, for my hypertension, for my backpains, vitamin C and other supplements, brain vits, not to mention other drugs for immediate headache relief. Can you just imagine that everyday, we need drugs that are sold over-the-counter?! Laxatives, paracetamol, ibuprofen, and others. What a big business huh!!! What about those mind-bending drugs? No,just kidding....sorry...just a Freudian slip(lapsus linguae)...don't want to touch that subject! Don't know anything about them....sigh!

Now is the 2nd schedule of my children's Anti-hep vaccine. It is a 0-1-3 injections and 1 shot costs P1,300.00 plus the unquestionable doctor's fee...that's why I don't particularly count...I have to fan myself to prevent fainting...lol....sigh...where on earth can you get such money to sustain those amount?

I will go to Japan this year for one reason and one...to visit a dear one and have a grand vacation at Toyohashi City and to do business at once!!! I have to bring 4 bio-magnetic bracelet there...hope to add some more till I pack my things...

Friday, July 13, 2007

Fine dining?

I had this sad and disgusting experience eating in a hotel with my sister-in-law together with her Austrian hubby. Me and my DH was invited for a fine dining at the said hotel. We had our orders, me, my DH and my dau. My driver also was with us. We were talking and I did wonder why this particular receptionist kept on batting in and kept on reminding us to place our orders while we were in the midst of our conversation. A very impolite way I thought. When we were eating I was having a hard time cutting the T-bone steak...which should not be the case. I had it medium-rare, meaning underdone or lightly-cooked. That steak was very soft to be sure, then why did it took me so hard cutting it to bite size? Know why? Would you believe, I saw myself using a bread knife...not wanting to distract the momentum of the flow of our conversation, I didn't bother to ask for a steak knife. I was expecting the waiter at the near end to where I was seated, would probably saw me and be aware that I was using the wrong knife for my steak. Viola....!!!! I just took two bite size...and pushed my plate slowly...a hint that I was finished. I had observed also that the waiters weren't so trained on how to effectively serve their guests...much so...the handling of glasses and the empty softdrinks-in-can was all wrong. We had a half-finished plate of calamares, but wonder of wonders why did the waiter took it so fast? Wasn't it bad and unethical?

I worked as a cashier at Kentucky Inn Restaurant and DAIICHI (Japanese Resto)...that's why I know how fine dining is to be served, and how attentively the waiters are to be expected. The place was a classy resto that time in Magallanes, so I know how it goes. Won't give a thought of dining there again.

That would be my first and my last...sorry to tell!!!

Another story, we ate at Max's restaurant in Robinson's Galleria. The receptionist who served our table was efficient and very polite. Nice service. My daughter, me and Sir Rudolf had a wonderful evening...it's Sir Rudolf's treat for us...it's a yahoo!!!

We were laughing, sharing notes and had some table talks...

What more can I say...?!

See those lampshades?! It's a simple mat...she's very innovative...she just rolled it to make a native touch and I quite appreciate her creativeness.

Vooooiiiiiilllllaaaa....!!! Home sweet home!!!

Look at the oil-burner...it's quite addictive talaga...
See....!!??? She's got talent...just like me....whoohoo!!!
An interior decorator-at-heart...pero ako puro heart lang....sigh...

My daughter's creativeness....

She always has the passion to try new things....she's added some plants at home to make it more environment-friendly...put some fresh plants that gives soothing scents of nature....amoy apple tuloy...
In the picture it's quite magulo pa...see those fresh-cuts?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

To you, Makk...

Don't worry too much...do be happy, always!

I looooovvvvvveeeee you! You must know that...

My "To Do List"...

How can I be sure I get all my work done? Simply because of making my "to do list", that's why I always make sure I have my organizer with me all the time. It's a must for me...I write things down so I don't forget everything...including my tasks and meetings. It is one way to avoid being late or avoid to pay late...like those monthly bills, having to pay earlier the better or avoid late payments to avoid those surcharges added.

Getting overwhelmed at work is not easy...getting done all things for the day is an accomplishment and really we should prioritize them accordingly.

One of my conscious priority is punctuality and promptness. I hate getting late...and I hate myself for being late...making others wait is a no-no for me. It's not good and it's also very stressful to me and the people who wait. Being on time reveals who you are and it really pays off. Butt he cost of being late is so shameful. We can make so much adjustments by simply pinpointing the causes of delays.

From tardiness...people may start or may extend beyond what they think of you as a person. So figure it out...manage your time efficiently...and productively...enough!

Another day...

Still awake and still alive, still up and browsing...reading and blogging in this unholy hour...

Reading keeps me awake, I got some back issues and I do enjoy reading talaga. Now with weary-eyes and this freaking cold room, I want my back now to touch my bed...nice to sleep when dog-tired of the days work and I think I want to eat something but gives me a very sad feeling when all the left-overs are kept frozen. I will settle to just sleep now instead of warming foods in microwave oven. Sometimes you have to make choices like this. Never mind if my stomach is empty. it's not a problem. Goodnight....!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sometimes, life is a jest...

I am being completely buggered up by the attitude of this "friend" of mine...
I am awfully sad to accept the fact that it should and it must... go down the drain...reality check!

How saaaadddd...but we should accept things when something unexpected like this has to happen.

Life is a jest sometimes!
Anyway...not my lost!

I love blooms...

My dear dau planted those flowers in bloom...she's proud of it!!!

To winnow what is good and what is not...

Sometimes I do get a bit sarky...why, because I have a lot of patience in my sleeves. I tend to understand everything, wait for things to go fine. But when I've lost patience in me, I go sarcastic, and I can't help it. I do have a lot of friends, but can I call them friends? Are they real? Not all...there are those who we call fair-weather friends, but I go for quality...that is true and tested one, not weakening and failing.

If anybody stays with you with or without money, he is a true friend. But if anyone do otherwise...that's bullshit!!!


Learning more on macrobiotics...

It is never too late for everything. I used to eat a lot of junk foods, red meats and neglected what is really essential for good health. Now certainly I am more choosy on what is good for me. I go on macrobiotic diet. I am a vegan and I started just about a year now. And it works for me. I feel lighter now...I have lost a lot of unwanted fats and I'm still eager to lose some till I finally reach my goal...

This macrobiotic diet is really appealling to those who seek holistic way of life. Those who are really health-minded...I salute them for choosing the right approach.
Eating only what is necessary...going low in fat and high in fiber.

This holistic approach is self-healing and I quite like it. I became stronger, more determined, and I fully focused on what I eat health-wise...this helps ease my back pain and I feel great now. I go slow on pain killers now, I avoid taking this medications as much as possible since I started and tried living 70% the vegan way...I like the result...it's amazing!

Having 2 blogs going on at once...

Yup....got two blogs to deal and although it's quite hard for me to manage them at once, it's great, really great!

I think my mouse is not working well again. I have to get a new one...

My son, while making his way to go to school is a bit annoying me again..he is murmuring again that I let him use the van going to school. NO!!! I said it with stress. I have to be firm not to permit him because the first and I hope it would be the last, it was banged up and he knew nothing at all who did it.

Monday, July 9, 2007

I do miss blogging everyday...

I'm as busy as a bee..
And I do miss blogging everyday...

So many things to do right now...I'm up to my neck...

Friday, July 6, 2007

We're back home!

There's no place like home talaga...Pangit is wagging his tail when he saw me...he's whining. He was all alone when we were in the hospital and all the others were out.

Good to be back here! My home...

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Not just a simple sniffles...

Yup, it isn't just a simple sniffles but a pharyngitis, the pediatrician says...
The medicine is quite hard to get or find in the counter...I have to go and look for a drugstore that sells that kind of vial...in powder form. It is diluted with a little amount of liquid...I don't know what...maybe a vircon...kind of sterilized water, am not so sure. Then injected through IV. The medicine costs a lot...a very expensive type.

My son is still in the hospital, that's why I am in a hurry to go back...just went home to use bathroom and to take a very quick bath...

I guess he is already okey. Will just consume the last bottle of IV...
Then we can go back home. I miss home...

Monday, July 2, 2007

Health is wealth...

That old adage is true enough...

Health is the prime asset of a man. If he is in good condition it is considered wealth.
I vow for someone who has a strict guidelines to keep fit...say for example, those who go to gym almost everyday of their life. I used to go to the gym, and I saw those who has strict eating diets. They are strong, healthy and the will power is superb. They choose food...that is not harmful to body...eating less carbo and less fat. They go for steamed-egg whites, banana, water and fruits.

I think I can go back biking...to help lose weight. It is good to sweat in the morning...environmental-friendly too.
Or I can even go back to the gym...my ortho-doc gave me go signal to do these things if I want to...nothing is harmful though. It is good to stretch some hamstrings and muscles and have a good blood-flow.