Friday, October 31, 2008

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Just in one boat...

I just love John Legend's the way I love Babyface' music.

Love most of the time makes people sappy. But we can't say that love doesn't work well for us, coz it does! Love is really great. When you're in love, all things become rosy and it puts you to highs. But what about if love shatters your heart slowly when it wanes to an end? I myself have gone all through that pace. At first it was kind of sickening and devastatingly squeezing me to death. But we need to move on, slowly I came to realize that it wasn't the end. But it's a fresh start of a new beginning... of a new day. So, when you're in love, think about yourself. Don't give too much of everything. Never never think of something that will last a lifetime. Everything will always come to an end.
Last Monday, a guy-friend of mine who's been so close to me and the brood...came to visit me in the house. He was so down and low, compared to those days when we were always hanging out. So lively and vibrant. Gone was the resonant laughter. Siya pa naman ang aking taga-aliw pag malungkot ako. He went to see me to confide everything, the why's and how's. He only yearned for a good family of his own he long wanted. Now everything had fell dominoes in front of him. Gave him some endearing words and my 2cents worth. I could feel the sorrow in his heart. He was left without a choice but to leave his wife and his baby love. I heard the wife's lament...I heard his'. And I told them that it's their selfish pride that's preventing them from picking up the pieces to re-start everything. I know and feel that the chance is still there. The love no matter how much's left is also still there. They still love each other, but selfishness and pride overpower everything. I just hope one day I will hear that they'd be back into each other's arm.

PS/ Kaya mo yan! Be strong! Just like me, I always believe I'm blest and that's what I really am. Learn to accept things as they are. The Bible says..."it shall be written and it shall be done". You can't go against the tide. Just learn how to live your life to the fullest.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Be wary of buying aged tires...

Was browsing the internet when I happened to stumble upon ABC news about aged tires sold as new. I got so much interested since I am driving too. When I left the country several months ago, I did make it sure to change my old tires for a new set since I am aware that one of the possible source of danger is using old tires. If you're a driver you should know when to replace it by merely looking at the tread, or the pattern raised on the face of your tire. What I didn't know is...that a tire has it's own shelf life. It can go ages and ages after manufacturing and sit for years in retailer's showroom. Now I am very eager to find out if what I did buy was really new or it was also actually old and aged tires. Since I cannot possibly go under the van to look for the encrypted numbers at the inner side, I will have to ask somebody to help me, then I will know when it was actually manufactured and if it is safe to use. I've learned that the maximum shelf life is for only six years after the manufacturing date. If it goes beyond that, then a hidden danger is actually lying beneath your tires. Even skilled driver will find it hard to control the car if it goes wayward once one of the tires blew off or explode while going too fast. All car owners should be armed with some knowledge about their cars. Like me for one, I didn't know things like this. Napakamahal pa naman ng need a little less than 10k for a new set. And it can go higher according to sizes and brands.

PS/ I went out to check mine in the garage, hindi na ako nahirapan hanapin and it tells 3907 ...meaning it was manufactured on the 39th week of, natuwa naman ako...meaning bagong bago siya ng bilhin ko ...mainit init pa. Ang sarap ng feeling when you're armed with some knowledge like this lalo pa't babae ako. I feel proud of myself. Natakot ako bigla, akala ko naloko na naman ako. Ok naman pala si Mang Poly, where I bought those tires. Imagine I bought it last 2007, the same year na manufactured siya. Great...

"La mala hierba nunca muere"

For some personal reason I feel sad that something has been preventing me from visiting my parents' tomb in my hometown. My son last night was asking my permission to clean and offer lighted candles to their lolo and lola and some relatives there too who had long passed away. It has been my tasks to send someone who would clean and cut grass and clean everything there since my brother in law who also would take the initiative to clean it is already in Australia. But then am sure some will take their part to prepare everything for the coming All Soul's Day on November 1. We'll just light some candles for them here in front of our gate as how we spend the day for the deceased in accordance with our tradition. I remember my father as a disciplinarian...and a strait-laced person, and my mother as a stickler of napaka-kuripot...siya ang bangko ko during my trying financial times way way back.
My elder sister who came before me also died very young, died of big C also...touch wood...napaparanoid tuloy ako. Kasi my father died of kidney failure, and my mother with leukemia. Ang hirap pag health na ang kalaban. That's why I stopped will only ruin our body system. Pag nadadan ako sa may cal center I'd see some of them smoking in one corner to pass the time. Naawa ako sa kanila. Ang sarap kwentuhan how my sister suffered so much from smoking. Naku maawa sila sa sarili nila. They'll get nothing out of smoking except illness. Ako I have the passion of collecting lighters. When I went back from Japan, I told my daughter na payagan niya akong mag-smoke kahit 2 sticks lang. Malaki kasi ang problemang dinadala ko...and I need something like smoking. Pag problemado ako, parang narerelieve ako pag nakikita ko yung smoke wracking slowly with thin mass of air. So naawa siguro, bought me a pack of mentholated cigarette. I puffed half of the stick and stopped. Pag naiisip ko yung sakit na ibibigay sa akin, ayoko na. Kailangan pa ako ng kids ko...and I want to stay longer pa. For me, health is wealth.

And also, I remember my dearest elderly-friend, named Bessie, actually she's a distant relative, on my father's side...who died a couple of years ago. She was afflicted of a dreaded big C. In her dying bed, she only wished to see me. When I finally came to see her, she sobbed and told me how she had missed me. After that visit, days later she died. A lot of things she did impart and share to me...we talked everything under the sun...about life, relationships, her struggles and her wisdom. She was very intelligent and very eloquent that's why I did enjoy every time we talked. There was an instance that nagtelebabad kami in the middle of the night hanggang umaga na yata and we both fell asleep with phone still hanging on our ears.
She would always tell me that phrase in Spanish..."La mala hierba nunca muere" that means, bad grass never dies.When she died, I've lost a confidant, a true friend, an ate, and a best friend.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pencil and eraser

I want to keep my pencil with my eraser in my pocket
So wherever I may go,
And in case I needed to erase something I've done wrongly,
It would just be so easy and draw again what might be nice and right for you
So worried that you'll see the real me...
That you might laugh at my mistakes and say mean things against me
And so afraid that I might lose you in the end.
With my pencil and my eraser, I can easily remove and redo
Whatever blunder that I will do
But please have a heart to understand
And learn to accept that as human I am not bound to be perfect
But this I promise you, I'll erase and redo
Whatever it is that you want me to do
As long as I have these two
Until you love me too.

PS/ Wala lang...pumasok lang sa utak ko at yan ang result. My own 2 minute-composition. Di pa

Learning more of being phlegmatic...

Been getting some how are you's and i miss you so much messages from someone who became so close to me in the past...but somehow I tried not to be emotionally affected because this person, no matter how we jibe well has been haunted with some negative tailings. Our friendship will always surely bring about some tinder and spark in no time at all. And that will only be to wrack and ruin me in the end...wala talagang kapupuntahang maganda kahit pilitin dahil lang sa selfishness ng iba. They have the flair to throw havoc into one's life. But then, I know now what to do. Masakit man, I just ignore na time makakalimutan din niya ako. In truth and I believe...that there's nothing indispensable in this world...except of course our faith. I'm trying to be a little more phlegmatic or say impassive...being sappy just give me more disadvantages rather than otherwise. I always end up in the losing end. Life for me now is more important than any other thing in this world. And because I am not getting any younger now, I've to protect myself from getting hurt and getting sick out of being so emotional. Taking life easy and enjoying every moment with my kids and some few friends are just great.

I think a lot more now than I used to...and getting away from being too touchy and sappy is the only thing in my mind lang naman kasi yan...kaka-drain lang and adds up wrinkles. Some asks me how I do that...I don't know, basta I always feel that I'm blest compared sa failures ko...and that's life!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gonna get a better attitude...

It feels so nice whenever I got some messages telling me that they've been reading my blog and sort of liking it in the end. Some few who really doesn't know me from Adam...would leave messages or send emails and I feel so much elated really. Awhile ago I received a phone call from someone who have read my posts and told me that she makes it a habit to visit my sites and read what's in here. Wow...nakakataba ng puso. Maybe I should stop from being negative sometimes, now that some has been reading na this blog. And all of us naman wanted to be with someone who talks a lot of positive things di ba?

First, we should learn not to complain because complaining is synonymous to unhappiness. Always believe in yourself, and always bear in mind that you are much better than what others think of what you really are. Secondly, you are only human so just like anybody each of us has our own liabilities. Instead of brooding on this, think of your other assets, your courage and your creativity.
And lastly, trust in yourself is very important. Because if you don't trust yourself, how and why should anyone else believe in you in the first place?

We always want to get all kinds of wonderful, so we should do all things possible to achieve it by working hard to earn it. Don't get easily discouraged for some reason or even lose hope for survival or success. Always build your faith that you can achieve it...and make it happen...and it will happen.

I just wanna be close to you...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Telling tales out of school...?!

While browsing...I can't help but feel a bit sad. Read about how one take vows as a promise to fulfill and keep...sigh...vows...vows. I won't elaborate more...I just kept wondering why some promises made has been broken in just a flash...well, kinda toom, toom... c'est la vie! For others, anything is possibly revocable...even vows of marriage. It's but natural if a lot of factors sprung out in the midst of every relationship. Sometimes if it is irreparable na talaga, why force to live together if it will just ruin them both...specially if emotions are concerned. One should grow within the ties...and if it will just be a burden rather than be an inspiration, and remedy is far from being possible, it is not a sin to null the vows they made. We are entitled to choose and make our own decision of what we know is best and better in our own views...and experiences. Some are fortunate and others may not feel the same way.

PS/But for me I don't carry it as far as I always think and feel blest inspite of it all...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Feeling indisposed...

Been sickly and unwell, but not alarming's just that I have this everytime I'm having this you know what. I feel so sluggish and a bit lightheaded. I cab't even proceed to continue writing drafts of my new baby...yup, am writing a book, actually it's a novel. It's all about differences and of course with love twists, and everything there is. I can't still go back into quite not feeling so well as of this moment...but certainly not a couch potato, 'coz I am not one.

Seguing, last Tuesday yata yon, my friend R made dalaw sa pa siya. This friend of mine is what we call, nagdaan sa butas ng karayom. Meaning marami na kaming dinanas na pagsubok but we're still okey. Friendship talaga needs pruning and iyon naman ang nagpapatibay ng relation eh. Kikay ang isang ito. I just prepared something kung anng available sa ref...hehehe...di kasi maarte ang isang ito and wala naman akong friends na te-maarts...di pwede yun sa akin. I like cowboys. Hay naku kain to the max siya kaya nakipagsabayan naman ako. Hahah! I end up giving her my loose shirts na di ko na maisuot. Ewan ko kung inookray ako nitong si R, shucks, ang laki daw ng pinayat ko. Eh ang sarap naman sa tenga pero for me parang nakaka-alarm na yata. Gelli also saw me on my birthday and went like, "Nor, ang payat mo na...", and so went Dra. C, my OB-Gyne..."Leonore, ang payat mo na...unlike bago kita operahan...", Huh!!! parang naalarma na yata ako ah. Anyway, going back, my friend talaga really enjoyed that afternoon sa chikahan namin...non-stop...sarap ng feeling pag totoong tao ang kausap mo. Sa kaibigan kong ito I got the value of being so calm and meek. Ang alam lang yata nito eh ang bumungisngis at kumain. I never heard her in years of our friendship na she curse other people. Pag di niya type sasabihin lang niya ang ayaw niya but other than that eh wala na. So unlike me na masyadong ballistic and combative pag galit. And I thank her for being a good example on how to keel the pot. Ngayon, 80% ay hindi na ako ballistic. May time na nagagalit pa rin ako to certain point pero not as combative as before. Nakakadrain din kasi...nakakapagod. :) I'm getting older na yata talaga. I have but few true and tested friends na talagang alam kong mahal ako and I'm glad to say that I value them so much! Again, a bird in the hand is better than birds in the bush.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fallibility is meant to keep me humble...

There's an old saying that goes..."Ang salita ng hari ay di nababali"...and if I consider this then I'm suited to be called a king. For me words are very strong, so if you say something you should hold true to every words you say. Talking the talk and walking the walk as we usually say it. I have this natural propensity to hold true with what I say...but there were times na hindi maiwasan being fallible as we are most of the time because like me who's very flighty and irascible, could it be blamed for an early hormonal imbalance? Maybe! Pero my OB says it's far from being possible kasi healthy pa naman ako. Going back, when your plans fell through, ayun sometimes di natin maamin na nagkakamali tayo ng desisyon...but for me it's different...kung nagkamali man ako, I'll be very honest to admit that and it even push me to humble myself more. We learned lessons for every mistakes we do. I am always at the middle frame, I can go ballistic and combative if provoked and can always be humbly forgiving if needed lalo na't sincere naman ang tao. True Libran as I am, I always weigh things.

If humility is the lesson...I have learned it too well...

Unplanned week-long hibernation

Been on a week-long hiatus...with compulsion...and seemed like my clock had also stopped its hands on turning...suddenly I've heard that monotonous thrums on the wall. Am here and back to the fold again. I want to thank Harry whom we now call Harry Potter, two thumbs up ako sa iyo. Ang galing!


Friday, October 10, 2008

Inflorescence of goodwill

From Mother Theresa....

"Spread love everywhere you go: first of all in your own house. Give love to your children, to your wife or husband, to a next-door neighbor...Let no one ever come to you leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness; kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness in your warm greeting."

In focus

So many sad things happen in our world today...ship sunk, melamine-laced infant formula that could have killed thousand of babies, the rampant killings, staggering statistics of out-of-work heads who become grumpy-house denizens and others on the long list. Let us think of the world's potential instead, rather than focussing on them. Let us hope for the future...that it may hold and offer the curing of deseases, the end the violence, the amelioration of poverty and hunger and the prospective unity among nations.

Let's focus on potential improvements of the future...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rubbing it all up...

Saw the mom of Maureen Hultman via tv news, crying when interviewed at the cemetery...regarding the underhand and serreptitious clemency. I have read that the Hultman brood received a huge compensation in exchange of the nod for this forbearance and I quote, "has also already entered several years back with the financial settlement with the Hultmans." Eh the way I see it eh still hurting pa ang nanay ni Maureen...sigh...I really feel for her as a weeping mother who lost her child in a flick. Maaring walang katapusan ang pag-iyak niya dahil sa parang ibon lang na basta binaril. Unlike naman kay Benigno Aquino na isang defiant figure in politics who was killed for his principles. Eh si Maureen ay isang simpleng mamamayan lang. Anyway there's always two sides of the coin...according to them, they went by the rules naman daw based on "good conduct time allowance" or GCTA and had paid all civil liabilities naman. This brouhaha will still be on the debate process...let's see what will happen next...let's just hope this thing will soon come to terms in accordance of what is rightfully beneficial to both parties. And we have yet to hear the President's stand on this matter.

My stress buster!

Mishah in her lazy mode

Never to grow dull

I say I am lacking time to mingle with other people that confines me all to myself. And I know that's quite unhealthy. I nixed going out to socialize, I am stuck to my daily concerns leaving me no time to develop enthusiasm. Well, what can you expect but be nostalgic nga. But anyway I am trying be able to practice eliminating all dull, dead, unhealthy thoughts so as to freshen up my mind. I am really starting to affirm positivity and enthusiastic behavior in daily basis...and that should be. Coz' as we think it, talk it, and live it...surely we'll have it. Well...I lack relaxation na rin siguro, and to keep my mind and spirit from getting tired, I always turn to music. Sa Japan ko lang nagawang magliwaliw to the max. Nabitin pa. Well...

After this previous mental turmoil caused by a difficult decision I made's too sad and bad that I allowed myself into such psychological agitation...mentally exhausting talaga...with a lot of lachrymal Anyway that's all water under the bridge now...I just allow no sense of guilt na lang to take the luster of my spirit. Because for me, guilt is the greatest of all causes of ennui.

So let's give all we've life!

Here goes...let's start the day right! These are two of my favorite uppers.

ON NE S'AIMERA PLUS JAMAIS, this French title means NEVER TO LOVE AGAIN...tells that there's no chance so they ended up the relationship...c'est fini,c'est fini qu'elle bien tout! je suis heureux!

JONETSU means passion...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Can time really heals all wounds?

Just how can a convict be qualified for either a pardon, parole or commutation of sentence just basing on the records and behavior in prison, whilst ignoring the weight of the crime commited. The aggrieved families should always be present in the parole panel deliberation so as to recap every bit of pain and agony they went through before bestowing the unwarranted presidential largess.

Just a thought, what if they put their selves into that kind of predicament?

Brouhaha over Teehankee's pardon

The wide publicity of the Hultman ,Chapman and Leino case in 1990 made Teehankee worldwide known in every nook and every Filipino household, as an offender of such heinous crime. Many Filipinos symphatized with the plight of the poor young girl innocently walking her way home with friends on that fateful morning of June 13, 1990.

What are the terms and conditions in granting executive clemency as stated in our Constitution? Are they free from flaws? Then why this has created sudden furor and disputes and has put the President's prerogative in question. Did our president in any manner has abused any of her power in granting executive clemency? Did they ensure that the purpose for which this Presidential prerogative is intended achieved without maligning or offending the victim's family? Did the board made clear of the worthiness of the offender to regain freedom and rejoin society after years of serving his sentence?

What will happen now?
Let's hear it from VACC.

Killing us softly...

With the melamine-laced milk who is to blame here? Is that possible? They should be prosecuted because they are putting the lives of babies out there who are so hapless and cannot defend themselves while depending on canned milk formulas or other available in the market. Mothers who unfortuanately are incapable of lactating or undernourished or sometimes their jobs prevent them from nursing their babies at home rely on just giving their youngs what is available in the supermarket. Never got in their mund that they are slowly killing their own child. They could have been the killer of their own without giving such an idea. These milk should have been scanned prior to the deliveries. Why then that the scare started when the milk is already creating havoc as silent killers of the new future generation? Isn't it too possible that the authority here make the test or scrutinized every possible threat to our lives? Why did it happen when we have our BFAD? And I don't know if it is right to sell those food products with no English labels. Wow, I can't imagine myself giving my kids toxic -positive foods right into their mouth. And pati ba naman ang paborito ng lahat na Cudbury choc'lates eh threat na rin? I may sound quite monotonous but I do admire how Japanese choose their food for their table...grabe...pag hindi nila alam at hindi kanilang products naku...wag mo ng alukin...dame they will say!

They banned all China food products when they learned that gouza was contaminated with insecticides because these frozen dumplings was mainly made of vegetables fillings, so there...the products had been seized immediately after some reported food poisoning. Maselan sila pagdating sa pagkain nila.
Kundi formalin...cyanide and now we have melamine...
Some of our government officials are it's our food that's contaminated...what's more there is to offer?

Keeping the contagion going...

The happiness habit is as easy to pick up as the common cold and it is contagious, too. It can easily go around...let's spread it!

Am I asking too much?!

I don't think so...what do YOU think?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Knock! knock!

Was moved to tears kanina while exchanging emails to one of the important persons in my life. Tears welled talaga. I'm not a cry-baby pero when something hit me instantly...directly in my heart walang tigil talaga. I wonder why stress always keep knocking at my doors? Anyway am just grateful and thankful as well that I was made resilient and born fighter indeed. I still love life, no matter what.


I love it...

I like my new home...the layout...we slept past 1 am already. Nilambing ko lang si Acey to give it a change and hindi naman siya tumanggi...mwah, mwah! Ayan looking more personalized na talaga. Ayaw ko nga nyan eh, siya may gusto maganda raw...yung view...lalo na yung kulit. He doesn't want any color for the background except hindi na ako makahirit pa. I want a change lang. I like the picture kasi I like nature. I looked so fat there because of multi-layering of clothes, actually it was sobrang lamig kasi, (do I need to explain pa...defensive eh) kung mataba. The sea is awesome. I love the serene of the blue waters, so calm, so pristine and so undefiled. In the picture I was holding a dried strobile there...I picked up junks for memento-purposes, that until now I haven't had any time arranging my scrapbook. It lies there in my drawer waiting to be noticed, but still I haven't give it a thought. I am looking for a good and nice jar with a good grip para magandang lagyan ng something memorable like the sand I brought home from Boracay. Imagine how many truckloads of powdery sand na ang nai-smuggle ng mga tourist like me for whatever significant purpose they had in mind. Siguro for remembering lang talaga the place. I have some nice sea-shells, stick, stones, even feather, driftwood na sobrang liit...yan ngang strobile and many more. I got chopsticks, toothpicks, salt, sugar, coffee the sticks of my maiz, hotdogs and a lot of things like matches, lighter...ay iyan binili ko na yan...kasi baka naman sa jail na ako mapunta pagnamulot pa ako niyan. Maybe I can honestly say that I am really a sentimentalist.
If my plan push through, hopefully I want to make a book, in my mind this is what I really want. To share my little knowledge again now that everything is just right on the table...just right in front of me. Writing is really in my psyche and this is my passion. Want to start it soon...very soon.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Friends forever, is there a chance?!

Left alone in the past
by Brande
Left alone in the past
Forgotten friendships buried, never meant to last
She walked away from me
Why couldn't I foresee?
Time standing still
Another way to deal, another pill
The sky is gray with hate
One thing tore us apart, your fate
Now what will you do?
Who will confide in you?
Remember the times we shared?
Remember how well we paired?
The consequences are tough
You only knew how to treat me rough
Who is next in line?
Will you, too, break their spine?
Look at what you've done
This time I will stand in front of you, I won't run
Don't bother me anymore
All you touch, you tore
What you wanted, you took
Now I glance back, I take one last look
You left me alone in your past
Forgotten friendships buried, never meant to last

It's a new day...

Let us welcome the days ahead with much enthusiasm and being hopeful and positive is a helpful tools to make it worthwhile...

Photo by Makki Japan 2007

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Remember that,

People learn from one another....

Prometheus and Io

I was having coffee while thinking of what to write when suddenly a book on mythology caught my attention...browsed a little look what I've got: the story of Prometheus and Io...

This that I see----
A form storm -beaten,
Bound to a rock.
Did you do wrong?
Is this your punishment?
Where am I?
Speak to a wretched wanderer.
Enough---I have been tried enough---
My wandering---long wandering.
Yet I have found nowhere
To leave my misery.
I am a girl who speak to you,
But horns are on my head.

Quotes Myspace Comments

Starting with a clean slate...

Being happy and favored doesn't correlate to being moneyed. Money can buy almost everything but not your inner happiness. In our hearts, we know that certain void has to be filled in. We segue...we divert our minds...we don't admit that there's a part of that whole that we feel like missing. But no matter what or how we try, it whiffs everytime we seat our minds. What is important is that in our mind we know that we haven't have maligned anybody...had not stepped on anyone's toes. Living in this world is not just like a kid's slate...a hit and miss thing. If we do something worse we cannot just clean it and go to another step...just like a slate. Some people doesn't really know that there's a thin line that separates trust and paranoia. It doesn't really mean that when you are being trusted it will stay that way forever. We should work on it...have to earn it each give it more strength. You need to bat out a lot of effort. You can't earn it in one day. If you're too relaxed you'll wake up suddenly and you'll be surprised that you've lost it in a flick. Always remember that trust is earned...and you have to work hard for it. Friendship does not guarantee that it will stay there forever. You might lose it in just a wink....! It is more to be pitied than censure.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A candle in the dark...

Just about the time you think you can make both ends meet, somebody moves the ends...
- Penny Penner

You know sometimes we're strained to do what is necessary with compulsion and self-contradiction. We're so compelled to do it even if it would mean pain...pain to ourselves doing what our mind dictates not the heart...and the pain usually irresistible contrary to our will but tend to lighten the murky side of the situation and withstand the real core of the matter. It's quite compelling and kinda dramatic but we're left to submit and be forced to the course of the action. But, in a way no matter how it will pain us, we'll be able to heave a sigh after those struggles and undertakings we make. It is just like a strong wind that impels us to overpower the heart and push us forward to let go of everything. We should always remember that, "our freedom ends where other people's right begins..."

PS/ When I have lost my tongue I have lost my reasons, too. I'm never proud of anything which angrily I do. When I have talked in anger and my cheeks are flaming red...I have always uttered something that I wish I hadn't said...
I do mistakes of course and I do wrongs, but definitely I do not do it on purpose!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Being pragmatic and unromantic...but ecstatic!

Hmmmm...morning is cold and flat but challenging in terms of everything but why so unromantic? Anyway it's how we make our day right. I am more on with intellectual awakening than discuss the bed and sheet matters. Hello, are you there?! Am always speaking figuratively, if you can catch up, great! Going back, the sun is shining and the breeze is right, not too cold and not too hot and humid is nowhere to be found at least not at this moment. I am quite sleepy after waking up at 430 to prepare the meal, voila my daughter has left her pack lunch. Whoah! Fancy! What's there to be a mother? The insatiable demands of being a mother never never really stop. The hardwork and exhaustion of waking up too early and sleeping so late at night til my body aches never push me to stop loving my children. I am always there to love them no matter what comes in the day...truly the smiles of the children is the warm consolation I get everytime I take a pause to gather enough strength and stand up again and spunk up the spirit in me to serve my kings and queens...
There will be no other love greater than a mother's love I guess...I remember my own mother when she was still alive...she was great but she'll never hear my words anymore...but let's pretend that she does, I say and shout that she is a great mother! Mushy morning yata ako ngayon...anyway who doesn't love their mothers? Whoo-ooh! May alam ako...don't be too surprised...marami sila...not all maps have the same smooth-roads and bumpy dead-ends.

All mothers should be great too!

Photo by Makki at Plum Festival Japan 2007

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Body language...

Do you know that I have this habit of folding my arms? When left forearm crosses the right or vice versa just like in the picture. But in Japan I found out that this is some kind of taboo. For them kasi it usually indicates a degree of superiority or yabang. Kaya it is a no-no for nihon. Kaya pag you're planning to go to Japan, remember not to fold your arms.

PS/ Eh mannerism ko na yan...I don't know kung bakit