Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pissed off...

I hate this splint am wearing. The dentist told me it would help me from possible trismus attacks. Yup indeed at first. Now there's clicking na naman. Didn't get to visit her na becoz she pissed me off about money matters. Whenever she would see me sitting on her dental chair...she's like a shark ready to swallow me. So I went...I don't like to see you from now on...and I refuse to be your patient! Very revulsive decision on my part. Pero di ako least nasabi ko gusto ko after all my timpi. Hay naku ang daming magaling na dentist noh? At magalang sa patient.
The way she treated me really was so uncalled for. Very unprofessional. Very greedy. Dapat unahin niya trabaho niya and not deal with the payment factor alone unless di siya bayaran ng client on time. I asked her, Where were you on your oath taking?! Absent yata eh...
I wish to consult another dental hygienist in the next few weeks.


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