Sunday, April 13, 2008

Saw an old friend...

I love their remarks whenever one sees me..."Oy ang laki ng pinayat mo ah!", of course I feel elated dahil pinaghirapan ko ito sa Japan. I had fruit diet. I just swallow sliced apples and mikan. Di ko kasi magawa dito ang fruit diet since lahat mahal. Doon grabe...easy as pie...always ready on the table. I feel lighter and I feel great! I want to reach naman the 5 in kilograms. Sarap ng feeling...and besides am not getting any younger na. Kailangan bantayan ang kalusugan. I want to stay with my children pa for a longer time. I love my kids so much!
Speaking of weight, pinatataba ko naman sina Mishah and Enzo after I came back. A little added weight wil do. Naka summer cut kasi si Mishah kaya tingin ko kailangan nyang tumaba pero the vet told me na ok ang weight ni Mishah. Basta gusto ko siyang mataba... :-)

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