Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Butt of the joke...

I felt bad when I saw the unedited Vicente Sotto Hospital scandal. I really felt bad that the poor patient while sedated and being knifed to remove the foreign object inside his behind was being laughed at and ridiculed. A body spray was inserted in his anus. And we still do not know the how's and why's. Definitely though we can't condemn the guy. One is entitled to his own sexual preference, no matter what. One said "baby out" while the poor patient was unaware of what's happening around him. If only he could hear all those contemptuous laughters.

Had they violated or not, their professionalism will be at stake. For me it is very unbecoming of somebody who is in medical practice to act like that. Doctors, nurses or any medical staff should act otherwise. People look up to them and respect them, so in return they should also respect their patients as well. Pwede silang makasuhan ng pasyente if this is true. Bakit kailangan pa nila itong i-video? For what reason?!

Am not so sure if that docu is real or not real.

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