Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Woohoo on May 8!

I am so happy for my dear friend Kcat! Although I didn't make it to visit her sa MD where her inplant was done by her good doctors. Wow...yey she's so excited na to hear on that special day na marinig ang ingay ng mundo again. I am happy that she'll be able to sing a song now with an IPOD woohoo! Ang ingay mo siguro Tack noh?! Knowing you na very bubbly ka. Oooops, by the way sana pagaralan mo yang song na yan dahil fave ko yan. I will try to embed this again for you.

Nakulitan talaga si Lord sa iyo. :-)

PS/ Save some medium size tshirts for me ha. I love the black one and maybe some bright and happy colors too. I'll see you soon!


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  1. thanks mommy! :) i'm super excited na to hear ur voice.. i'm glad kasi during my deaf days, eh i gained a friend like u.. ang drama! kantahin mo sakin yung song ah.. hehe. we'll see each other soon.. take care.. miss u! *mwah*


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