Monday, June 30, 2008


Last Saturday was a very special day for Lovetouch dancers, consisting of young children, young adults and adults alike who tried their very best to show off their dancing prowess on stage. We all came a couple of hours earlier. And we had enough bonding time together when we arrived at 12 noon at the venue...we were able to get enough time to rest and be prepared for the show proper. We got some extra bonding time at the dressing room...laughing a little and some tales of dancer's woe and jitters when time was getting near to start the show. We had some last minute-rehearsals and to study and get the feel of the stage. While the young directress cum instructor of Lovetouch was busy giving some last details of the show, her husband was preparing the video at the rear end of the stage. Then make up-an na and all in our costumes.
The show then started and everyone showed their best effort. Haha! We were advised to bring c*#e so that our dancing shoes would not slide on the floor. Voila...nobody did bring. From ballet, jazz, interpretative dance, modern jazz, belly dancing and physical fitness. The show proved that dancing is for everyone. It's fun and also de-stress us and break the monotony of doing house chores. The show was successful and kinda splendid so we all went home with smiles and in high spirits. Thanks for the great effort and perseverance of Ms Lizelle...ang mabait naming instructor na always smiling kahit minsan ay pasaway kami.
(Will post some videos and pictures but I couldn't find my card reader pa...wah!)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I love John Tesh music...and the prowess on stage!

JOYFUL Overture - John Tesh: ALIVE music&dance

Freestyle vs classical ballet

John Frank Tesh (born July 9, 1952) is an American pianist and composer of new age and contemporary Christian music. He is also a nationally syndicated radio host, and has previously served as a sportscaster, news anchor and reporter. Besides the piano, he also plays the keyboard, guitar, saxophone and sings. He is also known by many as the long time host of the television program Entertainment Tonight.

Source: Wikipedia

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lipo...oh no, I want to live longer...

This news is a warning to all those who like me is more on the heavy side of the scale...but think about the risks you are getting into before you decide on this matter. Take the situation to the fullest of scrutiny before making a hasty decision. Take the case of this OFW who died while on her liposuction bed. She never did imagine that it would be her end. My sympathy to her bereaved family who at that time was really in shock with the turn of events. Their daughter's just in a brief vacation...what a waste spending her hard earned money only to give her her final ordeal.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sleepless night...

insomnia - abnormal wakefulness or inability to sleep. The condition may result from illness or physical discomfort, or it may be caused by stimulants such as coffee or drugs. However, frequently some psychological factor, such as worry or tension, is the cause. Mild insomnia may often be relieved by a soothing activity like reading or listening to soft music. Chronic or severe insomnia requires treatment of the underlying physical or psychological disorder.


For just a night or maybe two, I guess this is not insomnia. Been tossing and turning in bed and couldn't get a good night's sleep so I decided to browse the internet after some short reading of my new book by Nicholas Sparks entitled, Message in a Bottle , becoz nothing got into my head. I read news about Ces Drilon, then browsed some news at PEP about our local stars. Then watched Shakira and Beyonce's concerts and was amused to see a lot of belly dancing and hip rolling. Quite entertaining and very amusing how voluptuous woman do this without fuss. But Shakira is much better in hiprolling I guess. Too engrossed from browsing and a little bloghopping but the clock says it's already 337am...whoah I need to sleep now. It's quite alarming, everybody's na sleeping and am alone here wide awake...with my stomache rambling here...famished but I have no intention to eat at this strange hour. I need to sign out now and maybe ready to nod off as soon as my back touches my bed...I hope.

Lights off now...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Raining cats and dogs...

We were awakened earlier in the morning with heavy downpour...and strong wind...courtesy of typhoon Frank. So we just kept ourselves in bed cuddling even if we have to get up and prepare our breakfast. We got up a bit late and good thing naman it was so cold the day so it's better than having a hot summer day. A restful day indeed.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I woke up some 40 minutes ago, for the usual morning pee...'coz I feel like bursting in the middle of my sleep...and alarm just went off. Then I decided not to go back again to bed. I opened the pc to check emails and blog a little. So hard to take my chance during school days dahil sa researches and assignments nila, so I would always end up giving them the mouse...wala na akong magawa pag sinabing may homeworks sila.
Last night Irrach went home from school and complained about her stomach pain. Saw her curled up in her bed so I scurriedly change my dress and out we went to the doctor. While on the way to the clinic, I kept on texting Bunso to please meet us in the clinic because he was then also complaining of headaches. Heaved a sigh when I saw him while doctor was examining Irrach. Thank God at hindi appendisitis, it's epigastric pain...due to hyper-acidity. She was given meds that will help stabilize acidity that produces pain. Then while Bunso naman pala has started showing signs of migraine. And he was advised to have his eyes checked to determine it's refractive condition.
Went home with chicken inasal and sisig.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Zombie look...

Got no decent sleep the past few it's very apparent that I have those dark circles around my eyes like zombies are. :) So, I bought fresh cucumber yesterday but because of exhaustion, I forgot to use it. Children went off to school already and after these few posting, I think an hour or two of having some power nap with fresh slices of cucumber wil ease the tiredness and puffy look in my eyes. I need to regain lost energy that shows, very gloomy looking eyes I've got.

So, off I'll slump onto my bed after posting this one...then a quick cold bath and out I go for some unfinished business that needs to be done right today.

Mother's woe

Got up early to personally fix and prepare my kid's meal. They're always in a hurry to whoever is going to use the bathroom first. No kidding, the house we are renting consists of 3 TB...but the children prefer to use the one in my room...grrrr. The sad part of making efforts to get out of bed and fix everything is...nobody wants to eat their morning meal. Bakit kaya? First I offered Irrach, then Bunso...voila...the two apologetically begged off eating even just a few spoonful. Hay ang ending ako ang kumain pero di ko rin kinaya. And do you know what I've noticed? When I tried my first heap, I felt a sudden upward push inside my stomach right after I smelled a small portion of adobo. I hate the smell of the pork. It wasn't the freshness of the meat that is in question 'coz I know how to choose fresh meat and poultry. We just don't wanna eat pork na. Slowly I have been noticing na mostly they stay away from the dining table kapag pork ang ulam. They just love tuna in corn oil, hotdogs, fish, beef hash, spaghetti, corn soup, sinigang, hamonado...and chicken. It's important that I scout something for their breakfast tomorrow...or else...they'll be going off to school with a puckered lips and empty stomache. And I hate that to happen...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another one from Diana Krall

I just want someone that I can talk to...

I need a short nap!

Got up at 4:36 am and wait till 6 am to do the marketing. Afterwhich, I prepared the ingredients with the help of still sleepy Irrach. I cooked tilapia with coco milk and a lot of pechay and adobo special. Wow, we're ready to eat na sana but I found out that we have no water even a drop. Whoah, I texted Angel's Quest immediately and soon they came right in time...ang bait. Got no appetite still. But I have 2 saging saba in syrup. Wow ang sarap. :) Then I will go back to bed for a much needed shuteye. Kulang na kulang ako sa sleep. And it shows...I got fluffy eyes na.

Intrigued...and curious!

Met with my sister's daughters with their respective husbands...and Tiya Caring my Boracay-chum...Valerie at kagulo na naman. Kami lang tatlo dahil si Inay eh busy sa pagpapayaman. We went to a posh subdivision to scout for a new house for sale. Whoah, it ranges from a whopping 4.5M to grabe hah...parang wala lang. But when I saw the house it was so great, nakaka in love. I liked the 5.5M na 3-storey with 5 bedrooms at modern ang style. But anyway, going back to Marusselle, we're exchanging pleasantries, and napunta sa books ang usapan. She's just so updated reading online...addict eh...she is prodding me to read on line but I'd rather keep the thrill of getting the book from my fave bookstore, have it covered neatly and then read while lying in bed...that eventually put me in dozing mode. Yan ang aking pagpaantok. Now she promised to send me a Paolo Coelho and I'm curious na talaga by how this author writes. I think I will be scouting for his famous book entitled, By the river Piedra, I sat down and I wept...

The book superhero is now 70!

Superman, the original superhero of all time is now 70 this month. The Man of Steel who for decades has been fighting for truth and justice, has made his first appearance in June 1938. A brainchild of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. He can fly in the sky, but he's not a plane...faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Source: The Philippine Star, June 15, 2008

"What memory about your father makes you cry?"

The title struck me directly to the heart. Like Ces Orena-Drillon whose dad died in heli crash and unfortunately never did found the body. What drives her to tears was the memory of his dad's simplicity and integrity...

Source: The Philippine Star, Sunday Lifestyle June 15, 2008

Like her, I will always have this fondest of memory for my father. A discipinarian yet so loving and a stickler of punctuality , honesty and simplicity. A typical strict father, but what will always move me to tears was the love I felt during my young years, so supportive of my simple achievements and the loving boost to my morale whenever I'd feel so downhearted. The bottomline is, I felt so loved during that time that he was still around. I have only but nicest of words for my dear father...Felipe Naval Aquino...and I am proud of him till now.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

With alacrity...

Yup, we welcome everyday of the month regardless of what our beliefs may be about Friday the 13th. Anyway what's in a number if it concerns a lot and reprisingly our little baby named Keyanna, the kikay na bata celebrates her birthday every 13th of June. And that 13th will always be special to us even if it falls on friday and who cares. Basta birthday yan ni Keyanna, period. At may umapila pang good friend Tack. She celebrated her special day last month...still is. For me everyday is a special day for everybody because being safe and healthy means a lot. But what really matter is how we look at the blessings we receive each day. Hindi lang natin ito nakikita. But if we try to contemplate more, there is so much to be thankful each and every hour of our lives. And a good example is Tack. As a mother I got loads of concern and as human it is but natural to sometimes feel so low and downhearted. Sometimes I feel weak, and feel so alone. But at the end of the day, I heave a sigh and pull myself together...because of my kids. I have to. And being resilient I gather enough strength coming from my faith. It should be. And that is the right attitude. Somehow I am challenged to see how my good friend Tack shows courage. She's got all what it takes. And it is a habit na in my brood na kapag low kami and kahit na in high spirit pa...we try to browse...specially to visit Tack's site. They are or I should say, we are challenge to become a bit courageous to face life. Reading her blog really put our wisdom on top of everything. She is a fighter and no one can beat that. She is a model of high spirits. She can move mountains to get what she wants. She help others to help others too. She opens some new horizons for someone who most needed it. Like me, she have touched my heart ever since we've met. For me she's heaven sent to make my ebbs become soaring waves...hehehe...ayan Tack hah...coming from my heart yan. Hindi yan charing. Again, "ang sarap kayang mabuhay, tikman mo" and gaya ni Madge ako'y isa ring dakilang alipin. :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Alas and Alack!

Customarily when we have this in the calendar, people would avoid taking on a long vacation or a long drive. They would rather stay at home and call it a day instead.
It is synonymous to bad luck (so they say) that's why still many people freak out during Friday the 13th and believed that this always bring misfortune and unfavorable outcome. But does it really ring a bell and bring bad luck or is it just a mere simple old myth or a full-blown supertition?

To you little angel... - Myspace Glitter Graphics
More graphics at

I love you...mwah..mwah!

Painful trismus attack...

Got couple of bad weeks due to my lingering headaches and toothaches off and on...sigh...ang hirap non. I'm thankful at di umaatake ang trismus ko. I remember one late night, or early morning na yon...around 2am...I yawned and my jaw locked, imagine I drove myself (because my DH was in panic) to the nearest clinic for immediate shot to relax my muscles. Afterwhich, the doctor on duty put her gloves on and in a minute her two thumbs inside my mouth pushing my lower jaw in one quick try. Voila, my trismus was corrected in no sweat...but it's painful hah. For so many years I've been living in fear of this occasional trismus attack. So if you guys notice some clicking of the jaw, go get your doctor's opinion. You should know how to deal with it just in case a sudden prolonged spasm of the jaw occurs.

With a twist...

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper. A peck of pickled pepper Peter Piper picked. If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper, where's the peck of pickled pepper Peter Piper picked?

At may tatalo pa ba sa maigsing pamilipit dila ng mga Pinoy?! :)

Eto subukan ninyo...
Pasko, paksiw, pasko, paksiw. (3x)

Eto pa, Bituka, botika, butiki. (3x)

Table etiquette # 13

* Use your fingers while eating any kind of leavened bread like roti, chapatti, nan, puri, etc.

PS/ In the picture I used fork for my chicken and not for my very big nan, I tell you, napakasarap ng nan, dipped in different sauces you want. Fresh from native pugon (oven).

Over a cup of coffee... myspace graphic comments
Good Morning Graphic Comments

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Half empty or half full?

It is better to have good disposition over matters we need to deal each time. And be an optimist using better judgment and sensible ideas to attain favorable result about what's happening around us. Being pessimistic just put us in mire and lead us to more undesirable and perplexing situations. But if we become more optimistic and hopeful, we tend to think better and solve everything in time without being puzzled and confused to earn and learn but nothing.

Cutting on some expenditures...

So hard these days. Lalo na't it seems that everything's skyrocketing, the gas prices are inevitably changing always jacking up, needless to say the rice also, tila kahit sino wanted to avail the Bigas ng Bayan or the NFA. Same goes with poultry and meat, then vegies na tila ibinabad nga sa formalin dahil kasing titigas ng bato gaya ng tomatoes. I still wonder kung totoo ito or what, if it is...shucks...and who doesn't want to hurl invectives sa taong involved dito? Di ba sa patay yon. Whoah...not nice indeed. Mahihiya tayo sa Japan na napaka fresh lahat ng produce nila grabe. Now the Meralco is in hot seat right now. Even Juday who happen to have this Meralco commercials regarding the charges they are collecting and blah blah's. Urging for boycott against the actress I heard of last night, whatever. Now housewives are getting into mess how to divide their meager allowance for these expenses. Like us, we are just renting a "bigger house" for a whopping P1-,000.00 a month...katchang katchang sabi nga ni Tack. Plus the monthly water bills, Smartbro, telephone lines which happen to be two (one landline and one wireless) gusto ko ng ipaputol yung 1 dahil may mga CP naman...grabe...nakakaloka ang pagba-budget hah! Last few days we experienced the sobrang init sa a way natuwa pa ako dahil yung cord ng aircon sa room ko ay short ng 10 inches sa outlet...hahaha...buti nga dahil it helps in costcutting. May abaniko naman di ba? Why not?!
Pasukan na naman and dapat laging handa ang food ng mga bata dahil ang breakfast ang pinakamahalagang meal dahil it opens the day and we have to fuel our body and the mind as well. Pag gutom ang bata di sila makapag-iisip ng tama. So, mothers should know some tipid na meal para sa breakfast. Here's one:
Fast omelet
Beat eggs then add milk...housewives know for sure how to measure I guess. Like if you have about 4 eggs, 1/3 cup of milk will do best...bahala na kayo, masarap kasi pag medyo moist ang omelet. Then in a pan, put a slice of butter and too much heating is not needed here, just add the beaten eggs. Add pepper and salt according to your desire. Gently mix it and do not overcook. You can serve this with hotdogs or longganisa and steamed rice. Voila...may breakfast na ang mga bata. Ako I enjoy cooking for may kids...kahit marunong na sila, still mas gusto nila ang preparation ng mga nanay nila di ba? Always a treat... :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Don't be too agressive...

It would be great to always be right, wouldn't it?

But even if you are right, there is nothing to be gained from letting yourself become adversarial with your loved ones. Remember how much more important these people are to you than the issue you are talking about.

Source: Simple Secrets

Table etiquette # 12

Try to use your silverware as noiselessly as possible, 'coz loud clatter of a knife tapping against a plate betrays a lack of finesse...according to Craig Clairborne. And we all agree that it's very annoying.
While using chopsticks (hashi), use the thumb and index finger to hold both the sticks, with the remaining fingers giving support. It is a no no to Japanese to pass food while on the chopsticks. It can only be done during the wake if I am not mistaken.

Lesson # 14

* Today - Kyo

* This week (wik) - Konshu

* Last week (wik) - Sensyu

* Next week - Raisyu

* This evening - Konban

* This month - Kongetsu

* This year - Kotoshi

PS/ To Kazue, send my regards to Okasan, Otosan, Masanori and Takumi... :)

Brevity of human life...

Regardless of your wealth life cannot be prolonged no matter how we try to keep it in existence or make it lasting...and we all know that life is only temporary. Big C is very alarming and will always keep you affray of what will happen the next minute, hours, and days. I myself experienced the harrowing feelings with our loved ones ill of that dreaded C...and no words could ever describe of the agony that tormented our family during the last ticking of their life clock. My father, my mother and even my elder sister died of that Big C. All money saved went to medicines, to chemo and to the hospital because we almost lived there in months...believe me, kahit anong dami ng resources mo kayang ubusin sa isang iglap. The old Medical City and St. Luke's Hospital were the silent witnesses of our great distress during those times. Money seemed to flow at that time just to keep them alive. But whatever you do, and no matter how we try, the depleted physical body of the patient will just only give up in time. No strength at all, eyes begging, you'll find yourself begging also to gods to take away all the pain and would want to let go of the patient who is lying helplessly while in respirator, and all those faltering digi-medical machine gauge. And time will come when the patient will finally give up.

Saw Lorna Tolentino's braveness when RF died. The love echoes from the brood and I salute her courage and all. She wins the battle, tears welled up but the love and courage is there. She's tough and meek during her hardest part, and now her lowest. After which she'll surely pull herself altogether for her children as well. Then she has all the time to heal, for her own self and the brood also. She's quite lucky because their love for each other endure till the end. Hats off to you and may you find peace and be healed in time.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Freestyle poppin'

Low - Flo Rider ft. T-pain

PS/ Quite innovative and a great dancer indeed!
Ryan Rosinski on the floor...

Blind leading the blind...

As a mother of young teens, I am in favor of treating the chidren on a one-on-one basis with regards to adult topics like love and relationships. I think I know more than anybody else around them so I might as well be open and willing and available for my children to tell everything about the birds and the bees. I am afraid that they might get some wrong ideas about everything so I make it a point that we do have some privy talks at home. At least I am the mother so I am very careful not to make them confused on some issues. My young son is right now in a young gf and bf relationship, if sometimes I'd notice something is not going on well or should I say a lover's quarrel, I got the inititive to talk to him privately so as not to indict him with his siblings...but to give pointers in a hush hush. It is equally important to listen also to our children. As part of their growing up I see to it to take time out to treat my children out for lunch or snacks or even dinner, that's the time where I can talk to them with confidence about their life as a pupil and as human beings...and I see to it that I take off my proverbial apron and laddle for being a mother. I treat them as friends to make table talks much easier and more comfy. And I should say that all nanays should improve their conversational skills. Children needs our guidance and moral support in order to be in constant communication over matters concerning the hearts. Who else will?

Mother knows best...

Shocking news about the abduction of Ces Drillon...

I was still drowsy when I opened my YM only to find Makoys off line messages. One saying hi and hello's and the other saying Ces was abducted in Sulu. Makoy was again in a hurry to find some food outside his pad in Singapore so I was left with no choice but to browse the internet on issues regarding Ces Drillon, a famous ABS-CBN journalist. Whoah, according to reports the said group of Abu Sayyaf is asking a whopping 20M for the release. If the negotiation is going underway or not yet, we still have to wait for the confirmation of the authorities involved here. I wonder why do they have to put their lives on line just for the said interview, we all know that the leftists mean business and by hook or by crook they will find ways to replenish their resources to buy more guns and for their subsistence as well. I hope people who are a possible good catch should stay away from those rebel-infested area more if they don't want to be in mess. Imagine to have that enormous courage and braveness to go in 3-newsmen team only in that dreaded area of Abu Sayyaf? Think twice...of that big risk.

PS/ Thanks Makoy for this very informative item.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Friendship delight part 2

I am happy to know that my Japanese friends are reading my blog. I always receive emails from them, and it makes me happy knowing they read my blog and they are really trying their best to learn English! They are my frequent visitors here. They're kinda worried about my toothache says in email. Really friends do wonder in our lives. Friends come and go...but true friendship will remain...and will always touch our hearts in any manner.

To my friends in Japan, thank you very very much!


Whoah, I yearn for a complete body massage that will soothe mind and body as well too from exhaustion. I dreamt of spending some time out in a spa, like what I did in Japan together with Makki. It reduces symptoms related to depression and anxiety. Just like me who always feel so stressed out during the days of working in and out of the house.

Monthly BSE...

It only takes a few minutes while you are in the bathroom before taking a bath. Women should do their breast self-exam while taking a bath, or lying in bed to rest or even in standing position or while sitting maybe basta't you're in your private room. You can use lotion to make it easier to feel some changes in your breast. Some pain is just but normal before and during our monthly cycles, but if you notice some nodes or discoloration on the skin itself, and some lingering pain I think you should see your doctor already for some thorough check ups.

PS/ I myself had noticed a size of a salt node on my left breast when I was still in college, I told my mother about it and we went to a doctor who then told us na it was too small pa para operahan. Then years has passed and it grew bigger like a grape in size. That time I got no mother na to assist me 'coz she passed away na by then. So when I noticed some dull pain from that node, I went to Dr. Vince for immediate minor-operation. It's a standard procedure that after the incision, the tissue should be checked for biopsy. That time I was so scared since both my mother and my father died of cancer, and also my sister. So cowardly I didn't visit Dr. Vince right after my surgery. Wow, he just texted me and I told him that I was scared of the result...well, it's a miracle...the result of the biopsy was negative. :) I'm thankful til now. Really I'm so thankful...


Hug your knees!

There are lots of easy exercises that you can do right after waking up in the morning. A little bending and hugging of knees will do. It is very important to our health. Exercises help direct fluids back to kidneys where water can be flushed out, as well as stretches and soothes aching muscles, and it also up our body's endorphins and trigger contractions specifically at the uterus region. It also helps you with your menstrual cramps that usually put us in sluggish mode. You'll feel better and become more energetic.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lingering pain...

Got this throbbing amalgam filling right on my lower-left molar gave up when I was in Japan so the nerve root has been exposed since then. Gosh I overlooked it so much and still I got no time visiting my dentist up to now. It's giving me so much pain now. Will soon find time to have it checked by a dentist. Got to rest a little after taking pain reliever perhaps. A short shuteye will do.

Table etiquette # 10 & 11

*Don't wipe your mouth in social gatherings...a dab can do better with a napkin or a tissue.

*Also wipe the marks or stain left in the rim of your glass, because it is quite offending to others.

Friday, June 6, 2008

How I wish...

One of my greatest dream is to visit Coron, in Palawan. I saw a picture of Coron from a blogger-friend Carlos and curiously I asked him where Coron could be found...gosh, I was shocked that it's in my native land. Imagine a Filipino asking someone who is not from the Philippines? Mas alam pa niya di ba? Well doon ko nalaman yung place and from the way I see's really a getaway paradise for someone who wants to unwind and take some time smelling the roses. My niece and her family went there but unluckily I didn't go with them since I just arrived from Japan that time. I searched in the internet and learned that it's just an hour by plane. I love the place just as I've loved Boracay. I'll go there if my time and my purse permit me to do so...and with my crossed fingers...I just wish...I could go there one day...of course with my family too :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Patching up...

I always make it a point to compare friendship to gold panning. Wherein gold is separated from silt. There's no such thing as perfect friendship I guess. Me and Sir Rudolf who's a very good friend of mine encountered a difficult situation the past months. In the end he ended up in the middle of the mire we didn't hope would ever happen. Too afraid that he thought I was mad he didn't make any effort to contact me, while me thinking that he left me in the cold was so hurt at that moment. Last night he texted me and told me that he wanted me to come to his house and he'll prepare something for us. He promise to cook sumptuous viands for lunch...only if I would just say yes. I said I don't think I'll be able to commit myself since I am not pretty in the mood that time. Pero the truth was, tampong-tampo na ako sa kanya. He encouraged me a lot. Sweet talk. Hehe. He mistook my answer for a yes. My goodness ano pa ba ang magagawa ko eh tuwang tuwa na yung tao na pupunta ako. I said, bakit nag-oo na ba ako? Wala na-trap na ako. And that lunch rekindled the friendship and had patched a little of our misunderstanding. Ang galing niyang umi-style di ba? :)

Bon Voyage!!!

Woke up early for no reason at all...glanced at my CP's digital clock and saw the's June 6th...the date has come...texted him some you-take-care-hah and I-will-miss-you...blah blah. Wow, he'll be in Singapore any minute now...sarap naman non. Bye bye Makoyskie ! I would like to visit Singapore too, if given a chance, ikagadesu ka. :) I would have been also with my niece Maro, when I've learned that she'll be going to Bangkok next month...told her to get me a ticket right away and...get me a ticket, get me a ticket...sigh...only to call it off when she told me na si Lee lang ang kasama niya...I don't want to ruin their possible honeymooning huh! And I don't want also to look like a gnome between two people in love. Duh!!! Hay naunsiyami ang Bangkok ko. Ayoko na...maybe her next plan daw to visit Vietnam and Cambodia, ayaw sumama ni Lee and I told her ay ayoko diyan parang laging it sounds war. sorry yun kasi ang pumapasok initially sa mind ko. She went like, "si tita naman..." Sila ang kasama ko sa Boracay and I tell you, napakasarap nilang kasama sa lakaran...grabe, with little Yndee na super kikay na bata. Maro says she has something to offer...something like galvanic spa...shucks ang presyo, murang mura, pero mukhang pang maharlika pa rin...hahaha...told her am kinda shy of cash today because of the near school opening. Wow, she really goes out of her way to save some nest eggs fund her getaway traveling with on the side. Attah girl!!!

Hay, ang sarap magtravel, travel... :)

PS/ Hay ano ba ito, after my migraine and queasy feeling the previous days...eto naman, I got a stiff neck ang aga aga. Hay...can hardly bend it to the left...and with my upset stomach pa...sigh... :(

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Two sides of a coin...

Selling Shoes

Two shoe salespeople were sent to Africa to open up new markets. Three days after arriving, one salesperson called the office and said, "I'm returning on the next flight. Can't sell shoes here. Everybody goes barefoot."

At the same time the other salesperson sent an email to the factory, telling "The prospects are unlimited. Nobody wears shoes here!"

Source: Arcamax

All wrapped in thought...again

After rereading A Knight in Shining Armour, I am now starting another Jude Deveraux hit, The Summerhouse. A story about 3 women friends, rather bestfriends, sharing the same birthdate...about to turn forty, celebrating this turning point at a summerhouse in Maine.

Friendship delight...

After some topsy-turvies and never ending packing of things with Makoy...who's so jumpy na at that time, we took a fast lunch at La Piadina' Rob's ang sarap grabe... pero it was somewhat a hasty rin...joke...pero I enjoyed a lot...jolly meal. We watched Caregiver, I didn't tell Makoy that I've seen na the movie at baka ma-upset pa siya. I dozed off and on pero d ko pinahahalata, but he gave me a sudden nudge and went like, "napanood mo na noh?" I said, Huh?! (padeadma pa ko) :) Then asked me again if napanood ko ang hirap magsinungaling eh. I said yes :) Magaling makahalata. I really felt so loggish that time so kahit unethical I gave myself a few spray of my favorite D&G and voila...nawala ang antok ko. After watching the movie I saw the cute and pasaway na member ng Simpson family...right after the entrance of the moviehouse...we took some shots there...for mementoes-sake. Then after some beso-beso for some goodbyes...sobs...he went straight home and I took a cab again going to Santa Lucia. Though tired and exhausted, I still have had to meet Mariz there that time as planned because my CP was contaminated with some virus I guessed. Eh napakadali lang naman nagawa, thanks to Mariz and certain Ate. Nice people. Bravo. I love those kind of people. Anyway, after that I straddled long walks again from the basement of Sta Lu to the entrance of The Grand mall where I rode a jeep going home. Then after a few hours I was home na...sigh...there's no place like home talaga. It was a long day indeed so I slumped onto my bed the moment I arrived home. But it was a pleasant day for me and Makoy too I guess.

I just hope and pray na everything will be fine and dandy for him on his Singapore sojourn.

Happy trip buddy... :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lunch date with a friend...

Today is a special day indeed for me and Makoy because we will eat outside...preferably at La Piadina's. He's set to leave on the 6th which is a few days away na lang. So kain kami sa labas...for a few chit chat bago siya umalis.
Our friendship is somewhat new but special because both of us are sometimes masungit and straightforward but true...and friends really make us happier somehow. This is the best thing for bloggers like me...getting to know people in the blogosphere, who later on becomes one of our best pal...and fortunately I got some...

Friskier than ever...

She's back in her old self...friskier than ever. Many thanks to her good vet. She has gained all of her lost weight while still sick. She eats a lot now. And it's great...

PS/ In the inset, a picture of Mishah while dozing on and off, she allows no one to touch her threadbone that smells pasalubong to her...leaving it on her bite so nobody can grab it away from her...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Health is wealth indeed!

Keep fruits in the house and eat it as a snack...


Got up with awful headache early at 5, sky still dark...had coffee instead and took a bath hoping it'd be gone before 7. Now I just feel a little lightheaded and hope I'd be fine before hitting the road. My hands are full so I can't afford to get sick much so to feel sick. I have a lot of things to attend to and it will be a long day indeed for me today. I remember this headache had hit me 3 days ago na. And it keeps coming back. Somehow upon ruminating things while lying at my bed, I noticed that my mind was overly anxious tending to shoot around from one problem to another and with those virtual catalogue of problems and always in want to shoot some bolts. So now, how can I possibly give myself some good and decent sleep? It's quite unhealthful, and so that gives me some hurtful headaches. Too many thoughts and concerns make me half-sick always. I tend to make it hard on me and soaked my presleep thoughts to ruin before I tend to drift to dreamville. Thus giving me poor sleep quality. I saw myself in the mirror and it doesn't give me a good look...only dark circles around my eyes and eyebugs, plus this queasy feelings I get.

Will try now, to focus on one matter after the other...not all in one time I guess.