Sunday, August 31, 2008

I took a 180 degree turn...and why not?!

I have dropped one friendship again. Yeah I know there's no bragging in here, although it hurts and so I just chucked the guilt of trashing a friendship na one-way from the start. I'm fed up. I always say that to nurture one it would need a two-way-lane of course. Eh paano if the other end is selfish and will only be pushing you in quagmire, so the most dignified step is to stop and leave right's better to mind your own thing na lang. If she needs help she would call...if not she's out of what can you call that? My goodness, for me no one is indispensable I guess if that the way how it is. I kept on reminding her that a bird in the hand is better than birds in the I took the other way. I was kind of hoping na she'd become better after giving her my 2-cents worth again and again on how to make good friendship works...deaf-ears...but nothing doing...boohoo! So I did a 180 degree turn...and why not? Di naman ako palahingi ng tulong becoz I don't want to be a burden to anyone. Mas gusto kong ako ang tumulong than the other way around. Pero pag sobra ka ng nagiging doormat nakakainis na. For me as we grow older we should accustom ourselves to make lifelong friendship, if not we'll grow old alone. I don't need a one way kind of friendship, I go for a give and take kind of any kind of relationship whether it be a mother and dau team, friend to friend thing, H&W relationship amonst other thing. If the case is like this, immediately step out before you get too emotional in the end. Now I've got a few selected one. I hate to be in the company of the hollier-than-thou-attitude, it's a no go for me. I want serios and honest people who have no intention of taking advantage of my generosity 'coz I've had enough of that dose. I know there's still a lot of honest and sensible people around here on earth and I'm lucky to have found some. And if you have found some just like I do, hold them with both hands and keep them as treasure.

It's good to love and be return... :)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lightheaded again...

Waking up a little lightheaded and vomity while preparing breakfast is something I never wanted because I am a morning person and I just want to start my day early doing things in the kitchen. I don't employ househelp anymore since I have grown-up kids and isa pa I need this work to exercise and do my motherly care for my children. Isa pa with how things are this day, nakakatakot na. A case I saw on tv where the maid poisoned the employer and her family. Took advantage of the time to steal and hoot while her Chinese employer with some family members were rushed in the hospital due to vomiting and severe stomach-ache. Police tracked her down and case against her was filed immediately, according to news. What a way to live.
Hopped at Jam's site after linking her, I read her post regarding stroke. And it's quite very informative na a mere tipping off is sometimes a sure sign of early stroke. So just like me who have been suffering from on and off BP shoot-up, I stick my tongue out while reading her blogpost. Naku swerte ko pa, I can still wiggle it. I'm taking-the-bull-by-the-horns mode ika nga nowadays and the previous weeks kaya ako nagkakasakit eh. Everything all rolled into one. Ok kaya pa naman, but sometimes my knees grew weaker. But being a resilient person that I am, and always be...I always bounce back. Because as a mother, I don't allow myself to get frustrated, to get disappointed by trials , because my children draw their strength from me. They need me more than anything else. If I grew weaker, what more could they extract from me? Kawawa naman sila. I was born to be a full-pledged mother and I devote my time to serve them and care for them and love them whatever comes along my way. So I need to be very extra careful with my health and my looks now. They don't want me to look awful and shaken up. They want me to always wear cosmetics and nice and gorgeous daw...(nyeek!), and to be always smiling. So...

Let's all be health conscious! Health is wealth.
And keep smiling too!

It's quite true...

Overview of my horo...
Your leadership style is pretty low-key, but still quite effective -- especially on days like today! You may need to whip people into shape in some way, but it goes much better when you're smiling.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm done but...sigh...

Yup, I'm done with my expanded code and everything. Grabe it took a lot of waitings before I finally got it this afternoon via online inquiry. But now am still waiting for some opportunities, well you know what I I am grabbing every chances now...will keep an eye for possible tasks to come. :)
And another thing that kept me idle the past weeks was being with my off and on erratic blood pressures due to some lingering concerns...that's why I've gone bloey and downspirited. Stress always come knocking at my door...omg...I just need a break. Since I got home from Japan, my constant visitor is a lot of stress and I needed some time to gasp a bit of air to keep me alive. I wonder I'm still alive...and not in the corner drooling with eyes' rolling while eating vermin. Sometimes I would ask myself, kaya mo pa ba? I'd go, oo kaya ko pa...dapat lang...keeping my spirit up and keeping the will to survive is the answer to all of these. Things happen for a reason. Just heave a sigh and be strong...a good adage says, GOD gives us burden...also shoulders...

I am strong...I am invinsible...I am song!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In my prayers...

I was so sick for the past 3 days, had palpitations and angina and thought that I needed to be admitted in the hospital. I went panicky tho I calmed myself not to aggravate my condition. I was already having tremors and all those all at the same time. Tho feeling so weak and all was building up, I still believe it wasn't my time because I hate to think it that way. Now I'm still recuperating from my 3-day diarrhea plus my BP has gone awful due to some problems that arised and not within my control. Something too personal so I don't want to devulge details for privacy purposes. It's a good thing I'm not in the corner drooling...I hope things will get better for me and I hope I learned more from this dillemas. Sometimes I tend to believe everything is good and possible. I just have to be very wary next time not to make another slipup and indecisions. From this I just got a more tucked tummy...I don't know if I'd be happier or not...not in this situation that I yearn to be slimmer. I need to be slimmer in a healthier and better way unlike what I've just gone thru that put my life at risk. I need and pray all the time that I'd stay longer for my kids' sake. Now that I know that they're all I've got. I believe for sure, that children are from jest, I just don't know where other people came from...who from day 1 eh lagi na lang pain in the a#*, oh dawg! Well everything happens, and everything happened for a reason. And one good thing about this is we do learn a lot of lesson and from there we can start anew...just like what's happening today when I opened my email, it is a welcome note that I am now a new postie and a new sparky. Whoah, great things happen when the least you expect it to happen. I'm just waiting for my code to start the ball rolling...err hot rodding. Hoot!...forget everything nonesense and non-earning matters.

Hurrah for the greatest swimmer of the year!

Whoah! Michael Phelps, The Baltimore Bullet has successfully surpassed Mark Spitz, for breaking the record having 8 gold medals in Beijing Olympics for the swimming competition. Mark who is 58 yo got his seven gold medals from Munich Olympic '72 for the freestyle and butterfly stroke and known as Mark The Shark for his prowess in the said event.

SOURCE: Wikipedia

Thursday, August 14, 2008

An overview of my horo...

You should try to be vigilant today, especially at work -- though folks could try to take advantage of your trusting nature almost anywhere, really. There's no need to get paranoid, though!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sleepy mode

Me and Mishah woke up early this morning, at 4:00am I started cooking the meal in the morning plus kid's pack-lunch. C started bringing her lunch to pinch her penny. The reason why both me and Mishah is dozing off and on. Will be signing out after this to fall back to sleep for a while and regain my bearing.

Strangled by regrets...

I thanked God for giving me enough time to winnow my thoughts. Sometimes selfishly, the urge to be happier is the cause of all disppointment. And often times too, it gets the better of me. But when I try to analyze myself...I'd go...why did I do this...and why did I have to do that? I tend to forget sometimes to be wary of things and to know exactly what good will it do to me and to my being. Being stocked with knowledge doesn't mean that you are capable of doing what is right. We can never tell, that sometimes we are misguided or sometimes we are hoodwinked by some stuff nicely wrapped. And when you try to open's just a rubbish foolish thing inside. In my mind I allow this things to happen because I do believe in what the Bible shall be written...and it shall be done. We can never tell...that some things are bound to happen, to make you grow as a person.
Each one of has a life to live. And we are given the right to choose , the path we choose to trudge. Our own choice will depend on the way we recognize things, good or bad, we have the will to live and the will to make things right. Then why are we sometimes stuck in mire? What could be the problem? The problem is, we tend not to seek what is right. We are always blinded by our emotions.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Caution is always better...

Wow ang galing!!! After sipping fresh boiled thick coffee, syempre my daily morning ablutions...then my ritual rejuvinating creme on my face (Nuskin, ang arte!)...then I saw our WS near the closet. I can't believe it. I am 145.20 (proud) na lang...yey...but still on the heavy side pa rin! My target is 135...shucks...makuha ko kaya yon? With sheer determination I guess. I enjoy wearing jeans. My newest is courtesy of C, a na lang ang natira sa kanya...ung Skinny jeans. And ang sarap ng feeling pag no extra flabs hanging on your tummy. Problema pa how to get rid of the puson. Konti na lang (OA). When a woman is getting over the hills...Aargh!...I say it's very important to cut off some food intake to keep a healthier life and to get fit. It's nice to feel lighter. I now regret the days in my prime that I didn't give much attention to how I look and how I gained weight. Dapat pala women should become a little conscious or vain from the onset of menarche. Women should always look good. When I was in my heydays, sad to say that I was with the group of my lesbian friends. I loved my friends but the bond prevented me from getting enough knowhow or trivial ways on how to be a lady. How could I learn applying make up when we were playing basketball't even know how to control zits, just very naive at walang pakialam.
Now I am challenge to make use of my time to look great and feel healthy. I want to stay longer for my kids and I want to feel great for my own self-satisfaction. I used to grab and eat a lot of junks. Now lahat in control na. And besides, it's either salty or sweet kaya di maganda sa health. If you feel hungry you can grab any fruit in season. Always available ang banana...the cheapest. My favorite indulgence is eating crepes. I saw one outlet at Greenhills. I can finished 2-3 servings, not bad. Just check if the calories are too great to handle or just compensate for it later on, say walking. Dati I used to ask myself, kailan kaya ako magbe-below 180... then, 170, 160, 150, ...malapit na sa 140...?
Wala lang...naisipan ko lang maging colorful ang post ko today! :)
I just want to be happier...'coz last night I cried a river...reason?...secret! Well that's laugh a a little and sometimes you cry a river...oh dawg! :)

Shout it out!

Let's help Hannah by buying her rosaries to be able to get her own portable ventilator. I think it'll cost them much much to be able to acquire it fast hence came the customised rosaries. It won't be too much if we shell out some amount for your own use. But then if we will help them it's far from impossible. Let's help the parents of Hannah. Really Tack has been a blessing to all those who are in need of encouragement to go on. Not only spiritually but things like this one. Her site becomes a hearth of compassion, courage and initiative to help others. Her predilection to help others is consistently enormous. And I admire her positive frame of mind!

Just received this morning text:
"What a joy it is to feel God's love embracing you, as He whisper: Keep going! I'm with you every moment of your life..."

To Kat, Hurrah!
To Hannah, my big warm *hugs*
To Joan & Carlo, keep the faith!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Let's help Hannah...

Snagged this from my good friend Tack, who's got a very big heart to help others.
For those with big hearts also, who wanna help the little tot... just click the link via Tack's site to know more about Hannah.

Every dog has its day...

I'd been worried sick because a friend of mine is in doldrums plagued with so much concerns about her life's dilemma episodes. She almost freaked out of fear, losing her job. I know she's been so good enough. Very diligent, articulate and strait-laced. But looking back, I was so afraid she would be in enough trouble for being so calm, a bit cold and impassive, inspite of her intellectual factor. I told her many times that what you know is important but how you deal with your colleagues is something that shouldn't be ignored. You have to take that into consideration...the conviviality athmosphere. But then, that is besides the point. I just don't know how insensitive some people are. The problem is the inevitable crab mentality of some people. Sometimes or rather most of the time, when somebody becomes a threat, someone will pull that person down to grab the chance. The opportunity to make a sure way to the top easily. Some people dare to cut corners to make it happen for his own advantage. I feel for her because she's so disheartened and downspirited nowadays, and I can't help but just send her messages that would help her lift her spirit up and appease her now that she's sunk in mire.

To you my friend, as I told you a day doesn't mean that when you are living in a garage, you are a car. If you try to mince this it would mean a lot of things. One is, in your present situation it doesn't mean that you are hopeless and sinking. Don't lose hope! Be positive. I know and I always say that every dog has his day. You are very talented and I am sure you'll go far. Just put in mind that positivity helps a lot. Be cheerful and enjoy life. Keeping a happy and bubbly disposition will play a great part. Be strong and keep the faith! Don't take it against me if I give you so much of those upbraids...I am a friend and for are given a great privilege of our friendship honest criticisms. As a friend I have a knack of telling you your slipup. You won't be able to see and realize it unless you look in the mirror and see all these. And I am your mirror...because I care enough for you as a friend.

What matters are the people who so much care about us, and the values we dare to live and share...I will be always be here for you because I believe in your capacity and I look up to you as a person. That's why you are always in my prayers. Just hang on and keep the faith!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Done cooking and done eating our lunch. But oh my...I didn't indulge much to my fill. I've lost my appetite after I got my tongue singed. Hehehe...I felt like I was a glutton shackled away from the table. But anyway I'm thankful because I ate less. Not to invite unwanted flabs, is a positive step to keep fit..

Want to sate my cravings...

Yup, I'm craving for guinataang kalabasa with nonsense to write about this one. But really I just woke up with the urge to cook this one and eat until my satisfaction is satiated to the max. I know I've said I'm on full diet but I get to make my Sundays a big treat to my cravings. Only on a Sunday when I indulge until I had my fill. Whoohoo! Send someone to buy for me and I am so excited to cook later and gorged myself to the max. Wow...yummy! Well anyway it's all vegies so no problem. And the most important thing is to try to compensate after indulging ...try to busy yourself if not to burn those calories, it's very very important lest you want to have an extra unwanted flab to your tummy.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Oh dear me again...

Been blogging some 2 hours ago and since I've noticed that my Technorati is not working on my blog way way since I signed up due to some slipups, I tried re-signing up again. I think I have to learn a lot using my PC.

Feasting on water...

Don't you know that water is hunger buster? Yeah, I do drink na a lot of water because it's healthy and it has a lot of benefits to our kidney, joints, and bowel. It function in every cell we have. And it doesn't hurt because it has zero calories. Good for those who want to get rid of fat, because it promotes a feeling of fullness. Some avoid the bland taste but you can always concoct if you want variations...say drop a slice or lemon or tea or whatever you want. Or if let's say I am out in the mall, the most indulgence I can give myself is a bottle of iced tea to quench my thirst. I love iced tea...and pineapple juice as well.
Try this and you can easily get rid of those lousy flab. Believe's my secret. I used to keep all my old pictures with those unwanted flab during my heavy weight years. Now, I posted one of that picture permanently where everybody can see the old me...where, but to our fridge door. I used to weigh 181...grabe. I feel elated when everyone would tease me and went like, "Grabe ang taba mo dito!"

Brillante Weblog Premio Award - 2008

I received this special tag award from Tack, my good friend who's been very very special to me.
She's a blessing because whenever I feel so low...I just read her stories...she has a lot to tell...that inspires other just like me. Her faith is so enormously great inspite of everything. Her sanguine disposition hasn't been foundered a bit by her situation, instead she makes her plight a powerful springboard to help not only herself but also others with dampened spirits; making them see life with so much faith and mirth in one. (Ayan...masyado akong na-carried away...nosebleed tuloy...miss you girl!)

Reason of the award: These people whom I wanna share this special award from Tack, somehow in more than ways than the other have made me happy, whenever I open my blog with their warm messages. These people have somehow made me more inspired to pursue my passion in writing. One thing I do enjoy here in blogosphere so much is the never ending list of having new friends and acquaintances. Meeting people and getting to know many of them around the world is really inspiring and great!

Rules of this award are :
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

And this award goes to: Veradik, VanidosaMarie, jenny2, emzkie

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rabidly exciting... excited na to get my Unionbank E-On VISA Electron Debit Card maybe on Friday this week. And I tell you the ball will gonna start rolling. Gonna love hot-rodding this time...specially now that I'm in a process of reprogramming my so many lapses and I vow to get better this time. I read a lot and write a lot but what do I get? I'm just drawing a blank all my life...financially speaking, and just stuck in mire. I need to do a lot better this time after rebooting myself I guess.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Remedies for Hang-overs

Just as almost everyone has their favorite alcoholic drink, many people also have their favorite hangover preventatives and cures. Here are some easy before and after remedies that you can try to prevent a hangover.

1. One idea is to eat a medium bag or two small bags of potato chips before going out drinking.

2. Another option is to make a sandwich out of salami and butter on a baguette or ciabatta bread. The idea is that the fat and carbohydrates will help to absorb some of the alcohol.

3. Other people swear by not mixing drinks. If you start with beer, finish with beer. Do not mix different liquors. Mixing different alcohols can cause you to feel the effects sooner, increase your likelihood of a hangover, and, if you throw up, even decrease the effectiveness of your oral contraceptives.

4. The Native Americans ate raw almonds before drinking to reduce hangovers.

5. Other people swear by a few spoonfuls of peanut butter. Again, the fat content may help prevent some of the alcohol from getting absorbed.

6. Drinking sports drinks can help hydrate you and replenish lost vitamins and minerals. If you drank so much that you are throwing up, this can be especially helpful. There is some thought that the taurine found in energy drinks can also help with hangovers and liver damage.

7. Going to bed dehydrated is a surefire recipe for a hangover the next day. Drink a couple of glasses of water before going to bed to help hydrate you and dilute the alcohol. This can help lessen the severity of the hangover in the morning.

8. Be wary of using any painkillers while there is still alcohol in your system. Some can cause kidney or liver problems when mixed with alcohol, and others can irritate your already tormented stomach further.

9. For the morning after, many people have their own remedies. Whether these are actually effective or just what they happened to have in the cupboard is up to some debate, but you are welcome to give them a shot.

10. If you have a lemon, pour the juice of one lemon into a cup of black coffee. Drink straight up, without sugar or cream.

11. Chicken soup is thought to work on hangovers as well as it does on colds, so a bowl or two may help get you going in the morning.

12. Some people swear by honey. Take two tablespoons every half hour until you feel better.

13. Fruit is also popular. An apple a day may keep the hangover away, as well as the doctor. Or, try blending together three bananas with some milk and honey until smooth. It should settle your stomach and help you replenish nutrients.


All in all, the best home remedy for a hangover is prevention. Drink responsibly, and avoid drinking to excess.

Try to time your drinks so that you are not having more than one alcoholic drink per hour. And remember when it is time to call it a night – sometimes, the decisions you make when drunk are harder to live with the next morning than the hangover itself.

Source: Battling Addiction

I Love You This Much Award!

This award is shared by Race, a blogger friend. I love this award, nice and warm ! Thanks...mwah!

I believe Racel is a very active member of their church. Our aquaintance started with her computer shop when they saw Mishah first...they love Mishah and took some pix of her. I've known that her family is closely knit and actively serving their church community. Though we have different religion it doesn't go in between. Like my son who plays electric guitar and is serving the Christian church, altho we're Catholic...I know it is a great blessing to serve others who in a way have taught a lot of good things to my young son. It is sharing of his talent in a those people who serve their church as well. And I know it is still a good deed to share great talent for people who ask for it.

I am sharing this to Veradik, Tack, Ida, and to all others in my blogroll

Expressing myself...

I love blogging and I really love writing. I have never been good in (formal&informal) public speaking. Sure I was requested some times in the past to give my piece during commencement rites when I was the PTA President of the school. And my daughter used to be in the list of the school's creme de la creme. Even in casual type of speaking, I must say I can only be good in the presence of my closest friends. To prevent from forgetting important points or details that I want to touch on...I make it a point to write it frame by frame. I was like...I should have said this...I can't believe I forgot to say that. I want to express everything. I always want to express something. I want to say something. When I write I know I won't forget anything because my outlines work for me there. In writing there's no fear that I make blunder or mistake because I can always go back to rewrite and improve it and then publish it again. In writing I can express myself how I learn thru my mistakes, how I view things, and how someone has touched my life and vice versa. I post my life experiences and how it teaches me lessons to improve my self and be better the next time. I'm always humbled and feel blessed whenever I read comments from visitors who got to know me via this blogging thing...much so when I do not know the person per se. To know more about people who in a way is less fortunate physically but with greater faith unfazed than mine. It move me to be a greater believer that we have to deal with life's adversities no matter what it gives us in the end. There are those who I believe is really my good friends Tack and Ida...whom I get to love their strong personality and great wisdom via reading their posts that so inspired me a lot. That's why I always include them in my to encourage others to be strong Good friend Racel even told me that she thought I've written and published so much...really it has reached my thousandth and more. It is because I enjoy much of what I am doing...writing indeed is one of my passion. An expression of my whole being.

Starting the day right...

It has been my habit or I should say a routine to start my day in the computer while having or even just preparing the very 1st meal of the day. As I go with my daily chores I started to open my blog...rereading my latest post and reading my emails and looking for a new message in my chatter box. I am a multi-tasker. I can do my household chores and I can do blogging all at the same time...without a fuss. This has been over a year now and until now the excitement seems not to diminish at all. I must say, I really love to blog. It whets my husk, adds more infos and gives me a boost to my personality, not only giving me the chance of meeting a lot of intellectual and sensible people from all walks of life. I have known some of my fellow bloggers who we may not have seen each one personally but the bond is there hitting it right off via blogosphere. I can't do my mornings without even browsing for an hour. At night I have this same schedule, browsing and blogging again to end my day before hitting the sack to retire at night.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A goof in OR...

I remember this funny tale when I was at the sterile room waiting for my cue. Location: Old Medical City. I don't remember what year it took place...maybe 3 or 4 years ago?! That hospital is not in existence anymore. The new MC is now standing robustly near Meralco edifice. Anyway going back, I went there for a minor incision to get rid of a cyst on my left breast...a size of a peanut, and one sebaceous cyst on my back. When a male nurse gave me a green sterile lab gown and told me to wear it I obliged easily without qualms. Then he came back and told me if I was ready and asked again if I have removed everything. I was shocked when I learned that I have to remove also my undies. But still I obliged. When something sinked in my thought...why should they require me to remove my undies when the cysts are in my breast? Ah no...this is something ridiculous! So what I did was wear it again before they ushered me to the OR. When I went home and told my sister (who was a retired nurse) what happened, she said..."gaga hospital procedure yon" ba 'yon?

Old dogs with new tricks?!

They said that you cannot teach old dogs new tricks. Let's put it this way...there are people who are highly resistant to change. There are those who have a little tolerance when it comes to extending our boundaries. We have to be a little confident that sometimes we should adapt ourselves to different conditions, environment, or to any circumstances. But if you think that this will only give you some nips in a will be much better if you stick to your guns and refuse to submit from others.

Battling my addiction...

Yup...I am a coffee addict! Whoah...I could gulp 6-8 mugs of creamy coffee in a day, I said mugs not cups. I like to sit around with close-friends with cups of coffee on the table while chewing the rag or even when I'm all alone by myself. And the last time I had an angina because I had 6 mugs of black coffee in one day without eating a meal completely. Just got biscuits and bread while having a reading marathon. Wow I have to grope for my Vastarel and my sublingual...for my angina. I freaked out. I was so afraid because of what might happen that day. It's the worst ever. I don't wan't to spend a day or so again in the hospital because I am financially unstable so to say. I need to be working for my lost nest-eggs. And more, I want to stay a bit longer so to speak...for my kids. Natakot ako don, imagine 2 days of (on and off)chestpain?! Wow di ko na 'yon uulitin pa...

Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm quite ok now...

I'm thankful that I'm super okey now...except for some cramps...but still am okey. I was piqued yesterday because of my friend's attitude. Most of the time it seemed to me that I am just talking mostly to myself. So I told her that if she thinks she doesn't appreciate me as a friend...I'd rather keep an arm's length distance if that's the decent thing to do. And I wonder also why she keeps on running to me if some problem arises at her end. And I am just too willing to be of help anytime if kaya ko rin lang. I think with how I treat her, I deserve more. And if one is just a fair-weather friend, then who needs one?

Anyway...friends will always be friends!