Wednesday, April 30, 2008 myspace graphic comments
Myspace Heartbreak Comments

Requesting to unlock...

My new blog (This is something new!) has been locked and unpublished due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations. Couldn't publish new posts until my blog is reviewed and unlocked.

This blog will be deleted within 20 days unless I send request for a review.
I sent the request already, but if in case it would kinda be left disabled, I can't do anything but to accept their decision. I still don't know yet the reason...til the perusal of the printed memos is done...sigh!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dress code...

This is somewhat a delayed reaction na so to say. Weeks have passed already when I saw in the news while our dear president was being interviewed. I don't know if it's about NFA. But what I noticed was her white-like spaghetti-strapped dress. I think the president is not expected to be seen wearing that kind of dress no matter what you say. Oo nga't napakainit that time...but being the president of the land one is suppose to be a role model and proper decorum should always be observed. But anyway what is more important is the urge of the government to make our country more conjucive to live in and make efforts to help the poor by giving sana enough livelihood project to augment the meager earnings they have been getting, or sad to say minsan wala pa.

Am I not right here?!

Kanina naman earlier I saw her childishly giggling in an interview. :) I admire Pres. Cory for her outmost simplicity and properly dressed consistently during and after her term. She is such an honorable figure I may say.

Let's make a memory...

Hello again it's you and the first line of the song goes. I like the lyrics and the melody. Bon Jovi is really a great composer and one hell of a singer, I tell you 'coz I saw his live performance in Nagoya. :) My first time ever, to see an international artist and still up to now it overwhelms me to no end remembering that very special day of my life.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Finding my own niche...

I think honestly I'm at my lowest ebb now. We all have our own lives to live and the way I see it doldrums seems to hound me forever as long as I live. I know I am that strong and with my faith am sure I can survive all of these. But somehow I find it too tiresome. A text from Kat somehow sinked in my mind...yes it's quite true anyway. Thanks Tack for the messages you have been sending me the past has helped me quite a bit. I just wish I got all the same courage and guts as yours. But I am making myself busy na lang blogging so I won't put my self in melancholic-mode. Just like Kat said, "masarap mabuhay, tikman mo kaya!" I can't see myself putting those people who love me in a difficult situation pagnagkasakit pa ako or worse to that. I just have to be strong and still I'm trying to hold on. But nevertheless, life still will go on no matter how one feels. Just putting oneself in quagmire, won't help either...better believe that there's more to life than being a loser. So wear a smile...and don't lose faith! God will always help those who help themselves. Just do be happy and feel great!

"Practice the PAUSE:
When in doubt, pause;
when angry, pause;
when tired, pause;
when stressed, paused;
'Coz by pausing we -breathe deeper...
-Clear the mind...
-Take a view from a different perspective...

Even your hearts needs rest...!

Know why?

Yaikks! This picture was taken when my son was hospitalized late last year. And due to lack of private rooms that time we were then ushered to a room where 4 patients stayed along with their visitors and 1 bantay. So, what would you expect, eh di maingay. Nothing naman was communicable but we weren't sure of that. I always make it a point to get a private room talaga para cozy at tahimik, but that time we have had no choice but to share. And hours later after that, we were told that we would be transfering na to a private one. Hahaha! Mabuti na lang. Or else. What an experience!

Size activism

I saw them via Tyra Banks Show late last night...and I was so amazed to learn about that squashing method. Queen Raqui,The Amazon Puerto Rican, who stands 6'4 inches tall (barefoot)and weighs 600+ pounds.
Dimensions: 56G, 72 inch waist, 85 inch hips. With her big body, her agility is still astounding. No one has seen such a big woman move like this before! Could you imagine that big baggage on top of you for a body massage? Whoah! What a big load. I myself consider my weight more on the heavy side but am dying to lose so much, health-wise. I got episodes of hypertension, palpitation and leg cramps and other that comes from being so fat. But omg, she's really that big huh?! And she retaliated when one skinny model, told Tyra that she highly condemn them for still promoting bigger bodies despite of the health problems that might be implicting those ladies, say like diabetis millitus, heart, kidney failure and so on. And one big lingerie model named Mercedes said, "I let you live your life, so let me live mine!!!"
In a way she's right. It is her prerogative to do what she likes unless she harm anyone and no one can say that she's wrong, she even said that she's completely healthy clinically, so there's no issue there. So leave her alone...period. These 600 pounder fat ladies are earning a lot in the internet. They pose, they model and they do squashing and wrestling for a living. They think plus size is beautiful though others may think otherwise.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Poor Mishah...

She's been quite irritated maybe because she's having her period so to say, for over a week now and according to her vet, Dr. Gabieta, that it will take at least a maximum of three weeks. She has gained a lot of weight now, and I like it better.

May his soul rest in peace...

Mea maxima culpa...

I just hope that one day all pain in my heart will be gone and forgiveness will overflow. I know in my heart who I really am but we just can't please everybody no matter what we can offer. But someday I hope that everything will be better for each one of us.

And in my prayers I always whisper, Please heal me, Lord!

Late night at Starbucks

Just got home after taking a short time for a coffee break at Starbucks, Frontera. I had frothy coffee with black jelli, and caramel for Charri. After some girls talk, we went straight home. Lee wasn't feeling that well, having a slight fever due to several nights of sleeping so late. Together with my Vora-cay chums, Zel and Bong, Yndee and Nathan, bubbly Abbie (Tya Caring), and with Maroh was a pleasant night we had.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Your Birthdate: September 23

You're not good at any one thing, and that's the problem.

You're good at so much - you never know what to do.

Change is in your blood, and you don't stick to much for long.

You are destined for a life of travel and fun.

Your strength: Your likeability

Your weakness: You never feel satisfied

Your power color: Bright yellow

Your power symbol: Asterisk

Your power month: May

In bad credits?

Credits cards are for responsible people only who can only manage financial matters wisely and not for people with bad credit credit cards. With all cost skyrocketing nowadays our average monthly income would not still be enough for our monthly subsistence plus our household bills, and rentals and also some clothing expenses in between. Now, what's there to consider? Yes we have this, a website that helps those people with bad credit loan history. They offer personal loans, auto loans and home loans among others. A chance given to help themselves create and start anew. Just make sure that payments will be done in time, remember it's their second chance to prove that they can handle it right financial-wise.. Someday I would think of having my own house to give a few renovations. Or say I would need a new dining table set for a ten seater maybe. Then I plan to get a new car instead. It's hard for a big family like what I have when we are planning to have a picnic or driving by outing. So I think I will just give it a try next month. I will probably apply for a personal loan. Will try it for sure.

Grab this offer

Some cardholders are so overwhelmed swiping their cards and long before they knew it, they were already indebted and causing them a lot of worries and headaches. Now don't worry, because is now giving a helping hand that offers a great financial assistance to whoever is in bad credit problems. There are credit cards, home loans, auto loans, personal loans and others they may offer right in just one click. Those with bad credits, come on, grab this chance and you'll be glad to find your luck now. Me, if you'll ask I want to try getting a new car that can help me in my business transaction. It's great to own a brand new car in installment basis in lower monthly payments. Nothing to lose, if you want a house, or better if you want an instant cash to augment business funds and or house renovation or something, go and try your luck! Just click on the link above. Now, good luck for those who have bad credit credit cards, try it now!
If Only Blogging Were Easy…

Friday, April 25, 2008

Try this...

What Your Front Door Says

You are fun, outgoing, and incredibly cheerful.

Life is an choose-your-own adventure for you.

And there's no way you're choosing the beaten path.

You have a warm personality. At times, you feel in love with the whole world.

An angel in the woods...

A very nice shot. I wonder whatever she's thinking of here? Maybe she's a bit sad because of what's happening with our environment. Maybe she's wondering what would be left for the future generation. What is the best way to reinvent the earth's waning eco-system? How could she be a part to solve the problem on global warming?

Hay naku, play na nga lang muna... :)

Wildcats in a den...

Imagine a lion in it's den together with a tiger? Two large carnivorous and stealthy felines lying sluggishly and unmindful of each other...sans roaring. Now who says, Familiarity breeds contempt?!

PS/ Hehehe. I snagged this photo from my niece's friendster album. My bad. :)

Voila, in just a blink!

Two thumbs up sa sarap!!!
Naku wala po silang kagana-gana. Diet po kami...pero huling huli ng cam ang totoo. Kawawang baby back VORA-CAY! Walang natira talaga. Pero di po ako accomplice jan...tumikim lang po ako ng konte, promis. :) Ang sarap naman kasi eh, pinaka sa lahat...hay kailan kaya mauulit ito?!

Get lost!

I say this to someone who became acquainted to me only last year and started to be so overbearing, haughty, rude and arrogant...who has tried to influence me in the way she wanted me to be. Throwing negative comments against those people around me. Gosh, she has no right to do that. Sorry po...may prinsipyo pa rin po ako sa buhay. You may not see the real me...pero I have a strong and firm decision when it comes to my priorities. No one...and definitely no one can change me. I got balls (figuratively). Sana maisip niyang mali ginawa niya. And all I can remember, it's her who needs me and not vice-versa. She's always in need of financial assistance, though small as it can be...a little shuffling here and's pera na. I am not an idiot, but I play along...'coz I knew when she comes, she's in need. So I just play along. It's good for me when our relationship was set to off mode or even curtailed in a moment, even forever as she wish it to be. People who used friendship to gain money is not deserving of whatever friendship may offer. It's not my lost...pag sobra na dapat iwasan na. For me she's like a parasite who always want to suck! I'm sorry but that's the real story.

Something sweet...

my favorite nook

Brought home chocolates (GABA) that help ease and cure stress (daw) in Pinas means stress. With skyrocketing prices and always in the red seemed to stress us everyone here. Blogging helps me divert the monotony to being so occupied intently in front of the computer. I just love to write and sometimes, I just want to try podcasting instead of just being a blogger alone. I love music so much and it helps me a lot to escape momentarily from personal grievances and resentment.

My face fell...

We've been in the red for sometimes now and I can't hide my disappointment and face fell for over some weeks now...sigh...not a nice try.

Been dreaming of walking on air though!

Where does true freedom lies?

Human being is synonymous to error or sin. We are sinners perse. But how can be we free from all these? Faith is the answer of course. As human being if we have strong faith, that's enough reason to be our guiding force. To mislead others is a grave sin. Giving and telling lies in order to put someone down is such an evil ways. Try to contemplate and be honest with yourselves or rather with ourselves...have I hurt anyone? Have I lied? Have I said something to maligned someone? We are no saints of course but somehow telling some blunt lies can ruin someone's heart and spirit. For words can be sharper than swords. It can break a can break a future...
Freedom from hurting one soul is a blessing not only for ourselves but to others as well. For we are here not to condemn nor throw stones, but to be a guiding light...and be an example. Let's be part of what can be a building blocks of every good and what is better.


There are some important principles in communicating...and overtly one is irreversible. Saying only what is responsible and one that can only build up and not what can tear down, not what can be misleading but instead can guide someone. So let's just be very careful of whatever we say and mouth. For words can pull hamstrings figuratively...or to put it straight, some heartstrings. So be very careful to break down any walls of discipline.

Talk with sense...

Japanese singers making it through the music stream

Really Japanese are exerting efforts to make a way to the international stream via music. If I know hahaha...hirap na hirap sila sa ego...well, not bad...nice try hah! Hoorah for Keisuke Kuwata!!!

Here this one from Utada Hikaru

She made her mark in the music world internationally via her Automatic/Time will tell hit song. Always ranking on top in Japan, and her Devil Inside became a smash hit in the US and topped the Billboard Dance chart...

Talking with sense...

Talking too much fosters sin. Always be sensible and turn off the flow. When wise people speak, they make conversation attractive, but stupid people utter nonsense.

Say it well...

Who wants to marry someone who will ditch a relationship the moment romantic feelings wane?

When it turns sour...

When fate hands us a lemon,let's try to make a lemonade.
By: Andrew Carnegie

Thursday, April 24, 2008

You Are 44% Brutally Honest

Honesty is important to you, but generally, you try not to be brutal about it.

You'll sugar coat the truth when you need to... and tell a white lie when necessary.

Words to live by

Happiness is gratitude for the past, joy in the present, and faith in the future.

by: Borothy Lorenz

Really, some people are...!

An early call pissed me off again. She's kinda nagmamarunong about my decision over something. Giving her unsolicited advice...her two cents worth that I don't think would be better than what I am thinking of. I just hope she'll say it in front of the mirror. Sometimes we have to think twice before acting something immature. Bagsakan ba ako ng phone...haller...magbayad ka kaya muna ng utang mo sa akin. :) And sana wag niyang ipilit na gawin ko yung gusto niya. We're different in everything so respeto lang. I am not what you want me to be...

Another tag from my good friend Vera

Another tag from Vera goes:
The rule: Name 11 people you can think of right off the top of your head. Don’t read the questions underneath until you write the names of all the 11 people. This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first. No cheating.

1. Belle
2. Rose
3. Marina
4. Florence
5. Angela
6. Arvin
7. Aya
8. JR
9. Charri
10. Tack
11. Pasaway


1. How did you meet # 4? She's my high school classmate.
2. What would you do without #5? Nothing...just accept things...though she's such a nice friend
3. What would you do if #2 and # 6 were going out? Hahaha! Yaikks! Ped naman...friendly dates, but I doubt...harhar... :)
4. Who’s #10’s best friend? Ako! New friend niya...her family of course...I always hear her say good words for Talitha...still don't know her.
5. Have you ever eaten around #1? Of course we had noon...bestfriend ko siya but we have no contacts na.
6. Do you miss #2? I do. Absolutely no...coz we get to see each other naman. She's my bestfriend.
7. Who is #11 dating? What a question harhar! He's my husband, yup maybe dating someone...
8. What do you think of #3? High school friend, she's nice...
9. What do you think of #9? Napakabait na bata...anak ko eh!
10. Who does #2 like? Hmmm… she devotes her time sa church service na...
11. Would you marry #8? Harhar! Anak ko kaya yon...hehehe!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I was jotting down notes while watching Signos last last night. Mishah was quite restless and tried attracting my attention by biting my fingers that kept me from writing and doing my things. Voila! She's having her 3rd tri-mestral period! I put her doggi napkin, and let her sleep beside me.

From the inside out!

I love this song...

Reinventing our future...

Let's help rebuild our future environment for better tomorrow.
Watch this link, Happy Earth Day and hear what Fred Krupp, has to say as the President of the Environmental Defense Org. Let's support the team!

Greenpeace breaking news!

"Unilever, the company behind some of the world’s biggest brands, including Dove, is contributing to the destruction of the Indonesian forests and peat-lands, the last remaining eco-systems on the planet that are massive stores of carbon and also the habitat of Orang Utans and other endangered species, according to environmental group Greenpeace."

Been an online activist to help create awareness about global warming August of last year...and I myself has also been a part (though unwillingly) that help worsen the rapid climate change by using gasoline, electricity and or in other manner. But in our own little way we can help prevent drastic environmental disaster. Yes we can. And by this news about Dove company, how can we help? Well, the court is yours. Be aware! Be a part not to destroy but to help in preserving whatever what's left...

PS/ Always remember to UNPLUG! It will help...Unplug your computers, TV, microwave ovens when they are not in use. Make sure they are not on stand-by mode, otherwise they’ll continue to consume electricity and energy even when you are not using them. Consuming more energy than necessary translates to more carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants!

Simpleng, Simple lang, Unplug na!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pensive moment...

In my moments of desperation, I could only close my teary-eyes and heave a sigh from my depths.

Friends Forever!

Thanks vera dear...for the nice treatment hah...I will always be your ate ganda...oooops kaw me sabi niyan at di ako hah. :)

So shoot!

Either which way I go, they'll say something!

Alone again...

I love this sipping late morning the sea!

Your own worst enemies!

Some people say things and do things that cause them more trouble than their worst enemies...

If we don't shape up, fate will surely clip our wings...

We may not always understand the Lord's wisdom behind every event but all these things happen for a reason. Who knows? What we may consider as tragedy may turn out to be a blessings after all.

When I am offended by someone, honestly...forgiveness is the farthest in my mind. Getting shoved and to forgive is very difficult. It's an ongoing process of by day to perfectly forget things. Taking the first step, is to forgive inspite of the lingering hurt sans any apology from the people involved. I want to forgive, by the Lord's grace. And I pray everyday for the grace to come that one day, my heart will only have but forgiveness to flow for my offenders.

Jesus prayed while nailed on the cross... "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do..."

It's your call...

I am standing firm on my decision to just keep quiet and stay away from those people who in one way or another have brought havoc to ruin my sanity, but they failed of course. In a nutshell, I only believe that respect counts a lot. I am very respectful to whoever I meet. This is one thing that shows how you are as a person. If you can't say good words to other person, it might be better to just keep your mouth shut. Mouthing hurtful words might just put you instead to a difficult situation. So, the bottomline is...learn how to respect others. We can't tell what the future (might) brings.

A friend once told me, "We are not here to condemn anybody..."

Monday, April 21, 2008

Proud daddy!

Bundle of joy...Aaliyah Sydelle

Out of respect...

Peace out!

Still blue in the face...

What can I do if the pain is still here inside my heart...I am not asking for anything but...just a little space!

I can forgive...and definitely I can time. But you won't see me anywhere near your fence where am not needed.

Good answer!

Nathan: Baby, baby let's play a game...a guessing game...
Yndee: Okey...kuya!
Nathan: Gimme a word that starts with letter J!
Yndee: Ang dali naman kuya...
Nathan: Okey what?!
Yndee: G I A N T!!!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

I knew my goose was cooked...

my votive candles at St. Claire

What's more important now is how I'll stand above all these things and how I'll take the burden off my shoulders. Life is a series of trials and struggles but all these help us to be strong and be a better person...and still I guess, life is beautiful no matter what.

Just smile and the whole world will surely smile with you...and not to mention the powers of prayers.

One of my fave munchies...

One good turn deserves another...

Last night though I wasn't that feeling well, I couldn't say no for an answer because that chilling out was reset several weeks over na. So, I had to say yes. I went with the group with Chalou in tow. The place was 22nd Street. We enjoyed the show, not so with the foods dahil mukhang lahat eh on diet. Harhar! :)
It seemed to be a pre-birthday blow out of Ms. Nita F...ang mabait na may bahay ng aking classmate na si Dante. I just couldn't let this chance passed. In retrospect, we had no chance of being chummy with one another for some old reasons I just don't want to mention na. Now is the chance to be more cordial and friendly sans animosities, pretensions and grudges na never naman akong nasangkot directly. Thanks to my cuz whom I fondly call Eva-chan for being there that evening, and of course to Nita F.and Maira also. That evening, we were entertained by the Saturday group of stand up comedians like Curacha, Ian Red and others. We saw Elmo also. And the star guest that night was Vice mayor Teri Onor. Ang cute niya, sang Alone (Heart) and Too much love will kill you (FM)...also Hanggang by Wency C.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Playing hardball!

I bought pandesal from a boy who seemed to be 9 or 10 yo. And I wondered how would I feel if my son was in his shoes. There's no problem with being that young vending or plying his trade but my gosh...he is so young and he deserves more than this. But anyway I saw his smile and he seemed to be so much happy helping his parents.
Sabi ko pa sa kanya, boy wag mong hahawakan ng kamay mo yung paninda mong pandesal hah! :) Okey siya kasi nakita kong may plastic siyang ginamit pagkuha ng pandesal. OK hah! Kesa don sa nakikita kong matanda na nagsasawsaw ng tuhog tuhog pabalik balik sa sarsa...eewww daw! Di ba super kadiri yon?! Eh kung suplada ka wag na wag kang bibili ng street food. Teka isa pang hirit, bumili ako ng lugaw, yung babae bago maglagay sa plastic ulit...hinipan ang loob ng plastik...yaiiiks! Ending di ko kinain. Daig pa sila ng batang ito.

ME: Magkano ang pandesal mo boy?
BOY: Two fifty po...
ME: So tubo ka ng .50 sa isa...?
BOY: Opo
ME: Magkano kikitain mo jan?
BOY: Trenta pesos po...

Well...mabait na bata. Nasagi tuloy sa isip ko ang ZTE scandal. Kesa gumala nga naman or maglaro lang, still naiisip pang maglako makatulong lang sa magulang. Sana naman yung mga ibinoto ng tao na mga opisyal ngayon...go back on your word !

Cute as a bug's ear!

Whoah my bad! I didn't make it to the mass earlier this morning for the christening of Xera Mickaela...the first child of my friend Rex and Aileen. Oooops sorrie hah! I wasn't feeling that well...Well anyway, I'll visit her one of these days...with a gift.
Your Blog is Dead!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Dog days of summer!

Weather is not so good, it's so hot and so everything slows down. And everybody here is urging me to treat them to a swimming spree...:)


Back to my original old skin...and

Had tried visiting vera_kirk and failed again because of that Hostile Script Alert by Hawk. I don't know what's happening.

Shape up or ship out!

If you can't put things or yourself, in order or if I may say bluntly to start doing things right , better get out or leave. I'm talking about the VSH scandal. Let's put the gay issue aside...malpractice and violation of one's honor and dignity is surfing on this issue. And besides where does the medical ethics lie here? Aren't patients entitled to some confidentiality and a little respect? This case is something rare and beyond imagination, so why make it hilarious and contemptuous? Doctors should be sensible enough to understand each patient's predicament physically and psychology wise. They took oath to help and cure and not to malign the dignity and honor of a sedated soul.

Heard that a committee will reprimand those people involved...why not strip off their licenses?! Paging PRC!!!

Motherhood is what makes a woman complete!

Nice photo of being heavy with a child who we usually describe as angels or heaven sent...

PS/ If you want to contact the photographer, maryroseuy...just click this link...maro

And Maro, sorrie for snagging this bad!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Put in mind...

Our F A I T H

should be B I G G E R

than all our F e a R s!!!

Missing a lot...

Attention: Why oh why?!

Just wondering, I tried visiting vera_kirk's blogsite three consecutive times over...but I just couldn't get in. The computer is always in Hostile Script Alert again and again. And that Hawk has detected a script attempting to perform actions that would be hostile and could harm the computer. A script executes a group of commands without the user intervention.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My little chum...

Just snagged this cutie pic of some good memories in Boracay with this tyke...she's awesome!


I am so happy to be given such like this 5 Star Award. To Steve and Emz, guys... thank you so much.

Now it's time to share this to Ida, Tack, Maro, Race, Jenny, Chari, and Ramon.

Butt of the joke...

I felt bad when I saw the unedited Vicente Sotto Hospital scandal. I really felt bad that the poor patient while sedated and being knifed to remove the foreign object inside his behind was being laughed at and ridiculed. A body spray was inserted in his anus. And we still do not know the how's and why's. Definitely though we can't condemn the guy. One is entitled to his own sexual preference, no matter what. One said "baby out" while the poor patient was unaware of what's happening around him. If only he could hear all those contemptuous laughters.

Had they violated or not, their professionalism will be at stake. For me it is very unbecoming of somebody who is in medical practice to act like that. Doctors, nurses or any medical staff should act otherwise. People look up to them and respect them, so in return they should also respect their patients as well. Pwede silang makasuhan ng pasyente if this is true. Bakit kailangan pa nila itong i-video? For what reason?!

Am not so sure if that docu is real or not real.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Woohoo on May 8!

I am so happy for my dear friend Kcat! Although I didn't make it to visit her sa MD where her inplant was done by her good doctors. Wow...yey she's so excited na to hear on that special day na marinig ang ingay ng mundo again. I am happy that she'll be able to sing a song now with an IPOD woohoo! Ang ingay mo siguro Tack noh?! Knowing you na very bubbly ka. Oooops, by the way sana pagaralan mo yang song na yan dahil fave ko yan. I will try to embed this again for you.

Nakulitan talaga si Lord sa iyo. :-)

PS/ Save some medium size tshirts for me ha. I love the black one and maybe some bright and happy colors too. I'll see you soon!