Thursday, February 26, 2009

From Cebu to Sidney....harhar!

She has left the house [... huhu, with her traveling bag] to meet her friends at Bustillos. Then they'll be ushered by a private shuttle bus to the airport at 2am in no less than four hours. They'll be flying to Cebu City for a 3day-seminar. But of course that won't be all work and what else but to enjoy the place also. There will be a luau party for them too. First time she'll see Cebu City and I am sure it'll be a wonderful experience for my daughter who's starting to travel alone talaga. Wheew! Mixed emotions I get. Sad coz' I am so used na kasama ko siya lage...and glad that she's coming out of her shell. She's now a lady, and I couldn't help but reminisce those days when she was still tugging along with me with her feeding bottle. Now I am home alone, how sad! Buti na lang I saw and had bought 3 books of Sidney, that's a treat na for me. I got it from Global's Metro Market2 kanina. Pag may nadaanan akong booksale talaga, I went straight to the cashier and ask if meron silang SS, I beamed with so much joy talaga ng meron akong nakita. And I prefer to buy those hand-me-down fact C surprised me with a new one pero I told her not to buy new one since I like nga the old and used books dahil mas mura...pinching pennies, to tell. Haha! Out of topic na ko. Bye bye now. So exhausted and my eyes are smarting na talaga and so heavy...need to have my good night sleep na.

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