Sunday, August 26, 2007

I have no right to refuse being a nanay...

My DD is on Hotel Familiarization tour now for the first time, the bus is set to leave at 6am...kaya kahit na very sleepy pa ako, I got up and dressed up with eyes we left at 5am so she wouldn't be late as scheduled. We arrived at the dot. We waited for the rest to come.

There I saw the Mt. Carmel Church, so I went inside the Church, the one inside San Sebastian Recoletos. It's said to be the only church that is made of steel.
I went inside not to attend the morning mass but to say a prayer. The architecture is awesome. I noticed the engravings at the rim of the fonts that says...Romblon 1863...ano kaya iyon, para sa font or the church itself? Napakaganda ng disenyo ng simbahan.

Makakaya ko ba naman ang hindi isama si Mishah that day? Malikot na siya at kailangan bantayan palagi, so I decided na lang to bring her along.

After that we went to buy pa fish from the street. I bought bangus and tilapia. Got fresh stingray also, na masarap daw may gata. Pero di ako kumakain non.
Then I decided to eat muna sa Tropical Hut dahil tom jones na po ako...I only had fresh pineaple juice and french fries.

And that's how my morning goes.

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