Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Trying to keep in with...

I also do oftentimes ask myself, do we really need to draw a line when it comes to friendship or any kind of relationships?

Now I knew the answers so well...yes...we need to draw a line. In any kind of relationships, we should be wary of the true intent of others...but don't be paranoid...it's not nice...marami pa ring tapat na pagkakaibigan. But there's a possible chance that some might just be hangers on. Keeping in with them is a waste of time. I hate taking advantage of one's generosity. In friendship or even in any relationship there's should be a two-way lane...the give and take...not making it monotonous.

As I often say..."When you find true (devoted) friends, hold them with both hands!"
Don't let them stray away...or "A bird in hand is better than 2 birds in a bush!"

As a friend I knew I love much! I make them feel that they are a treasure...but along the way...I steer veer when I smell something...nothing will come up positively if you got one. I hate wasting up my time. And so...do think this over, are you a good friend? Then well...if somebody messes us up...then it's their lost and not ours!

I have some real good friends...my kids, my books, handful of real-real friends, and myself...syempre naman.

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