Saturday, August 25, 2007

Another coup de main?! It's not worth dying for...

This senseless waste of lives should be stopped...
There should be an answer...anyone???!!!

Yes, indeed I can truly say that this previous abhorrent act in Basilan is not worth dying for. My daughter and my whole family cried when we heard of the news. Our dear friend Lieutenant LUDWIG SALVADOR has finally met his untimely final vow. A very promising young soul could be our future leader. It was doomed way before it could even have had started...nakakahinayang!

As a mother I cried in pain...this shouldn't happen if only our government peace negotiating panel meant a serious dialogue from the group to seek peace. This bloodbath is absurd!!! Violence seeking and correcting violence?! Those panel should take a back seat and let's try to look for others who can truly understand the inner dilemma and give us a good answer to these horrible acts that keep on making their trails... "lahat ng problema dapat may solusyon", bakit hanggang ngayon hindi nila ito makita?!

Let's seek justice through peaceful means for the untimely deaths of those duty-bound soldiers who have met their untimely end for the love of their oaths and our country itself!

TO the SALVADOR CLAN...our deepest support and condolences specially from Miss Aya S...

Let's pray for them!


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