Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Feeling grouchy...

I wonder why there's a lot of people here on earth who can concoct things that haven't really happened. I have a friend ...a dear one who went to see me and cried her heart out! Her niece is trying to ruin her good intentions. She's spreading some bad rumors that is very far from the truth. Quite a liar. I just listened and gave her inspiring words...ending up to giggling.

I am in awed why such a good soul is heartbroken at times. Somehow...someday...tables will be turned! I am sure of that. Some are here to create havoc...poor soul!

And to my dear friend...just be strong, we can't sail on an even keel forever.

Let's be mindful of our own lives...be productive and be of help.
Ruining other lives is not a nice job...

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