Sunday, August 26, 2007

His time seemed too all brief...

" Don't grieve for me... "

We went to see Ludwig on his last few days here on earth, his wake seemed to be so peaceful...calm and serenely mournful. Arrived there late at night with my few young friends...Angel, Anthony, Michael Vincent, and my kids. I went inside to see the mother...Tita had just came back from Korea immediately upon learning the news. A asked her if she had any premonition about any. She told me that on that fateful day she had dreamt of the young Ludwig being chase by a man with a stick...she felt so uneasy and unspirited that day....a mother's instinct I guess. No one seemed to tell her what's happening, she heard of the news but no one has the nerve to tell that his son was one of the fatalities. She then called someone in Camp Crame to ask if someone by the name Ludwig Salvador was one of the positively killed soldiers in Basilan clash. Tha other line asked who she was. She told the other line that she was just a friend. When confirmed...she cried in pain. Twelve long years na tiniis nyang hindi makita ang kanyang anak, now how could she turn back the hands of time that his beloved son is lying cold...sigh...I wonder where she gets her strength now, losing a son. Sila ang dahilan kung bakit nagtitiis syang d sila mayakap at mapagsilbihan para lang makapaghanap-buhay ng marangal. Para maitaguyod ang kanilang pamilya. My heart is broken to see Tita...the mother, crying for her son's untimely demise...

Btw, the father is a retired Scout Ranger with a lot of achievements too. Maybe Ludwig got the inclinations from his father. Once a great soldier in his heyday.
Ludwig had left his parents and his two siblings...still single and full of hope to serve his countrymen.

Let us not forget to pray for the reposeful rest of their soul.
Let God now be their guide to their final destination.
To Ludwig and his co-mistah... "May the good LORD be your guiding light now...and ever!"

KUDOS to you our young batallions!!!

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