Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy Holiday!

Yahoo! it's a special day daw...dahil Hero's Day yata...I'm not so sure, sabi lang kc. I am not familiar with this Heroe's day, caramba?! For me sayang ung araw. Sana we can celebrate it na lang with classes going on...nothing much is left to do but to stay in the house na unproductive. May previous Saturday and Sunday naman, kaya parang nakakatamad na ang maging idle for another day. But then anyway...let's just enjoy the day na lang. We are left with no any other choice.

For my breakfast today, I have my coffee, a 3-in-1...though I know it's unhealthy...yeah...but I am a coffee drinker talaga. I love coffee. I have here my favorite pandesal bought in Maria Clara St. Talagang dinadayo ko pa kahit medyo malayo sya. With Palm liver spread, hehehe...sosi ba? I bought this in Duty Free last time. Then also with butter. Sarap na ng brekker ko. I feel heaven na. As usual wala akong kasabay magbreakfast dahil tulog pa sila at wala silang hilig sa coffee. I wonder bakit di ma-appreciate ng mga kids ang mga oldies lang ata ito ah...should I turn into pineapple juice na lang kaya?!

I'm thinking of a good and yummy treat for lunch. Ano kaya?! meat! I hate meat. It only makes us sluggishly lazy and the feel of being so bloated and the fear of having health problems. Kids like my special chopseuy na hindi feel ng mga Japanese the way it is cooked, masyadong madali naman un remedyuhan d ba? It can be done half-cooked. But they nix the way we do the presentation. Para kasing walang effort. Japanese takes extra time and effort for the presentation and everything. They scrutinize every details unlike sa atin na pagkaluto...voila...we can dive into it and eat! One good example is their Sushi. Yahoo...I love Sushi. And 1 thing more, it's a no-no sa Japanese ang amuyin ang foods bago kainin. Unlike sa atin na inaamoy natin bago kainin for fear of baka hindi na pwedeng kainin. Sa klema kasi natin madaling masira ang pagkain. Iyon lang yon.

I have this to tell si Mishah ay vegetarian. A vegan in the future! Pwede ring frugivorous.She loves to eat vegies bukod sa puppy cow nya. I introduced vegetables para may variant naman ang food nya...dahil minsan wala syang gana sa iyo't iyon din. She prefers !AMS small biscuits, Begins strips (cheese & bacon flavor), Denta Stix, Begin wraps...and other puppy snax. Hay naku ...daig pa ang tao...mahal ang kanyang food...gaya ng Holistic na available in 1 & 1/2 kilos for P300.00, grabe d ba? Samantalang ang rice namin is P25-28 per kilo lang. Hay naku...kungdi ko lang mahal si Mishah... SHIH TZU ROCKS!!! I remember Botchang's golden retriever named SYDNEY...who eats apple all day long. I'm going to be a breeder soon....!!! I'm thinking of having our vacant lot near Metro-East Manila to be converted as dog-breeding excites me now. What inspires me is ung intelligence ni Mishah to be shared to others...if the price is right. :))

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