Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Luntiang palayan...

Hindi ko maiwasan ang hindi malungkot ng mapadaan kami sa lugar ng aking kinalakihan. Dito nahubog ang aking kaisipan, at kamulatan sa aking paligid. Nakita ko kung paano magpahalaga sa lupaing pangsakahan ang aming ama at ang kanyang kasamahan. Talagang nakakalungkot dahil unti unting nawawala ang ating yamang lupa. Sa aking paglaki namulat ako sa pagpapala ng mga magsasaka sa lupang kanilang binubungkal upang maging magandang taniman ng palay na isa sa ating pangunahing pagkain. Sa murang isip ko ay natatak na ang malaking kahalagahan ng palay na pangpungla na tiniyagang pilian upang maging maganda ang magiging bunga nito, ang lupang inaalagan at ang patubig na magiging pagkain ng tanim ng mga mgsasaka. Dati rati ay di maabot ng tanaw ang lawak ng sakahing napakagandang pagmasdan ang luntiang suhay ng palay na tila sumasayaw sa ihip ng hangin habang ang mga ibon ay nagliliparan at animo'y nagkakantahan sa galak.
Masaya kong naalala ang aking kabataan noong naglalaro kami ng aking mga kapatid. Ang makikitid na pilapil na aming iniingatang masira dahil iyon ang nagsisilbing harang at pamigil ng daloy ng tubig. Siyang siya kami sa naglalanguyang isda na maliliit sa tubig na malinis, may kuhol, palaka na naglulundagan at mga tutubing kay ilap hulihin.
Kapag ang palay ay hinog na at malapit ng anihin, ito'y matiyaga namang binabantayan upang hindi masira ng mga ibon. Hanggang sa makita ko na lang na may mga magsasakang nagpuputol ng palay at isinasalangsang upang ihiwalay ang palay sa dayami.Ganito ang tanawin na aking nasaksihan. Ngayon ay bibihira na ang ganito. Unti unting nawawala ang mga sakahing lupa. At unti unti, ang mga bigas na ating kinakain ay mga inaangkat na sa ibayong lugar.
Hindi natin maiwasang manghinayang sa unti unting pagkawala ng ating mga minanang kalinangan sa pagsasaka. Bihira na akong makakita ng kalabaw na may araro. Bihira na ring akong makakita ng lupang sinasakahan.

Masuwerte ako at nabahagi ng kaisipan ko ang isa sa pamana ng ating mga ninuno.
Ang pagsasaka...

The NEW Maria Clara bayongs...

YABANGPINOY products....

Hubba-hubba... shouting hubba-hubba nowadays, 'coz am feeding my family fish and fish alone and no meat, for almost a week hand-running. Really hand-running...quite a good meal though.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Love and regard for "The People's Princess"

Two of my most treasured books are the bestselling biography of Diana authored by Lady Collin Campbell, THE REAL DIANA...and DIANA, Princess of Wales a tribute from Tim Graham...

I just saw these inside my drawer and decided to browse a little. This book of Campbell, expose the truth about Diana and her troubled marriage and the source was Diana herself. While Tim Graham has recorded in thousands of images of the Royal families...and he has captured a lot of the most charming and relaxed family moments.

We all mourn her tragic, untimely death--but how well did we know The Real Diana?
"She was no saint and certainly no angel. She could be sweet and generous, but she also had a vicious streak in her nature. She could be tremendously and irresponsibly destructive."...

I treasured these books so much because I adored the princess in her heyday, curious about how the royals live their life. With these books I had some glimpse of their privy. The Queen and her family, their household, friends and everybody...

She was a model of simplicity turned into a glamorous icon yet she exuded warmth and sincerity that couldn't be found usually in the Royal circle who follow so many protocols. With these books on Diana's life you can be one of'd be able to breathe the air they'd experience "what was it like to be so privileged yet so anguished, so beloved yet so self-loathing, so spoiled yet so deprived, so hopeful by nature yet so despairing?!...The Princess of Wales was all of these things-- far more complicated, complicated, and intriguing as a person that the wildly disparate saint or lunatic she is frequently portrayed to be"...according to Lady Collin.

The books are quite expensive...each costs a little less than P1000.00 and hard to find nowadays... I am lucky to have several copies all about her life. My Diana, A tribute of Tim Graham was a gift to me by Makk. Makk, to you...many thanks for this gift...I love you so much!!! Hehehe, kelan yung books all about Ancient Egypts, et al...that cost a whopping P4000 plus...grabe d ako makahinga sa mahal! I doubt if I can have nakakahiya.

These are quite a good read...

Trying to keep in with...

I also do oftentimes ask myself, do we really need to draw a line when it comes to friendship or any kind of relationships?

Now I knew the answers so well...yes...we need to draw a line. In any kind of relationships, we should be wary of the true intent of others...but don't be's not nice...marami pa ring tapat na pagkakaibigan. But there's a possible chance that some might just be hangers on. Keeping in with them is a waste of time. I hate taking advantage of one's generosity. In friendship or even in any relationship there's should be a two-way lane...the give and take...not making it monotonous.

As I often say..."When you find true (devoted) friends, hold them with both hands!"
Don't let them stray away...or "A bird in hand is better than 2 birds in a bush!"

As a friend I knew I love much! I make them feel that they are a treasure...but along the way...I steer veer when I smell something...nothing will come up positively if you got one. I hate wasting up my time. And think this over, are you a good friend? Then well...if somebody messes us up...then it's their lost and not ours!

I have some real good kids, my books, handful of real-real friends, and myself...syempre naman.

Feeling grouchy...

I wonder why there's a lot of people here on earth who can concoct things that haven't really happened. I have a friend ...a dear one who went to see me and cried her heart out! Her niece is trying to ruin her good intentions. She's spreading some bad rumors that is very far from the truth. Quite a liar. I just listened and gave her inspiring words...ending up to giggling.

I am in awed why such a good soul is heartbroken at times. Somehow...someday...tables will be turned! I am sure of that. Some are here to create havoc...poor soul!

And to my dear friend...just be strong, we can't sail on an even keel forever.

Let's be mindful of our own productive and be of help.
Ruining other lives is not a nice job...

Monday, August 27, 2007

A good read...a good snack...

I am hooked on reading my Chicken Soup again...a very good reading material specially for mothers like me...also I got here, Children are from heaven.

Reading while eating bananas...

Something fish-y...

It's already past 8 o'clock when I decided to drive all the way to the fishport, in Binangonan. A long drive indeed. I wanted to buy fish fresh from morning catch. We're a bit late. There were banyeras of live hito (catfish), Taiwan (na ubod ng lansa), bangus and carps. I bought two big carps that weigh nearly 7 kilos. I had it for P250.00 after a little haggling. Bought bangus na dinaing also. The clouds were getting dark and it was drizzling already so we went home na.

Puno ang freezer namin at puro sya fish...1 week kaming magdidildil ng isda! :))

Our lunch: Fried daing na bangus with garlic, pepper and vinegar with steamed rice
Rapsa points!!!

Happy Holiday!

Yahoo! it's a special day daw...dahil Hero's Day yata...I'm not so sure, sabi lang kc. I am not familiar with this Heroe's day, caramba?! For me sayang ung araw. Sana we can celebrate it na lang with classes going on...nothing much is left to do but to stay in the house na unproductive. May previous Saturday and Sunday naman, kaya parang nakakatamad na ang maging idle for another day. But then anyway...let's just enjoy the day na lang. We are left with no any other choice.

For my breakfast today, I have my coffee, a 3-in-1...though I know it's unhealthy...yeah...but I am a coffee drinker talaga. I love coffee. I have here my favorite pandesal bought in Maria Clara St. Talagang dinadayo ko pa kahit medyo malayo sya. With Palm liver spread, hehehe...sosi ba? I bought this in Duty Free last time. Then also with butter. Sarap na ng brekker ko. I feel heaven na. As usual wala akong kasabay magbreakfast dahil tulog pa sila at wala silang hilig sa coffee. I wonder bakit di ma-appreciate ng mga kids ang mga oldies lang ata ito ah...should I turn into pineapple juice na lang kaya?!

I'm thinking of a good and yummy treat for lunch. Ano kaya?! meat! I hate meat. It only makes us sluggishly lazy and the feel of being so bloated and the fear of having health problems. Kids like my special chopseuy na hindi feel ng mga Japanese the way it is cooked, masyadong madali naman un remedyuhan d ba? It can be done half-cooked. But they nix the way we do the presentation. Para kasing walang effort. Japanese takes extra time and effort for the presentation and everything. They scrutinize every details unlike sa atin na pagkaluto...voila...we can dive into it and eat! One good example is their Sushi. Yahoo...I love Sushi. And 1 thing more, it's a no-no sa Japanese ang amuyin ang foods bago kainin. Unlike sa atin na inaamoy natin bago kainin for fear of baka hindi na pwedeng kainin. Sa klema kasi natin madaling masira ang pagkain. Iyon lang yon.

I have this to tell si Mishah ay vegetarian. A vegan in the future! Pwede ring frugivorous.She loves to eat vegies bukod sa puppy cow nya. I introduced vegetables para may variant naman ang food nya...dahil minsan wala syang gana sa iyo't iyon din. She prefers !AMS small biscuits, Begins strips (cheese & bacon flavor), Denta Stix, Begin wraps...and other puppy snax. Hay naku ...daig pa ang tao...mahal ang kanyang food...gaya ng Holistic na available in 1 & 1/2 kilos for P300.00, grabe d ba? Samantalang ang rice namin is P25-28 per kilo lang. Hay naku...kungdi ko lang mahal si Mishah... SHIH TZU ROCKS!!! I remember Botchang's golden retriever named SYDNEY...who eats apple all day long. I'm going to be a breeder soon....!!! I'm thinking of having our vacant lot near Metro-East Manila to be converted as dog-breeding excites me now. What inspires me is ung intelligence ni Mishah to be shared to others...if the price is right. :))

Sunday, August 26, 2007

"Wearing our nationality with abacca pride"


Comme il faut...

I am an ordinary person...but I love to share. Yup I love to help and sometimes it hurt me at the end of the while it hurts ika nga. I know I have a big heart...really...that's true 'coz I always think of others, who are famished and less fortunate. It's nice to help and share some to other people specially the children. But sometimes other people tend to take advantage of my generosity. It becomes a routine. They tend to ask so much. They tend to expect so much as if it is an obligatory task helping them. I wonder how they think?! Helping one is a great deed for anybody but is it too much to ask or rather expect a thank you after? Is it hard to say?!


I have no right to refuse being a nanay...

My DD is on Hotel Familiarization tour now for the first time, the bus is set to leave at 6am...kaya kahit na very sleepy pa ako, I got up and dressed up with eyes we left at 5am so she wouldn't be late as scheduled. We arrived at the dot. We waited for the rest to come.

There I saw the Mt. Carmel Church, so I went inside the Church, the one inside San Sebastian Recoletos. It's said to be the only church that is made of steel.
I went inside not to attend the morning mass but to say a prayer. The architecture is awesome. I noticed the engravings at the rim of the fonts that says...Romblon 1863...ano kaya iyon, para sa font or the church itself? Napakaganda ng disenyo ng simbahan.

Makakaya ko ba naman ang hindi isama si Mishah that day? Malikot na siya at kailangan bantayan palagi, so I decided na lang to bring her along.

After that we went to buy pa fish from the street. I bought bangus and tilapia. Got fresh stingray also, na masarap daw may gata. Pero di ako kumakain non.
Then I decided to eat muna sa Tropical Hut dahil tom jones na po ako...I only had fresh pineaple juice and french fries.

And that's how my morning goes.

His time seemed too all brief...

" Don't grieve for me... "

We went to see Ludwig on his last few days here on earth, his wake seemed to be so peaceful...calm and serenely mournful. Arrived there late at night with my few young friends...Angel, Anthony, Michael Vincent, and my kids. I went inside to see the mother...Tita had just came back from Korea immediately upon learning the news. A asked her if she had any premonition about any. She told me that on that fateful day she had dreamt of the young Ludwig being chase by a man with a stick...she felt so uneasy and unspirited that day....a mother's instinct I guess. No one seemed to tell her what's happening, she heard of the news but no one has the nerve to tell that his son was one of the fatalities. She then called someone in Camp Crame to ask if someone by the name Ludwig Salvador was one of the positively killed soldiers in Basilan clash. Tha other line asked who she was. She told the other line that she was just a friend. When confirmed...she cried in pain. Twelve long years na tiniis nyang hindi makita ang kanyang anak, now how could she turn back the hands of time that his beloved son is lying cold...sigh...I wonder where she gets her strength now, losing a son. Sila ang dahilan kung bakit nagtitiis syang d sila mayakap at mapagsilbihan para lang makapaghanap-buhay ng marangal. Para maitaguyod ang kanilang pamilya. My heart is broken to see Tita...the mother, crying for her son's untimely demise...

Btw, the father is a retired Scout Ranger with a lot of achievements too. Maybe Ludwig got the inclinations from his father. Once a great soldier in his heyday.
Ludwig had left his parents and his two siblings...still single and full of hope to serve his countrymen.

Let us not forget to pray for the reposeful rest of their soul.
Let God now be their guide to their final destination.
To Ludwig and his co-mistah... "May the good LORD be your guiding light now...and ever!"

KUDOS to you our young batallions!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Another coup de main?! It's not worth dying for...

This senseless waste of lives should be stopped...
There should be an answer...anyone???!!!

Yes, indeed I can truly say that this previous abhorrent act in Basilan is not worth dying for. My daughter and my whole family cried when we heard of the news. Our dear friend Lieutenant LUDWIG SALVADOR has finally met his untimely final vow. A very promising young soul could be our future leader. It was doomed way before it could even have had started...nakakahinayang!

As a mother I cried in pain...this shouldn't happen if only our government peace negotiating panel meant a serious dialogue from the group to seek peace. This bloodbath is absurd!!! Violence seeking and correcting violence?! Those panel should take a back seat and let's try to look for others who can truly understand the inner dilemma and give us a good answer to these horrible acts that keep on making their trails... "lahat ng problema dapat may solusyon", bakit hanggang ngayon hindi nila ito makita?!

Let's seek justice through peaceful means for the untimely deaths of those duty-bound soldiers who have met their untimely end for the love of their oaths and our country itself!

TO the SALVADOR CLAN...our deepest support and condolences specially from Miss Aya S...

Let's pray for them!

Friday, August 24, 2007

My brekker...!

I prepared breakfast and packlunch early at 4am...and this is my share!

Words don't come easy....

My plate is empty...

Just got home from Susan's birthday party. Was invited together with Sir Rudolf. We were ushered inside their house for a sumptuous dinner with the members of their family and the AMEGA GROUP. The party was masaya at game lahat except me. Kainis...killjoy ako dahil hindi ako ngrender man lang ng 1 kanta, wala akong practice.Booooohhhhh!!! Hindi rin ako makasayaw...lalo na't chacha ang gusto nila, I love swing better than chacha and boogie. Couldn't eat much...nakakahiya na ung sagot na, "Thanks, but I'm on a diet!" very old cliche. And I talked so little, I don't know, maybe wala ako sa mood. Couldn't eat well, parang wala akong appetite basta silent-mode ako. Somebody offered me a glass of wine (on the rocks)'s CHARLESBO. It's a fine red wine, a produce of France and was made of best grapes in the world. Gusto ko sya dahil maganda ang packaging nya...kakaiba, with spigot. Umorder ako para sa hauz. Masarap pero medyo a little sweet nga lang.

I was a wallflower that night and I just sulked in the corner with a lot in mind...Sir Rudolf asked me in hush, "bestfriend bakit malungkot ka at tahimik ngayon?"..."wag mo munang guluhin ang isip mo ngayon, mag-enjoy muna tayo..." ...poor Sir...hindi nya ako talaga nayaya sa pagsasayaw...taga panood lang ako that night. I slipped away from the table and slept in the van. ..and woken up by a murmur. Naku...hindi ako tinantanan nina Venus para bumaba ulit at maki-group sa kasiyahan. Hay naku...hindi ako talaga sociable na tao. I wanted to go home...I was downhearted that night. Pero in fairness...napaka-accomodating ng mga taga co-AMEGA GROUP ko. Mga totoong tao at magaling makisama. Hindi ka mao-off. I couldn't sing, and I couldn't dance either. Hay naku napaka-kj ko na ata. But I did enjoy that night dahil masaya clang kasama.

To Ate Susan, again...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! More Blessings!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

When the shoe is on the other foot...

Can't think of any topic to write...maybe because of pagod and lack of good sleep the past few weeks. Can't get rid pa of the pins and needles on my left leg. Talagang blangko lang ang isip ko ngayon. Uninspired maybe...or lack of energy.

Siguro you'll forgive me kung si Mishah ulit ang topic ko. Waking up every morning kc, sya na ang nakikita ko. Nakabantay sya sa every moves ko. All I can see in her is happiness kapag nakita nya ako. I know na kahit pet lang sya, naco-convey nya in her own way na mahal na mahal nya ako. Loyalty I guess. Kaya pala sabi nila, "Dogs are man's BESTFRIEND!" Tama pala...I used to ask noon whenever I'd see one throwing kisses and warm hugs to their pet..." bakit kaya nila hinahalikan ung aso nila, d kaya sila nandidiri?" Now I'm on other shoes. Mahal na mahal ko na si Mishah dahil she brings happiness sa bahay namin. Pag umalis ako ng house matamlay na kids would sms me na "mama, go home na, hinahanap ka na ni Mishah.." ...sigh...ngayon lang ako nakaranas magmahal ng pet...I used to have one...a talking MAYNA...

But anyway...going back to Mishah...Kahit naman sino makakita kanya...talagang di na nila mabitawan eh dahil natutuwa sila...look at her pict.

Eto, i gave Mishah a bath...I don't understand bakit ang gulo nya or rather say wild sya everytime na mabasa sya. Siguro dahil malamig. I don't know kung masama na paliguan sya every other day. Or I do kung knakailangan. The vet says na once a week lang dapat...

PS/ I appreciate the effort of Miss Anabelle of PCCI, Documentation Dept. for giving me a call today to ensure the spelling of Mishah's Kennel name...the one I gave for the registration & Transfer of Ownership. 1 week lang daw tapos na nya ang papeles...hurrah! Yan ang isang magandang ehemplo ng 1 naglilingkod mapa-gobyerno man or NGO. Magalang at marespeto sa kausap.

KUDOS Ms Anabelle!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Yes, it's really disgusting!

Imagine I was charged a cool P3,145plus to my account (Mastercard)without my knowledge. This happened last month pa. And the person involved was a telemarketer named GLADYS of POSITIVE RESPONSE VISION,INC...impertenente! Yup, it means rude or bastos...also that person named Mrs. nagsabing may "kutsabahan daw" wow, s*#t! How could that be? Dapat nga bigyan nila ako ng halaga dahil sa we appreciate their beauty products di ba? Naku naman haleeer...ung 1 package nila consists of 5, that includes toner, sun block and creams...maganda sya kaya nga kami bumibili. But the fact na pinakialaman ang credit card ko at na-charged ako without consulting hindi dapat mangyari...why should I consider pa their products? Eh ano ba ung bumili na lang ako ng OLAY, mas kilala na at costs less pa.
I admit na nakatikim sya ng isang pun***a sken...that bakit hindi, napaka impolite nya to say na "may kutsabahan, then i-deny nya ito!" Excuse me ha...bakit what will I gain ba? Nakakaimbyerna talaga. Bibihira ang makaka-afford ng ganyang kamahal na produkto noh, at di pa kilala...tapos makakatikim pa ako ng kabastusan sa kanila.
Ang ending I have to pay a penalty para sa over limit ng card ko dahil lang sa pakikialam ng GLADYS na un...2x may nagdeliver sken sa house at 2x ko rin ni-reject dahil wala naman akong order...un pala eh bayad na sa account ko. Naku hindi ako pumayag, nagalit ako at good thing nagkaroon ng reversal...dahil talagang I called in their office.

Paging Mr. B, the owner...reprimand the people concern please...I've faxed na my statement of account on which I was billed for a no-transaction deal, at ni-reactivate lang ni Gladys. Sana it will be a lesson to all.

I feel so unsafe with my card now! I wanted and I begged off na sana i-cancel na lang ang card ko after that incident.

My favorite...yuuuuck!

Hay naku...I used to eat only but siopao whenever I'd eat out in the mall with my friends or whoever...would take out pa, na para bang mauubusan ako ng siopao. Masuki in Greenhills is the best when siopao is concern and also Henlin...yummy talaga! But when I heard about this "carton issue"...I can't help but puke...and I'd just try to keep it down na lang after few gasping. ain't easy to ignore such...also this ******, na grabeng paborito ko...I shifted buying another products of PALM, LIBBY'S & SPAM, kahit medyo mahal sya. Rapsa points talaga.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

She's legally I went to the office of Philippine Canine Club, INC., a member of FEDERATION CYNOLOGIQUE INTERNATIONALE to apply for transfer of ownership of Mishah, and at the same time a new Kennel registration. I have only 5 months to wait, at pwede ko na syang ipa-stud. I am planning to try a new business...a breeder of shih tzu. And I am quite excited na.

My beautiful bestfriend forever!

Toyokawa, Non Hoi Zoo, Suzuka Circuit