Monday, February 18, 2008

A Cyberdyne experience...

A mini sequel from T2 was a great one also. A long queue again. Half an hour of waiting we were then inside with our visors and here's what happened:

Guests put on their "safety visors" (actually polarized glasses needed for the 3-D film effects) and watch a demonstration of the Terminators, which is interrupted by the appearance of the T-1000 in pursuit of Sarah and John, who are on the premises in an attempt to disrupt the proceedings. The emcee named Aya-chan tries to stop the T-1000 but it strangles her to death. A T-800 shows up and rides with John into the movie screen through a time portal, preventing the T-1000 from killing John. The rest of the show (except the conclusion) takes place onscreen with John and the Terminator in the future, where they must destroy Skynet. Before they reach Skynet, they are chased by a Hunter-Killer which deploys miniature Hunter-Killers to kill the T-800 and John. Ultimately, the Hunter-Killers fail and John and the T-800 find their way into Skynet where they battle the "T-1 million", a gargantuan liquid metal spider-like Terminator built with the T-1000's technology. After defeating the T-1 million they manage to destroy Skynet. The line between the 3D film and the live performance stunt show is blurred thanks to the skillful use of environmental effects like smoke and lighting and the film presentation itself, which starts on one wide screen but later expands to three. Guests in the front rows have screens filling almost their entire field of view. This same thing happened to us during the presentation in 3D. I only changed the name of the emcee park employee we have at USJ. Terrific performance!

And who wouldn't screamed like what I did? It was because the liquid metal head is right in front of me! Yup, just right in front of me!!! A real action packed experience again. :D

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