Saturday, February 2, 2008

A bit cold and lazy day...

I am neither in a sulky mood nor inspired today except that am eager and excited tonight. It's because of the cold weather I think that's making me a little lazy. And it's awful I have ashy dry lips...I'm quite lazy again putting on my lip balm...because I find it quite taxing. And besides wearing a corset-like back brace all day long gives me a heavy sigh...but nothing I can do because I am too much dependent on it. My ortho-doc advised me not to wear this but I think I'm gonna die if I do away from wearing this. It keeps on poking out because of the steel thing concealed inside it. But the good side of it tucks me in. :D I have a slimmer tummy on my (not so) heavy frame. :D And it's nice.

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