Monday, February 11, 2008

A frenzy Monday morning...

It's good to be with sensible people like Makki. She kinda woke up with bad hair day, literally and figuratively I supposed. She went a little edgy over something with somebody in the house. Well...I plead innocent...over this petty issue :D

She called me over the phone to say sorry...

You see how a nice person is the moment she' done something a little out of control?
If you are good and sensible, nothing can beat that.

...sigh. I miss the snow, but it's still cold and guess what am breakfasting now? I had coffee and Ritz awhile ago, but am right now having my early Morinaga ice cream...with pineapple, cherry, peach and azuki bits on top. Wow it's yum yum! :D

I want to cancel my scheduled meeting on Friday since we were not able to go to Gifu because of a sudden snowstorm. Quite dangerous because some cars that day were not in snow tires, voila...nagkasudden traffic. But unlike we have in the Philippines. Dito traffic is still moving. So okasan tachi kimas.

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