Friday, February 15, 2008

The layered look...

In cold winter like this, people have a hard time wearing layers and layers of layers of clothing. We have the undershirts of course consisting of brassiere, a chemise and an inner. Then a regular shirt and a sweatshirt with a snowsuit on top of it. Wheew! Being on a slight heavy side of the scale, it's just an added extra weight though am quite proud that I got no bulges on my tummy. At isa pa sa ipinagpapasalamat ko ay hindi ako mapuson. The secret is the corset worn almost everyday of my life to give me a back support. I have a weak spinal so, I am truly dependent on using this backbrace corset. My doctor sana has advised me to get rid of this but I begged off. Hindi ko kayang walang backbrace. Ang hirap pala pag ganitong winter, am not used to wearing heavy layers. That's why I'm like a young girl excited to wearing an ordinary shirt and jeans with my Havaianas of course...sigh...! :D

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