Monday, February 18, 2008

Jaws experience at Universal Studios Japan

The Amity Island at the background after our Jaws experience...

Yunibasaru Sutajio as how Japanese pronounced it. A lot of attractions made me feel like a child again. My first time indeed and I really couldn't help but screamed and my heart really went dab a dab dab when we were toured by the skipper lady-guide as if it were real. The main entrance says those who have heart disorders are not allowed. Eagerly I told them I have no ailments of whatsoever. My gosh it was as if we shot the real scene in Jaws I have had watched during my heyday. It was gruesome seeing that huge shark turned into a monster monster. Here's how happened...

After the shark attacks portrayed in the 1975 film Jaws, the tourism industry of Amity Island, Massachusetts had almost died out. Years later, some wealthy tourists asked an old seaman named Jake Grundy to take them out to see the places where the shark attacks occurred. Grundy decided to offer the same tour to others, creating a new business enterprise: Captain Jake's Amity Boat Tours. Due to the popularity of Captain Jake's, the town decided to embrace the shark attacks. Now, Amity is "Shark City" with a booming tourist economy.

Tourists will be taking one of Captain Jake's Amity Boat Tours out to see the locations of the various events during that fateful summer, which were made famous in a big Hollywood movie not long afterwards. The boats are piloted by one of Captain Jake's skippers, and all are protected by an army surplus 40 mm grenade launcher. However, Jake is confident that his skippers won't need to use them because the last shark anyone has seen was in 1974.

The tour begins with a quick visit to Chief Brody's home. Suddenly, as the boat rounds the lighthouse, the guide hears a distress call from a fellow skipper, Gorden. His call for help degenerates into screams of terror, then an eerie silence. The skipper contacts the base to figure out what is going on with Gorden and seconds later, the tour group discovers just what happened, as the remains of Gorden's tour boat sink beneath the surface of the harbor.

Suddenly, a dorsal fin rises out of the water ... the dorsal fin of what appears to be a very large shark! The shark submerges and passes under the boat. The tour guide pulls out the now-handy grenade launcher and shoots a grenade at the shark, but it misses. A second shot also misses. The tour guide then decides to hide out in a boathouse that was formerly owned by the grizzled old shark hunter, Quint. Inside the pitch-black boathouse, the skipper turns on his flashlight and scans around. Something rocks the shack, knocking boats into the water. Attempting to escape, the skipper struggles to get the boat's engine into gear, succeeding just as the giant shark surfaces and lunges at the boat.

The skipper contacts the base to get help, and is told that Chief Brody will be there in 10 minutes. Thinking the boat—and its passengers—will be shark bait in 10 minutes, the skipper decides to take the offensive if the shark attacks again. Unfortunately, the next grenade shot manages to hit a gas dock, which erupts in flames, threatening the boat. As a last resort, the skipper decides to unload in an old fishing dock. The shark attacks yet again, but bites into a live electrical cable. Its burnt and scarred corpse then surfaces, and the latest menace to the tranquility of Amity Harbor is eliminated.

The queue was really unimaginable...But all in all, it was kinda sulit...grabe ang ganda...this is a great experience for me.

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