Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lack of good night's sleep...

I don't exactly know if I've got insomnia or what but I do skimp on sleep almost everynight spending too much time in reading or browsing the internet. This is quite harsh to my health of course. I know that I should get decent sleep or a full night's rest for the following day. That's why I usually don't feel good working after some irregular sleep. Getting irritated to work due to eye smarting is unconsolable of course. Not to mention being queasy and lightheaded during the day. Whoah, I've got to do something better for this. This is absurd and quite erratic I know. Not good for my hypertension. I think I'm putting myself a lot into trouble. I need to have a time management, and discipline. And I'll start it right now. I will sleep early about 10pm, and if I would wake up at 6, then I would have at least an eight hours of good sleep. Why not?! Quality and quantity of sleep really help and contribute to health, positive outlook and well-being of a person.


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