Monday, February 4, 2008


In Japan, there's a traditional Matsuri festival held every year (yesterday) wherein locals would throw beans (equivalent to your age) in order to shoo evil spirits. I was shocked when I saw the beans. Not the typical white beans we can buy in the Philippines but it's the balatong I used to hear from my nanay. Ngayon lang ako nakakain nito. Pinapak ko siya talaga, but to follow their tradition I also threw some beans to drive all bad forces or whatever that is to haunt me in purpose. How many beans? Secret... :D

PS/ Took shots of this devil replica standing sentinel in the middle of the Toyohashi Station. Katakot naman, and so bizarre looking. I deleted the much closer image because I could not stand seing that devilish sneer. I chose the undefined shot rather than the explicit one. Nobody wants to have sleepless nights anyway...

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