Monday, February 11, 2008

Ume Matsuri...

Ume or what we call plum is now starting to bloom and so we visited the place where there's lots of plum trees in bloom. They are in different colors, like white, pink, dark pink, red, green and yellow. Japanese loves to see flowers in blooms and so they go there with their families or groups with old and children alike. They appreciate it by taking shots with their mobile phones or with their zoom lens. I saw some artists sketching, so busy with their drawing pads and pencils. Tables with red linen are scattered around the small store that catered foods, like hot dog on stick, mochi, ika, french fries, and other Japanese delicacies. Oishi desu!
It's my first time to see plum trees and all I can say is, napakaganda pala nito. There's no leaves. Only in blooms. Then after which ay magbubunga naman siya.

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