Thursday, February 14, 2008

Who will go first?

I just don't want to confused you of how Japanese take a bath. We do take a bath everyday, or we take shower, because we are a shower people. But here in Japan, I was bit surprised when I heard who would take the first bath, then who'll go second? But why make a fuss? And I believe it doesn't take so much time taking a bath. When I took my very first bath I was so confused and so I was in and out within a few minutes. I thought I'd start to boil with a very hot water in the tub with floating yellow mermaid toy temperature. Wow, I couldn't stand the hot dip at first. But now I imagine myself when I go back home. I will surely miss all the stuff in Japanese bathrooms like, basin, stool, thermometer and all different colors of powder I mix with the water. One that soothes muscle pain, one with relaxing aroma and other that enhances the skin, but what I like most is the milk powder that'll give you a white milky bath. In cold winter like this, they soothe themselves dipping in hot tub to warm themselves, everynight. They don't take a bath in the morning afraid of catching colds, so I just follow what they do here. Having a night hot dip in the tub. And now I just have to prepare the hot tub with yellowy lemon aroma. Wow...what a nice dip before sacking out in this cold cold night.

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