Friday, February 8, 2008

Again, arigatou Gozai masta...

Spending a little more than 2 hours with Kazue, Mieko, Sayoko and Misaeh was such a fun indeed. Imagine one Filipina (ako yon :D) together with 4 Japanese women who are so eager beaver to learn Ego (English) wasn't it just great? Although I am not so used to speaking Nihongo fluently and them vice versa, they try to catch up on English. And I told them that I am so amazed and I do admire them for taking time to learn something for their own advantage. I know that they are quite so busy with their work in the farm and at home, but yet they still find time to go out like this and have fun while learning all at the same time.
I always say that I really eat like a bird, but of course when you are invited for a dinner or lunch like this, it's really very hard to refuse the offer. Really am not much of this cravings. But kanina I enjoyed the saba (mackerel) cooked in soy sauce I am sure, and sato (sugar)...yummy. And I quite love the beans atchara-like. But I begged of eating the curdylike egg soup with mushrooms with blandy taste as far as my picky tongue is concerned. I didn't finished my misoshiro and my daikong with miso paste again on top. But all in all the meal was great with mikan and kohi for our desserts. I admire these ladies for being so thoughtful, yey they gave two big and fresh cabbages again. So simple and showing amiable disposition and so good-natured. Alam kong masisipag sila 'coz it shows...I know one when I see one. Dahil masipag din ako. They always greet me with wide smiles and so I guess I can't forget them.

I will miss you guys!!!
My tomadatchi...

PS/ Kazue-chan gave something like color pencils for Yndee...yey!!!
Again...Kazue-chan, arigatou gozai masta...TY...salamat po!!!

Will meet again next Friday for another lesson cum lunch. Same as usual guys!

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