Saturday, February 9, 2008

It's -2, and brrrr...

Wow, we're all set to go to Gifu but we have to cancel the trip. Though we are prepared for having snow tires last month pa, I think it's kinda dangerous to go on for that brief visit to okasan. It's better taking necessary precautions and stay na lang in the house and sulk. I just want to stay in's oh so cold. I have a heater here but it's no use...grabe. Imagine those countries having -3 0r -8 and so on...naku siguradong frozen to the bones ka niyan. Hay naku...ang hirap naman pala pag ganitong nagssnow. Ni wala akong appetite kumain (woohoohoo, good for me!) dahil mas gusto ko pang magsnuggle na lang with my pillows and comforter ko than go down to the kitchen and find some grub to eat. Hehehe...I did prepare meat, squid, and left over na oyster. I planned to cook it for dinner. With garlic stalk, carrots and mushroom. Ay iniwan ko sa baba. Hehehe. I'm too lazy to cook. I want to sleep...I still don't have nice and decent sleep the few weeks. I blog almost everyday and whoah...I got some dark circles na yata around my eyes. :(
And i still have a lot of pending tasks needed to be done. I wish I could do everything but this laptop isn't helping me better. Grrrr with those kanji characters. And I hate to think that all I've been doing is running around circles. Hey, forgive me but am still on a vacation, right. Wait 'til I get home and start the ball rolling. CiaO!!!

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  1. Hi Leonor! grabeh lamig dyan no? -2 Fahrenheit ba? dito din pero wala naman snow. lol. Well.. i just want to tell u that I got you tagged!! its in this LINK <-- happy weekend to you!


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