Monday, February 11, 2008

Trying our luck...

Went to Arch Games and Batting Center, had tried hitting the balls, yaikks ang hirap pala non...using the slowest booth with 70 klm/hr. I just hit 6 out of 10 servings. Grabe you need pala talaga to excert much effort. Sa hina ng likod ko hindi ko kinaya ang sudden twist ng upper torso. Hay naku...ngayon hanga ako sa stamina ng mga players ng baseball. Hoorah for the Dragons!!!
Then we tried grabbing dolls and toys in a machine. We went empty handed. Panalo dito sina Bong and Russel 'coz ang dami na nilang collections.
Then Makki tried surfing...with simulated surf board of course. :D

Then we bought some shoes for Charri and Crocs-like slippers. I couldn't afford to buy expensive Crocs at Trinoma where nagmumuka akong tomboyish lalo. Bumili lang ako dahil cheaper. I do love my Havaianas instead. It's gorgeous!

A nice day indeed except for that very minor accident involving a young teenager on his scooter...I just hope he's okey.


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