Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nice words of concern...

Am trying to squeeze this headache off...di ako dapat magkasakit. It's one thing I do appreciate in this blogosphere world. I am very touched to see messages like what Steve and Emz wrote just today. They are a welcome added friends.

For you guys, thanks much!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I am not feeling well...

I am nauseated and feeling a little lightheaded for the past few days. I thought it would just passed away but it's still here. I feel so sick! A PMS am sure and too much excitement na rin! And this is too taxing talaga. Kaya siguro na-down na ako.Ang hirap pag gising ko the headache is still here. I just hope I'd be okey for tomorrow. I have to. We're going to check in at Nagoya Hotel on the 28th this Thursday so I have to be in fine mood for that out with Aya. Will go around and some shopping I guess. Kaya sana gumaling na ako...will keep my fingers crossed.

And am hopeful...

Irago Coastal Porte

...our local laddle
...coconut?! Yup!

...dried coconut tree po yan, na looking fresh

We went nga pala at IRAGO Coastal Port and inside this is a Science Museum wherein huge dino skeleton is in exhibit...pero what attracted me were products made out of coconut tree and it's fruit. Like I saw our local sandok, sepak takraw na ginagamit sa sports competition, payoneta, chair at marami pang iba. Sa foods naman the kaong, na paborito ko rin gawing dessert sa handaan...and nalaman ko na may 5000 plus pa lang klase ang uri ng coconut tree. At isa sa comeon nila ang mga napulot nilang coconut husk na naanod sa dagat with markings as sign of communication.

At Hompo...

...still nibbling morsels of my cotton candy

We dined out last Sunday at Hompo for lunch with okasan and company. A great style where in you will be served raw foods of your own choice then you'll have to cook it yourself right in front of you...parang pizza. Most ingredients are vegies kaya healthy. I just picked on seafoods...lalo na ang shrimp and squid...pinili ko talaga. And Aya saw a cotton-candy corner for's free, she got 1 for me and offered also to them but they refused it. Ayaw nila ng matamis. Grabe nasobrahan yata ako ng kain dahil I couldn't sleep later, flatulence I guess...sigh...dito ako nahihirapan eh. Di ko kaya...pero kailangan ipakita ko na I do appreciate everything. Lalo na sa food. I tell you, I just eat like a bird. And I only eat when am hungry...

My 2nd visit at Arai Barrier Ruins

okasan,otosan and Takumi
...260 year-old tree is 1 of Arai's legacy

...this used to be a lake where boats docked in for scrutiny

At the flea market...

...a big earthen pot where delicious potatoes are grilled on hot stones

Went shopping with okasan, otosan, and Takumi. They bought me special nori for mochi. They bought butterflied fish na ang sasarap, and some fresh vegies...while otosan really waited for that sweet potatoes na daiski nya...and it's really very sweet ng patikimin nila ako. Luto sa batong mainit.

Arigatou Gozaimasu for these omiyage!!!

Again, thank you so much for these gifts. Will just open these in the Philippines immediately when I get home. But they told me the box contained two cute female dolls, chopsticks, candies and a scroll tapestry for wall decor.

...delicious nori and 2 pig-keychains from Korea bought by Sayoko.

Salamat po!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Girls day out again!!!

...gwapo di ba?! :D

Me and Aya went out again yesterday. At 9am we were looking for an available ATM. Then we had chocomocha at Excelsior Cafe to while away time and waited there til the Earth Salon opens up at 9:30. But we've seen it open at exactly 9:05 so we immediately went there right away. Aya had her hair dyed. While I had my hair done just like what we call hair rebonding. They don't call it rebond but "straight pama", they find it too difficult to pronounce perm. What I do admire talaga here is yung napakagalang nila talaga sa customers nila. They are very polite and courteous upon dealing with their client. It's a welcome treat na napakagwapo ng natoka sa akin na guy na nagrebond ng buhok ko. Grabe starstruck ang lola ninyo. Isa lang nasabi ko sa kanya ng lumapit siya sa akin. Ang gwapo naman nito! And he chuckled...naintindihan yata sinabi ko. At hindi siya okama ha(pero ewan ko rin). Bading in local term for gays. Straight siya as in (baka). And ang galing pumorma parang mga anime ang mga hair style nila. Hay nakakatuwa sila. Na-starstruck tuloy ako. :D

Friday, February 22, 2008

Good old song that brings back memories...

The story of two monks...

Two monks on a pilgrimage came to the ford of a river. There they saw a girl dressed in all her finery, obviously not knowing what to do since the river was high and she did not want to spoil her clothes. Without more ado, one of the monks took her on his back, carried her across and put her down on dry ground on the other side.
Then the monks continued on their way. But the other monk after an hour complained, "Surely it is not right to touch a woman; it is against the commandments to have close contact with women. How could you go against the rules of monks?"
The monk who carried the girl walked along silently, but finally he remarked, "I set her down by the river an hour ago, why are you still carrying her?"
From: The Wisdom of Zen Masters


"It's not what happens to you, it's what you do about it!"

(Jack Canfield and Mark V. Hansen)

"We learn to do something by doing it!"

And there's no other way...(John Holt)

Don't bug me...hug me!

l enjoy being with nice people...

Funtime again for me being with Kazue, Mieko, Sayoko and Misaeh earlier and we had lunched together. I only want some light food so I ordered whole pizza and an orange juice. Then had coffee. They ate lunch, a complete one. I knew they observed that I hardly finished my previous meal with them so I asked a lighter one. But then I only finished half of the pizza and full na ako. I took home half of the left-over pizza, sayang eh. Kazue had her carbonara only. Then afterwhich came the lesson. At the left far edge of Casa Bianca's dining, I saw lots of gift items in time for Doll's Day on March 3,2008...

I am a bit disheartened when I've learned from Kazue that though I used Kanji translation, of some selected posts...still they find it hard to understand my English. Oh my bad, I just didn't realized it then. I admire their yearnings to learn the language so I promised to them that I'll prepare something easy and simple lesson for them as soon as I arrive the Philippines. They're hardworking and still they find time to smell the roses as the old cliche goes. Sayoko has just arrived from a 3-day tour in Korea. Attah girl. She's so simple and yet, jetsetter din. May K di ba? Then Kazue and Misaeh are planning to go to Hokkaido. They want to see drift ice. Sigh...I also wish to go and see chunks of ice moving like big bulk of white mountain drifting and moving along with the winds or ocean currents. What a sight to enjoy.

I can sense that they have only but pure, kind and sincere hearts. They are so simple. They are very nice to be with. I love them when I see them laughing altogether about simple matters. So fun to be with, even with our language barrier. I speak a little of Japanese and they speak English very little also, but still we jibe along.

And surely I will miss them...

Guys, thank you very much for the omiyage...I appreciate it very much. It's the thought that counts...Arigatou Gozaimasu!

And thank you for being so nice to me...and Makki.

Money, money, money!

To while away time here, it's my hobby to watch everything via you tube in order to update me of relevant news in my country. And it quite put me in dismal mode watching non-chronological senate hearing roasting another puppet (because he made himself an accessory) turned witness again and again...and am talking about this ZTE-National Broadband Project deal.

Shame on you people who are hiding their heads in the sand now.

At first, they would appear to us as a devoted citizen...who has a great capacity to serve the government. Honest from the start, and developed into a "stuffed shirt" who was too formal, too rigid in manner and attitudes, seemed without political savvy and only have but one hidden priority. Then afterwhich they metamorphosed into such how we may call high-class thieves or sharks in decent suit. They have fallen into such great disrepute and disgrace to our country. Why couldn't they just stick to their guns if others want to strike it rich?

Hay naku po wala ng matitirang yaman at pag-asa ang Pilipinas kung lahat ng mamumuno ay corrupt. Those great school are honing great thieves for the future. Then what's left with us now...who voted for them?! Shame, right?!

Kudos for those politicians who have all the grit and pluck.

Woohoo! Got this Cool Cat Award...

Often times things like this brighten up my day. Call it mababaw, not everyone like this stuff like memes, tags but this award with link purposes also is great. Well thanks dear Race. We might have no long communication or rather time to know each well but we jibed from the start when you saw me with Mishah one time at Jenn's computer shop. Well we have at least two common ground. First being a loving nanay and second is we are a blog addict. And we both like Jenn, right? Musta na kaya siya sa Land Down Under...whoah, kailan kaya ako makakarating don?! Hoping! Why not?!

Thanks again for that award...I just love to be cool, really. And you're cool too. So cheers!!!

I want also to give this to Vera na talagang cool na cool. Same with Ida, Tack, and Ramon.
Guys just do click the Race link for that award, ok? I've got some problem with my laptop and I just couldn't paste it here. Gomen (sorry)...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I miss Mishah so so much!


and Enzo too of course!

From the top selling jazz vocalist...Diana Krall

Krall – for the few still unknowing – is the 41-year old sensation whose cool, heavy-lidded vocals and strikingly sensitive piano-playing has helped her transcend barriers of genre to become a popular artist of the first order who has carved herself a permanent position at the top of the jazz charts this old old song.

I love this old old song and DK gave a different version...quite her style.

"Spreading the BLING-PONG Gospel"

Naomi Yotsumoto appeared in the UFO-like arena in a tight, deep aquamarine-colored top with a gold-sequined collar, a matching miniskirt and something that- at risk of sounding rather tautological- only be described as lacy "fishnet" leg warmers. Also sporting makeup, eyeliner and mascara- and to top it off, her curly hair was piled up in a giant bun and was spliced by what appeared to be a feather.
This wasn't supposed to happen- not the gear, nor the drubbing. Table tennis is supposed to be, well, uncool and anything but sensational. Right?
Naomi has been a high-performing table tennis player for more than 10 years. From Jan.2001 to May2002 she was ranked in the top 150 women in the world. But recently, another aspect of the 29-year-old's game has been scooping the headlines: her stated desire to put more bling into the ping. After the match she reiterated an earlier vow: "I want to start a revolution in table tennis."
She went on: "The sport has an image of being dull and uncool. I want to make it more popular; that's why I've been wearing attractive clothes in competitions."
She began the revolution last year's National Championships, when she appeared in a yellow off-the-shoulder dress with a 15-cm white daisy in her hair. The flower caught the attention of the match umpire, who decided to order it's removal on the basis that it was a non-essential decoration.

One says "There are more people here this year than last year, so maybe her efforts are paying off."

Source: The Japan Times

PS/ As for me, we are all entitled to our own opinion...but it's how Naomi wants and she has all the right to do so. But if there's a rule in that game that's prohibiting that snazzy wear then she'll have to conform with it by all means.

Natural lang at ordinaryong tanawin yan dito sa Japan. Yun ang fashion dito. Pag wala kang mascara at eyeliner ay di ka in. At super ganda ng mascara dito, kahit maligo ka araw araw...3 days na ay andun pa rin siya. At no-smear ha. :D

Teen antiwhaler, dad set free in UK

British prosecutors dropped charges against a 14-year-old girl and her father who were arrested during antiwhaling protest inside the Japanese embassy in London.
But Sophie Wyness and father Martin criticized the decision. The teenager said it was made "because they don't want to damage commercial ties with Japan" and her father claimed it was "bringing British law into disrefute."
The pair were charged with trespassing after they tied themselves to a stone staircase in the embassy lobby with cable ties last month.

Source: The Japan Times

I am a Greenpeace member (hindi nga lang active) so I strongly advocate the urge to unite the world to help and promote environmental awareness and condone environmental abuses through non-violent and sensible confrontation. One good example is to protect the ocean's endangered species.

"Japan argues that whaling is part of its culture and accuses Western nations of cultural insensitivity."

Let's give Japan time to conform with our advocacy, mainly because of the cultural aspect of it. If there will be a regular summit meeting about this issue I'm sure in time they'll realize the purpose. Japanese are sensible enough to join hand in hand on this advocacy for the future.

Kyodo News: JAL put passenger meals in toilet?

Sa wakas after a long time, ngayon lang ako nakahawak ng English newspaper when I saw one in Osaka prefecture while invading Universal Studios Japan. This item first got me in all aghast and talaga naman nakakagulat.

Let's find out:

The news says, The crew of a Japan Airlines plane stored a snack cart for passengers in a bathroom during takeoff and landing to deal with a space shortage during a recent flight from South Korea to Japan, officialof the airline and the transport ministry said.
Officials from JAL and the Land Infrastructure and Transport Ministry said they did not see any safety problems posed by the incident. However, a JAL official said the crew lacked consideration for the customers when they put the meals in the bathroom, even though the packages were sealed. JAL Flight 958, a Boeing 767, left Busan, SK, at around2:30 pm. Feb.6 and arrived at Narita airport at around 4:25 pm with 280 passengers and crew members on board.
The crew put the meal in the bathroom for safety during takeoff after they found they could not put it in the galley. The galley was fullbecause an extra cart from previous flight was left in the plane they said.
After takeoff, they took the cart out of the bathroom and served the meals to the passengers and put the cart back in the bathroom during landing.

Source: The Japan Times
Feb 17,2008

Well, how would anyone who travels a lot take this issue? For me it's not proper whatever the reason was. (Pero kung for safety reason eh what can I say pa, eh kesa naman di ako makapunta sa pupuntahan ko? Haler ayoko pang maging fertilizer. :D) Seriously now, there's always the right place for everything...specially if sanitation and health is involved to the matter. But anyways am sure the crew involved here has been reprimanded already by the officer of the airlines and hope they'll be more wary and conscious next time. Let's just hope this won't happen again.

Well...let's hope there'll be no more second time...if in case it's true.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Takes or mistakes...

Traveling another country is a treat and at the same time it gives you an edge to study their culture and it's quite enhancing. You will learn a lot not by reading books but the real day to day encounter. Like when we ate Shabu-shabu, I was kinda curious what's that murky (actually it's white) substance that was courteously placed on top of our table bubbling under low fire. Everybody knows that Japanese do want to cook their food personally on their table. It didn't look like a soup for me. I had an inkling that it was somewhat like tofu paste. Looked like milk but I thought of soya instead. Dalawa kasi sila...yung 1 ay clear soup lang. Then from Makki I've learned that it's where you'll swirl those thin slices of beef. Speaking of that beef, I find Japanese beef very delicious and very tender. Going back, after those swirling, Makki told me to try some soup. I saw her. She got it from where we dipped those vegies and meat. Whoops! No, no I said I just couldn't take it. Ayaw ko. She told me, "All the juices of those vegies and beef meat and the nutrients went to that soup so, it'd be so temptingly palatable". Then I curtly replied, Ay ayoko niyan...parang pinaghugasan na! :D Hay naku nagiging soup na pala yon after. But I really liked Shabu-shabu minus the soup.

One time while we idled away time before watching the BJ Concert...we strolled down the nearby mall. Somebody was giving me tissue packs in every blocks we passed. By twos or threes and so my bag was full and bulky after half an hour of windowshopping. I found out that this is common in Japan. Advertising strategy. And am quite happy with all the tissues I got for free.

Kazueh 及び会社に:

別の国移動は御馳走であり、文化を調査するために同時に端を与え、かなり高めている。読本実質の日々の遭遇によってないたくさん学ぶ。のようにこと低い火の下で泡立つ私達のテーブルの上に礼儀正しく置かれた暗い(実際に白い) 物質である何が私達がShabu-shabu を食べたときに、私はちょっと好奇心が強かった。皆は日本語が彼らのテーブルの彼らの食糧を個人的に調理したいと思うことを知っている。それは私をスープのように見えなかった。私はtofu ののりのようそのinkling をそれ幾分だった有した。ミルクのように見えたしかし私は大豆について代りに考えた。Dalawa のkasi のsila の... yung 1 ay 明確なスープlang 。それからMakki から私はそれがそれらの薄い切れのビーフ渦巻くところでであることを学んだ。そのビーフの話すこと、私は日本のビーフを非常においしくおよび非常に柔らかい見つける。スープを試みることを、渦巻くそれらの後で行ってMakki は私に告げた。私は彼女に会った。彼女は私達がそれらのvegies および肉を浸したところでからそれを得た。叫び声! いいえ、I は私がちょうどそれを取ることができなかったことを言わなかった。Ayaw のko 。彼女は"それらのvegies のジュースすべてがおよびビーフ肉および栄養素そのスープに、それそうtemptingly 美味しい" そう行ったことを私に言った。それから私はぞんざいに、Ay のayoko のniyan... parang のpinaghugasan na 答えた! :D の干し草のnaku yon nagiging スープna のpala 後。しかし私は実際にスープ引くShabu-shabu を好んだ。 ... 私達私達がBJ コンサートを見る前に離れた時間を空転させる間、1 回は近くのモールの下で散歩した。誰かは私にあらゆるのティッシュのパックを私達が渡したブロック与えていた。twos またはthrees によって及びそう私の袋はwindowshopping の30 分後に完全、扱いにくかった。私はこれが日本で共通であることが見つけた。作戦の広告。そして私は私が自由のために得たすべてのティッシュとかなり幸せである。

Shabu-shabu delight...

...appetizers and dessert

Shabu-shabu is a traditional Japanese Cuisine. It is beef fondue.
Thinly sliced meat and vegetables boiled quickly in broth and served with various dipping sauces. It is more savory and less sweet than sukiyaki. It is considered a winter dish but is eaten year-round. Each eater picks up meat and vegetables and "swishes" (shabu shabu) back and forth in the pot until cooked to desired doneness. ...What could be better than top quality beef, vegetables quickly swirled through a simmering savory broth?

Drive by weekend getaway...

Every Sunday is a flee-day for me and Aya. We went to see Nano-hana in bloom and I saw how Japanese enjoyed taking pictures of this scenery...they really love to appreciate the beauty of nature. We saw how cormorants swam freely in the nearby ocean, and swam away fast when they heard our footsteps and laughters. I really love those diving birds with webbed feet.

Then after a long strecth of driving I saw a crow's haven, it's really amazing. My first time to see a man-made nesting ground for birds, and it's really an eye-catching sight.

We just enjoyed that terrific day. Great!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I just love to cook empanadas!

Earlier I got alternative medicine via Ramon of, and look what I got favorite empanadas through blogsweluv. Isn't that so great for a food junky like me? I'll try this when I get back home. My children will surely love this. Instead of the usual meat I stuffed inside, this will be a great treat for them.

Here's how Ben shares his Pineapple and Pumpkin Empanadas:


1 28oz can pineapple, crushed or tidbits
½ cup sugar
1 cinnamon stick
1 TBSP cornstarch
3 TBSP water

Drain pineapple and boil with sugar and cinnamon over medium heat for 30-40 minutes in a medium size pot. Stir constantly.
If the pineapple is watery, mix cornstarch and water separately and add to the boiling mixture. Do not add undiluted cornstarch to the mixture since it will form clumps.
Refrigerate before using.
Pumpkin filling


2 cups pumpkin puree
½ can condensed milk
1 can evaporated milk
1 tsp ground cinnamon
½ tsp ground ginger
½ tsp vanilla extract
¼ tsp salt
¼ cup cajeta or brown sugar

Cook all ingredients for about 25 minutes in a medium size pot.
If the mixture is watery add some diluted cornstarch. Refrigerate before using.
Empanada shells

1lb puff pastry
1 egg beaten
½ cup sugar

With a rolling pin extend the puff pastry until you get a thin sheet. It is easier to work with puff pastry when it is cool.
Using a round large cookie cutter or plastic container, cut puff pastry circles.
Preheat oven to 350°F (175°C)
Using a pastry brush apply some egg around the edge of the circle and then put some of the filling in the middle.
Fold the circle and press the edges.
With a fork press the edges to completely seal them.
Apply more egg on top for coloring and sprinkle some sugar on top.
Line empanadas on a greased cookie sheet and bake for 15-20 minutes or until the edges start turning golden brown.
Let them cool on baking racks before eating or storing them and enjoy!


Another wrong click again...

I've accidentally mucked up my blogroll again for reason I always do not know. The last time I did this made me feel so ignoramus. I forgive naman myself 'coz am not geeky as I always say. Am not pretending who I am not. And it feels like starting all over again when I try to rearrange everything and put it in proper order...again...sigh! I just hope to finish it in time 'coz am a real busybody nowadays. Preparing everything. I need to work it out or else.


A nice way to start...

I started browsing and bloghopping very early this day. And it brightens my day when I stumble upon some good alternative medications about something like acne, pimples, chickenpox etc. via Ramon's site. Yup, I know that it's way best to see a trained physician but I do try alternative also and there's nothing wrong with that I guess. I saw my parents also used this. As a mother I know what's best for my child I guess. I splurged so much on skin medication specially for my dau who easily get infected blackheads that turn into pimples. She visited a known doctor for her facial care but she stopped because the high cost of regular treatment plus professional fee was really skyrocketing because every visit you have to buy this and that, so nagsawa na. So I tried something again and it was really very expensive. We got good result from using this Proactiv but it's kinda worth something. Hay naku kung gusto mong gumanda talagang gagastos ka. It's good if we have something like this (informative) alternative medication for simple skin problems at home. Just choose the safe suggestion if you want. Like this one I snagged from Janice Beauty Tips. Here goes:

Teenagers suffering from persistent freckles can try this remedy. Grate half a white radish into a bowl and mix two tea spoons (10 ml) each of fresh lemon and tomato juice into the bowl. Create a paste and apply it on the face. It may sting a bit. Let it remain for fifteen minutes before washing it off with cold water. Try this remedy once a day for at least a week to find substantial relief. Combine this remedy with deep pore cleansing every evening to find long term relief.

Another home lotion that works well to control freckle formation and reduce pimples is easy to prepare at home. Grate a radish and extract two tablespoons ( 20 ml) of juice in a bowl. Mix this juice with equal quantity of buttermilk and apply this mixture over the face. Leave on for an hour or so and then wash off with warm water. This may be done every day and this will help reduce formation of excess skin oil and control bacteria formation. The freckles and pimples should start reducing and disappearing after seven days of application.

Controlling acne which is spreading is not an easy task. One remedy that works well in many cases is as follows. Grind a tea spoon ( 5 grams) of pepper with seven to eight Margosa (Neem) leaves. Keep in a bowl. Prepare sandalwood paste (20 grams) by rubbing sandalwood on stone with little clean water ( or use commercially available paste). Mix this in the same bowl and prepare a mixture. Apply this on the face and let is remain for at least half an hour. Wash off with warm water. Try this every day for at least seven days to find relief from acne.

Acne and pimples can also be controlled with lime juice. However this will sting and hurt so it is better to blend 10 ml ( two tea spoons) of fresh lime juice with 20 grams of sandalwood paste and prepare a mixture. This mixture can be applied on the face and will help control bacteria formation and reduce acne. It is important to do this every day for at least seven days to find relief. Wash off with cold water after fifteen to twenty minutes.

For more just click the link.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Shove it up your @*#*!

I feel so awfully irritated with someone who's so cocky and you know what. For me I go for a natural friendly type of a person and I don't care if you are rich or poor, basta we jibe along well and respect is there too that's it. Any relationship for me should be two-way lane. Besides trusting each other, there should be give and take alongside with respecting each one's priorities and or opinions. As I always say, it should not be a selfish course and should be built on mutual appreciation. Both of them should feel loved and needed. And respected. A reciprocal way of treatment is necessary in order to achieve a good and lasting relationship. I hate selfish kind of a person who is well opinionated and who dabbles so much with self-esteem.

Or sometimes when we want to be with friends and family, often we want it to be on our terms. If anybody approaches relationships this one will be ever happy, to tell you the truth. Instead of thinking only about what you want, think about what the others want too, and consider why it is important to spend time together. Accept that there are always differences between people and that if you are flexible you will enjoy time with them more and feel closer too at the same time.

Be careful and avoid offending others otherwise the backlash can be quite severe...think twice before you open your mouth and kindly spell the word GRATITUDE in caps. Sometimes I put modesty aside and show my whetted tongue when needed. Just be a positive listener sometimes, anyway who needs your rotten two-cents worth...think about that?

It's far better to be flexible enough to sacrifice what's personally ideal to have something acceptable, than to sacrifice the acceptable to have nothing.

Poisonous gyoza (dumplings)...

It didn't bother me watching this news running for about 3-4 weeks na yata. Coz we do not buy this brand of gyouza in the supermarket 'coz Makki made some personally and put it in the fridge. But let's be informed so as not to be a victim.

The composition of the pesticide found in the Chinese dumplings that recently sickened 10 people indicates it was produced outside of Japan. Police in Chiba and Hyogo prefectures, where the food poisonings occured have found considerable impurities in the pesticide called, metamidophos, after analyzing its chemical composition using gas chromatograph mass spectrometry, the sources said. Using it as an agricultural chemical is banned in Japan.

The manufacturers must take responsibility for the quality of their own products. Japanese are meticulously strict on food expirations so as the contents of their products. But they have had overlooked this imports from China's Tianyang Food Factory. A lesson learned not once twice or thrice. Remember the Nice Foods scam also? They unscrupulously changed the expired open dating of the said products. I love pa naman those dried fruits and champoy. My gosh how can they be so careless?!

"They should not resume operations until they find the cause"

Jurassic Park...

Snowy afternoon at Lost World Park, we decided to have snack and so we bought big roasted drumsticks na mega ang laki dahil sa turkey pala siya. Wow ang daming turkey naman yun. Sayang...endangered na kaya yon?! :D Anyway di ko siya naubos after a few bites dahil nalalansahan ako sa amoy. Pero masarap talaga ang meat ng turkey.

Valentine's gift...

A surprise late Valentine's gift...from someone I truly love...

Obrigado muito muito do fundo de meu coração

Just had my new pair of CROCS...

After a long time ayun at may Crocs na rin ako kahit medyo laos na yata...joke! Havaianas addict kasi ako eh. Mas nagiging girly ako. :D

Arigatou Gozaimasu...

At HardRock cafe...

We took a cup of coffee, raspberry juice and mashed potatoes with curry-like taste...sigh, talagang lasang Japan ang lahat ng kainin ko dito. Then at the ground floor where souvenirs are displayed, we bought again something like t-shirts having HR logos and what else again but keychains. Then a cap and a tote bag.