Sunday, May 25, 2008


Argh! My body aches...think I can't go for today's Jazz sked...argh...ang sakit, promise!!! :) One thing I do enjoy dahil kasi we are in group doing a lot of stretches and plie...and tendeu...argh...grabe...mani mani lang sa tingin pero eto got a lot of pull on my hamstrings. But what makes me happy eh yung mga exercises doc has given me ay kasama, and besides dancing is great. So enjoy lang. Kaso parang di ko kaya today. I want to stay in bed.
Having my late coffee that usually begins as early as 6. So it's kinda late already. I am an early bird. I woke up a bit late because of much exhaustion kahapon. From jazz I went straight to a mall with my undergarments soaked wet of perspiration, I just changed my tee and a little powder. Had met with a friend, eat out and went to find #--- M velasquez St. _____. While on the way I requested the driver to please look for a bakeshop. I saw GB and alighted from the taxi a few minutes just to buy some presents for Kat. A few mamon and brownies and popcorn. She likes Lengua de Gato but it's luma from the way it looked so I settled for mamon instead. Shocks ang layo pala ng house ni Katrina, hi to Talitha...hi to Maro na umubos daw ng popcorn with caramel...oks lang yan, Maro... Gusto ko rin sana at paborito ng kids pero di ako nag-uwi. I stay away from much sugar. Then we went straight to her house. The fun thing yung maghanap ka eh di ba? Sarap ng feeling...adventurous...ayun nakarma ako...Kat was in PGH for her with dark clouds and anticipated jam that made me a bit worried so I left my gift to her Tita Mabel or Malou, the very accomodating na neighbor nila. That's what I liked most sa tao...ung accomodating. I saw tarpaulin with many friends of Kat wearing her famous EAR campaign t-shirts. Waaahh...bakit ako wala don...joke lang Kat ha. Ang sayang bata, kaya mahal ko...inspite of her worries na hindi naman siya nagwoworry at all. Ako pa nga ang pinasasaya niya with her messages na uplifting. Got home late and exhausted but with a smile knowing natuwa si Kat sa gift kahit ganun lang yong binigay ko. It proves that it's the thought that counts...
Everything she recieves is a blessing to her and I am glad she surpasses everything. Sometimes when I grow weak, pag naalala ko ang courage makes me stronger. If not, shame on me...dahil compared to some, I can always say na I am blest. So I should always feel blest. Everyone should.
Wow it's past 8 o'clock and earlier I craved for hot coffee that goes well with stripped beef tapa, garlic fried rice with sunny side up on top...and look what I've got...only coffee...oh dear me...but anyway mabuti na lang dahil lumipas na ang cravings ko...di pa lumaki ang tiyan ko.

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  1. eng! wrong! you're in the banner kaya.. click--->

    tsk. sayang we didn't meet that day.. u didn't tell me kasi u're coming kaya i wasn't able tell u that the scheduled gift-giving was last sat.. d bale, magkikita uli tayo.. soon!

    thank u! thank u talaga sa gifts.. dami.. kakatuwa.. aylabit! :) tc and God bless! *mwah*


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