Monday, May 19, 2008

My fave old gumshoe

Last Sunday, the 1st day of my class that needed me to wear something like rubber shoes, I prepared my new pair ahead a day before. But when I had it on and while doing something to and fro, I felt a sudden tightness. I undid the lace and removed it. I saw another new pair, which was the green one again but it all ended up like the other. This new pairs of shoes were bought before I left for Japan. When Mak told me that it's wiser to have an inch larger for a traveler's shoe set. So I did. So I got 3. But the 3rd one which was an inch larger wasn't fit for the activity. And so I ended up to my old favorite gumshoe, my original Sketchers I bought a little less tha 3 years already or it might be 4 years. The best thing in buying the original one is that it will stay for you for so many years. And the best thing also in buying an inch larger from your size is the comfort it would give you. I have kasi a large size so medyo nandadaya ako na size 8...but it was so wrong pala not to have an allowance for the feet to air inside the shoes. So from now on, I'd be looking for 8.5...and it's the right size for me. It is very important na our feet will always be left in the comfortable zone so as not to ruin our day. And I'm always tempted to buy those immitation that costs a cool P350 to P600 a pair. But never did I used it longer than 3mos or more. Original brand may cost a whooping of P3000 and up pero sulit naman ang tibay. Hay naku...kakatipid ko lalo akong nagagastusan. Will save, then I might get a new pair of KSwiss, or another Sketchers...

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