Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Skyrocketing gas prices...

Can't believe it...really XCS, or Super Premium is now P50.56/liter. Whoah...first time I ever had a chance to glance at the prices per liter board. My only concern was to ask for the OR every time we would get a chance at the gas station. And this morning I sat down to arrange and compute every bills I kept...segregated each accordingly...from food and groceries and toiletries, but what had catched my attention was the gas expenses for some months now. Wow...imagine I have spent a little less than P40,000.00 for our gas consumption (van) alone? Gosh...di ko costs a fortune talaga maintaining a car. Better talaga to go ride a bus or even a jeep or an FX. But my only consolation is ...iba pag may sasakyan ka...the convenience is there. You can bring everything you need. If I remember right, 3x pa lang yata ako sobrang mahal ng gasoline. I started driving when diesel was less than P9.00/liter pa. Hahaha! If only we could turn the hands of time...sarap magpa-full tank sana. :)

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