Saturday, May 17, 2008

Late time blogging...with Mishah

It's a little way before midnight yet I'm still alive...and couldn't sleep. I just want to blog more. If there's good thing about blogging, one fosters camaraderie among bloggers around the world. We're able to meet and find new friends from blogosphere itself. Even though we're far apart we have this unbelievable link and bond with each other. And that what makes us special. More so, our gray part seems to be honed, and stimulate...and whetted like knives. It sharpens our mind. And really blogging is taking quite some part of my daily life routine. I can't do a single day without sitting here in front of my computer, one of my favorite nook all the time. And would you believe who follows me here everytime? It's Mishah. She never gives up on me. Sometimes I feel so guilty whenever I see her sluggishly following me everywhere I go in every corner of the house even in the comfort room she'd follow too. Thought she was sleeping under my chair, but when I got up to pee...she'd be awaken and half-awake she'd follow my trail. Whoah...she's like a shadow that's keeping up on me everytime I move. And so with Enzo. They are my great true friends. So loyal and so sweet.

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