Friday, May 30, 2008

A bit under the weather...

I am feeling half-sick since yesterday, with on and off headache and toothache...and so is Mishah too for 3 days already that sent me to worry. So, I decided to send Mishah to her vet, Doc Gabieta. That costs me P1,580.00 for her medicines and grooming as well (clipping the nails, shaving fur under paws, and giving a bath). She's given Carbocisteine suspension, LC-VIT, Cefalaxin for her antibiotic. She has cough (I never imagine a dog having phlegm) and UTI...I guessed she got it from 2 week-long of wearing diaper because I guessed she needed it for her quarterly period. And to top it all she and Enzo was in heat (estrous cycle). To be sure of not having her pregnant by Enzo, I put her diapers. Lalo pa palang nakasama. She also has D-Glucose Monohydrate to be mix with her water to regain lost energy. And some shavings only her doctor can do every other month. She's a little bit irritated nowadays. She has lost some weight too. The vet reassures me that in 3 days she'll be fine and nothing to be worried about, hence medication has started already.

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