Sunday, May 18, 2008

Still a Dean Koontz' fanatic...

Done reading Four Blind Mice by James Patterson. It's a good read but I still will be a DK fanatic. I have quite a lot of his books...almost all. And enjoyed each one. They are both good or rather superb in creating an action packed-thriller fiction, with harrowing plots that can turn a screw so to say. But I am still a Dean Koontz follower.
I will have yet to see how beautiful the book...Memoirs of a Geisha, given by Makoy as a birthday gift to me a year ago. It was written by Arthur Golden and was made into movie,under the helm of Rob Marshall. I am curious why it is said to be a treasure of a book. And that's for me to find out. Will start reading after this post. I read in bed so to help me fall asleep.

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