Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A better place...

When we were in the resort last Monday, I was amused while mincing the lyrics of the song that goes..."heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race..." The lyrics is so simple yet it does carry a compassionate feelings toward hardships in life, like creeping socialism...creeping justice system...creeping aggression...and the imperceptible rising from poverty and ill-being. I have yet to see a good government officials that is honest and have good deeds and not corrupting the system. For me and I do believe that someday good deeds will dominate our system of governance to protect the welfare of the citizen.
Also, the environment should be taken cared of...planting enough trees to protect the soil, and the habitat as well...imperatively I may say so. Air should not be polluted if we only follow some good techniques on how to protect it. But what is important, is to implement law strictly and punish law-offenders to make a good governance setting a good example on how to become a better person or a good law-abiding citizen of the world.
There is still a lot of chance to make heal the the song relays. One good example is the country of Japan. I love and greatly admire their methods...their laws and how they run the they treat and protect their nature...everyone has his nationalistic command and effort to heal the world, perse. And I call it empowerment!!!