Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lesson # 13

1. Never mind - Shinpai shinaide

2. Please - Onegaishimasu

3. Come here - Koko ni kite

4. See you again tomorrow - Mata ashita

5. Please repeat - Mo ichido itte kudasai

Table etiquette # 7, 8 & 9

7-Your water glass or goblet should rest at the tip of your knife.

8-And never flap the napkin to unfold it, but gently open it on your lap.

8-If you have dropped a piece of cutlery, discreetly get the waiter attention to fetch you another piece and let the dropped item lie wherever it is until the meal is over.

Source: Vijaya Kumar

Learn to use your ear!

It's because...the first duty of love is to listen....
by: Paul Tillich

Out of the woods...

Mishah, is fine now...though she's still sluggish. But she eats now and licking water in good amount unlike before. Though she doesn't want to play and leave our room, I think she's slowly getting better. Had prepared her breakfast and she took everything in her dish, bumabawi talaga. Gave her morning meds. She's now dozing off again hopefully to regain enough strength.

Friday, May 30, 2008

A bit under the weather...

I am feeling half-sick since yesterday, with on and off headache and toothache...and so is Mishah too for 3 days already that sent me to worry. So, I decided to send Mishah to her vet, Doc Gabieta. That costs me P1,580.00 for her medicines and grooming as well (clipping the nails, shaving fur under paws, and giving a bath). She's given Carbocisteine suspension, LC-VIT, Cefalaxin for her antibiotic. She has cough (I never imagine a dog having phlegm) and UTI...I guessed she got it from 2 week-long of wearing diaper because I guessed she needed it for her quarterly period. And to top it all she and Enzo was in heat (estrous cycle). To be sure of not having her pregnant by Enzo, I put her diapers. Lalo pa palang nakasama. She also has D-Glucose Monohydrate to be mix with her water to regain lost energy. And some shavings only her doctor can do every other month. She's a little bit irritated nowadays. She has lost some weight too. The vet reassures me that in 3 days she'll be fine and nothing to be worried about, hence medication has started already.

Let anger deepen the relationship...

Would you believe that you can love and be angry all at the same time? Friendship can be much better after some catharsis of verbal exchange when something has to be straighten up. But after the problem was resolved the possibility to become closer is very possible. Though quite draining, it won't be too bad to engage a little of verbal volleys if it can salvage a faltering friendship in the end.

Lifelong friendship is quite rare, but they do exists...and it is wonderful!

But beware, friendship like plants can die naturally without you knowing it.

Like iron shavings...

It sticks to magnet without falling off...just like in friendship who draw others and gain admiration and respect. But if we analize it further, in magnet two opposite pole will attract and pull each other together...while two the same poles repel. What friendship should be love, respect, affection, and care. Friendship for me is, when she/he is always around when my world is not only rosy but also during the black-dark hours of my life...and vice versa. Nice to hear or say..."I would never have made it through without her." or "What could it be without my friend?!" Then the bond will become nourished and tight because they both care, help and treasure each one. And with that I mean to have a responsive-friend type...who would always be there for me and I also, vice versa.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I want to blog...but my toothache (molar) prevents me from doing so...sigh!'s now goodnight...


I know I'm sometimes eccentric. I don't know why, or rather I don't know if it's unhealthy or bad. One example is, I have this unusual flair for beautiful mugs. Once I like it ayokong may gagamit na iba sa house kahit sino will only be mine exclusively...I never make it a habit to share my slippers, flip-flops, shoes, tee's and others. I hate it to share with others. Ooops don't get me wrong. I am not that bad...kesa ishare ko sa kids ko...ibinibili ko sila ng kanila kaya I can't be misjudged as maramot. In fact I know I am generous. I have a very dear friend who after my arrival from Japan...2 months later she was able to cadged me of some late pasalubongs...imagine may chocolates pa ako 'til now? her some and few stuff...and yung gustong gusto niyang watch...lucky...'coz I have a new one still unused, but old dahil a year ago pa yun. Sadly after we exchanged some SMS, she went unavailable. Well...maybe she's busy...maybe she has no load...maybe...maybe... :)
I always snapped at C's drama...always using my Havaianas, I told her to use her's...which remains in the box, left to catch some dust in the rack. Sa dami ng inuwi kong make up, whenever we're going out...yung vanity bag ko ang powder, my eye shadows...hay naku...tension na ako niyan dahil lang don. I'll go like, where's my mascara here? She'll go like..."wait, sandali using it for a while lang..!" Dear me, eh meron naman siyang kanya...sigh...makapang inis lang. But I adore her, lagi lang nangiinis...always asking questions lalo na pag sleeping time na. Like kagabe, and gabi gabe...may Q&A kami na parang slum book. Who was your first crush? Grabeng level ang bonding namin ngayon. A lot of girls-talk...anything under the sun. Who...where...when...hay inevitable querying! Stop it! Sleeeep na!!! Hehehe...daanin ba sa natatakot naman. :)

Eccentric - a person who has an unusual, peculiar, or odd personality, set of beliefs, or behavior pattern.

My fave breakfast...

Morning hot pandesal goes well with chili sardines...hmmm...yummy. With a steaming cup of creamed coffee...what else will I be asking for to shake off my sleepyhead in the morning?! :)

Ang sarap!!!


Wow, I changed my blogskin because it smarts the eyes of my viewers...but C again doesn't find it nice...she wanted white for my background pala. Well...I love white tee, white tops but I don't find it nice for my blogskin. But I will make it sure that I'll have a new template with new background color maybe in the next month pa. Been up to my neck and it is much too difficult for me to go to Jen's shop for help. Give me time.

No burden is heavy when it is carried with love....

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oh dear me...

Kailangan ko ng mag SO dahil painful na ang aking spine for blogging early at 4am til ilang oras na ako dito. Six hours na pala akong nakaupo...grabe. Nagpaparamdam na ang aking scoliosis. digits still want to type...said my brain but my spine said stop! Okey...time to sign out...and go back to sleep muna. A few hours will be great.

A thin line after forgiveness...

Forgiveness is one of the truest values of faith. But God's forgiveness is greater than ours. My heart is big but very little compared to God's blessings I do receive and will be receiving. I have learned to share it with others that's why generosity fits in. I love to give whatever my hand can hold. I can see myself with all those people who suffer because I myself suffered (and still is)...along the much tears welled during those days na I needed someone to bail me out financially...from scrapes. And I've had a quite sad childhood but I can truly say that I love and treasure those days collectively. Can't trade it with anyone's. With that big heart, there's a thin wall after that virtue...and I hate it though. A line that prevent me from relighting a fire. A fire of friendship that's been extinguished. Why? Maybe because of lack of communication, trust, lessened affection or whats-not. I have high expectations about friendship. My bad. When I care, I mean I truly care...when I love, I truly a fault. Until suffocation ends the bond. I feel sad. Sad that I always shut the door of rekindling hope that one day, fire will burn again. No fire 'coz I don't want to relight it again. For me when you love a person, you won't be an instrument to hurt him/her. When you love you ought to show it, let him/her feels it. When am hurt, it leaves a scar. A scar that always reminds me that someone have had hurt me. And that is where that thin line dwell. It's preventing me from rekindling hope. Forgiveness is quite hard lalo't harm done went to a distinctively hard blow level. That I find the hardest thing to do. And forgiveness is something given only when one pleads and begs for it, earnestly. But this I pray...that God somehow will heal me from this.

Hello young lady!

I recieved an offline YM messages telling me to see Keyanna's new pix. Supposedly, I was signing out na nga already when I remember this. I clicked maro's site and...Shucks...mahuhulog ako sa upuan ko. Kawawa naman si Mishah kung ganun dahil lagi siya sa ilalim ng chair ko nag-aantay sa, buti pa ang doggi mahal ako. Anyway, I looked like a crazy one laughing out in short...hehehe...grabe si pinatatanda mo si Tita K mo ah. Shucks talaga 'tong batang ito in nakakatuwa.

Isa lang masasabi ko jan...Aya you may take your sit now! And eat your heart out!

Heart-melting song...aylabit!

Super nakaka-in love pag naririnig ko itong song na ito, shucks...but how? Love still nil... This song is mushy...a make --- song for lovers in love.

Craving for coffee...

Had just woke up, this early and wanting to have a cup of coffee...I craved. Speaking of coffee...I wish to have a coffee shop one day...I don't know if this is next to impossible, but I just had wish for it when I was still in Japan. We used to have breakfast outside...quick and few table talk and it somehow strengthen our friendship. It gave me an idea to wish getting a business like coffee shop someday. But not sure how. Quite a big capital to start it jumping and rolling. I quite liked the place where we usually hang out, the Casa Blanca and The Holland. Ang ganda ng place. And that what gave me an idea of dreaming to have one...ikaga desuka :-)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Mishah nuzzled up to her toy friend while sleeping. :)

PS/ We're preparing to go to C's school this early when we noticed Mishah looking so sad and the kitchen...lying on top of the plastic stool. She's reacting this way whenever she sees me dressing up to go. He would grab-bite my undergarments, tee, pants...whatever to convey that she doesn't want me to leave her. Oh dear me, nakaka-touch na dogs really are loving, sweet and loyal. They'll make you feel their emotions. I know you'll laugh at me, but pet-lovers I think know this certain bond with their pets. Grabe...I really really love Mishah for loving me this way. She really can communicate better and she can send messages too, quite clear enough for us to understand how she feels...especially in the morning...she is our live alarm clock...scratching and sniffing at the door to wake us up. Hard to go out on long hours leaving her in sullen mood.


One more cup to go...and up to now I still do wonder, bakit lahat ng alukin ko sa hauz ay ayaw...tila ba walang ka-apeal appeal sa kanila ang ganitong klaseng healthy food. Pero bakit...aylabit???

Monday, May 26, 2008

They are fast and easy as pie!

Look! My friends are using English...yey! Woohoo!
Isn't it nice and good to hear English-speaking Japanese?! That's great!!! Kung alam n'yo lang na hirap na hirap sila sa letter L.

Kampai!!! Kampai!!!

Ohayou Gozaimasu, Nor-san.

It's very fine,today. We say it "satukibare" in Japanese.
Satuki means May, hare(bare) means clear-up.
So, it means a fine day during rainy days in May and June.

We'll study your new lessons, and chat tonight.

Have a nice day. Kazue

New blogskin again...

Some of my friends has been complaining me of my black background. It smarts their eyes. Oh I love black skin but I have to agree with them dahil sila ang nagbabasa or else they won't visit my site anymore, and I don't like that to happen. Sometimes we have to give in and we have to be open to some healthy critisism. I envy Jen for being a good digi-scrapper and designer at a young age, and I am making lambing to her na igawa niya ako ng new template na designed para sa akin. Ay ayaw niyang grab that chance! Aylabit sabi nga ni Kat ! But time and schedule prevent me from visiting her in her shop. But I'll find time and I'll make it possible one day. I want a new one.

Domino reaction on friendship

Is it possible for a good friendship to become suffocating and listless? Yup, sure it will if one is dwelling on negativity, selfishness and if it's on a one-way lane course. Friendship should be nurtured, like a needs to be watered everyday, needs to cultivate soil so to air the roots. The foundation should be on solidarity where sharing and caring has to blend in with continuous communication, respect and understanding if one has some misgivings and shortcomings along the course of that friendship lane. Flaws is just next to impossible. But then, somehow if one has become centered in himself alone everything will fall down like dominoes.

Extracted from Wikipedia:
Friendship is a term used to denote co-operative and supportive behavior between two or more humans. This article focuses on the notion specific to interpersonal relationships. In this sense, the term connotes a relationship which involves mutual knowledge, esteem, and affection along with a degree of rendering service to friends in times of need or crisis. Friends will welcome each other's company and exhibit loyalty towards each other, often to the point of altruism. Their tastes will usually be similar and may converge, and they will share enjoyable activities. They will also engage in mutually helping behavior, such as exchange of advice and the sharing of hardship. A friend is someone who may often demonstrate reciprocating and reflective behaviors. Yet for many, friendship is nothing more than the trust that someone or something will not harm them. Value that is found in friendships is often the result of a friend demonstrating on a consistent basis:

* the tendency to desire what is best for the other *

PS / As I always say in my earlier posts...I believe in this adage, a bird in the hand is better than birds in the bush...and If you have found true friendship, hold it with both hands...never let it go because true friendship is good as gold. When I found one I make sure to let her feel that I do if it 'll go sour, I make sure the pointing finger's not on my face. Never! I love to love and be loved... :)


Woke up early and haven't got any in my stomach...when I saw a message...that has got my first smile in the morning. God sends someone to be an angel to someone like me...and dami kong angels, my groovy like Makki and Irrach and my berks...Acey, Julie, and my bunso...Arvin...they make me laugh, they make me happier...but sometimes people like Kat is an additional to the bunch. Natawa ako sa aylabit word niya. Ang cute. Parang nawala yung pagod ko kakahanap ng house I want to meet Ida too. Ang sarap ng feeling...pag dumarami ang friends mo na hindi mo inaasahan. Masarap ang pakiramdam. :)

Time out! Will go buy my favorite pandesal sa umaga to a nearby suki store 'coz angels are still snoring and the house is still quiet and nobody except me is awake at this hour. I crave for my coffee and I crave for pandesal with chilli hot sardines, butter, jam and liver spread. I'll have chilli sardines now. Wow I can't wait...will go now after toothbrushing first. :)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

On plagiarism...

Someone has plagiarized my original poem...sad to say. Shucks...word for word. Really this is an offensive act against me or any writer per se. If you create something out from your mind...extracting every emotions and ideas therein to be able to present something for a special one, then somebody will just copy it and present it to be hers, duh! Will it always be blamed on the ignorance of certain ethics...or the never ending who cares or the shrugging off the shoulders or a mere smirks we'll get? Or shall we say that...have the decency naman to acknowledge whose work it is.

Plagiarism - the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work.

Facing insurmountable difficulties...

There's a lot of bamboo stories and parable but I like this one that teaches on solidarity, for the sharing of gifts and resources for life. The ability to spend and to be spent is essential for solidarity. Life does not flourish without sacrificial love. At a jubilee this lesson needs to be inculcated again. At a jubilee of the ecumenical movement, the lesson of life in abundance through sharing and solidarity is a worthy theme for reflection. Without this we shall not see the face of God.

Here's my take;
But somehow minsan nakakapagod din...draining...we all have our own concerns and sometimes or most of the time we all wanted to squeeze that monkey off our back...we all have our own misfortunes and trials in our lives, so an additional burden can press us flat faced until our strength'd finally settle to give up. So if for once we may receive a shrug instead of an open arms, think...that this person might just need an arms be used as springboard of hope and a bit needed comfort. Can you offer yours too?! 'Coz a friend will(can) show his or her true colors in times of adversity.


Eeny meeny miny moe...catch a tiger by the toe...if he hollers let him go...out goes one and that the ipodtouch goes to Irrach. Ang sarap ng samahan namin ng mga kapatid si Irrach...I love them so so much!


Argh! My body aches...think I can't go for today's Jazz sked...argh...ang sakit, promise!!! :) One thing I do enjoy dahil kasi we are in group doing a lot of stretches and plie...and tendeu...argh...grabe...mani mani lang sa tingin pero eto got a lot of pull on my hamstrings. But what makes me happy eh yung mga exercises doc has given me ay kasama, and besides dancing is great. So enjoy lang. Kaso parang di ko kaya today. I want to stay in bed.
Having my late coffee that usually begins as early as 6. So it's kinda late already. I am an early bird. I woke up a bit late because of much exhaustion kahapon. From jazz I went straight to a mall with my undergarments soaked wet of perspiration, I just changed my tee and a little powder. Had met with a friend, eat out and went to find #--- M velasquez St. _____. While on the way I requested the driver to please look for a bakeshop. I saw GB and alighted from the taxi a few minutes just to buy some presents for Kat. A few mamon and brownies and popcorn. She likes Lengua de Gato but it's luma from the way it looked so I settled for mamon instead. Shocks ang layo pala ng house ni Katrina, hi to Talitha...hi to Maro na umubos daw ng popcorn with caramel...oks lang yan, Maro... Gusto ko rin sana at paborito ng kids pero di ako nag-uwi. I stay away from much sugar. Then we went straight to her house. The fun thing yung maghanap ka eh di ba? Sarap ng feeling...adventurous...ayun nakarma ako...Kat was in PGH for her with dark clouds and anticipated jam that made me a bit worried so I left my gift to her Tita Mabel or Malou, the very accomodating na neighbor nila. That's what I liked most sa tao...ung accomodating. I saw tarpaulin with many friends of Kat wearing her famous EAR campaign t-shirts. Waaahh...bakit ako wala don...joke lang Kat ha. Ang sayang bata, kaya mahal ko...inspite of her worries na hindi naman siya nagwoworry at all. Ako pa nga ang pinasasaya niya with her messages na uplifting. Got home late and exhausted but with a smile knowing natuwa si Kat sa gift kahit ganun lang yong binigay ko. It proves that it's the thought that counts...
Everything she recieves is a blessing to her and I am glad she surpasses everything. Sometimes when I grow weak, pag naalala ko ang courage makes me stronger. If not, shame on me...dahil compared to some, I can always say na I am blest. So I should always feel blest. Everyone should.
Wow it's past 8 o'clock and earlier I craved for hot coffee that goes well with stripped beef tapa, garlic fried rice with sunny side up on top...and look what I've got...only coffee...oh dear me...but anyway mabuti na lang dahil lumipas na ang cravings ko...di pa lumaki ang tiyan ko.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Way back into love...

I've been living with a shadow overhead
I've been sleeping with a cloud above my bed
I've been lonely for so long
Trapped in the past, I just can't seem to move on

I've been hiding all my hopes and dreams away
Just in case I ever need em again someday
I've been setting aside time
To clear a little space in the corners of my mind

All I want to do is find a way back into love
I can't make it through without a way back into love
Oh oh oh

I've been watching but the stars refuse to shine
I've been searching but I just don't see the signs
I know that it's out there
There's got to be something for my soul somewhere

I've been looking from someone to shed some light
Not just somebody just to get me through the night
I could use some direction
And I'm open to your suggestions

All I want to do is find a way back into love
I can't make it through without a way back into love
And if I open my heart again
I guess I'm hoping you'll be there for me in the end

There are moments when I don't know if it's real
Or if anybody feels the way I feel
I need inspiration
Not just another negotiation

All I want to do is find a way back into love
I can't make it through without a way back into love
And if I open my heart to you
I'm hoping you'll show me what to do
And I you help me to start again
You know that I'll be there for you in the end


She's quite a bashful young lady, shy and timid sometimes but definitely not a push-over much so a nerd. Tears welled on her cheeks upon learning that she's now one of the certified Dean's Lister on HRM Dept (SSC)....landing at # 7. Gave her some morale boosts and reminders of being one now, the next thing to do is how to maintain it to the top. Well, knowing her, she's really making efforts but she didn't expect nor hoped to be one. Attah simple, yet so sweet and loving. Congrats sweetie.


Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm bummed, and so is Mishah too!

I feel half-sick and lazy. I don't even want to move. I want to blog and that's all. So I decided to call it a day and just stay at home least just for now. I want to rest my from all concerns. It is a normal thing when times like this that parang nakakapagod ang mag-isip ng mag-isip. Our mind works just until we fell asleep then that's the time for our brain cells to also rest for a moment. But somehow pagnanaginip naman tayo, trabaho pa rin ang utak natin. So, it's nice naman na minsan eh medyo masarap ang a word...gave me a sudden smile...oo masarap ang tumunganga and let our mind naman be on the pause mode minsan. After blogging will just stay in bed and look at the ceiling blankly. :)

Skin care...

I have been using this Perfect One (Raffine) ever since my Japan brief sojourn until now 'coz am lucky to bring home some. It rejuvinates and mosturizes facial skin, tightens and removes fine line. Goes well with Derma wand I am using. It is very essential for all women at my age to look better and feel better.

Good and healthy snack...

Had brought this from Japan, real fruity preserves...not so sweet but real healthy one. Everybody in the house doesn't want to even grab a taste of it...caramba! I ended up eating my own pasalubong...4 more to go. It comes in variety of real fruits like oranges, peaches, mangoes, and more. Yummy!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Source of joy...

Lesson # 12

1. Which one? - Dochira desuka

2. Hold this - Motsute kudasai

3. I like this - Korewa suki desu

4. Too bad! - Zannen desu

5. I am sick - Byoki desu

Table etiquette # 6

Young children should preferably be seated next to their mothers. It becomes easier for them to keep a check on their activities.

On Quantum mechanics...

Life is complex and mysterious. Cause and effect are not always clear. Quantum physicists say that sometimes effect comes before cause, and the scientists describing the various phenomena admitted they could not explain them, only observed them.


Sometimes my instincts shoved aside my common sense.

Too trusting to a fault...

"There's a very thin line between sensible caution and paranoia."

Things happen...they just happen...

Sometimes we all feel something is missing...but that's everyone...that's human nature. But what is important is not to dwell on what is missing but instead look what is in front of you, what life is offering you...and think of what you can do most out of it, positively. Life is a little bit of honing, molding and a lot of efforts and perseverance.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pruned and panned...

My faith is always put to test...but somehow I still carry my principle in life. And they always ask where I draw strength, I say where else but from my faith. I believe that God never give us a heavy burden without offering His mighty hands to lift us up!!!

Zilch, zipped and zapped...

Got pissed off with someone who I think had flushed her breeding inside the john. She needs to suck it out or go back to her GMRC class. Sent someone to get the cash equivalent of my cheque yesterday 'coz I don't feel fine getting near her. We were advised to go back on that day only to find out that the cash wasn't ready, and to my amazement the collector I sent was just humiliated and shooed away...was that a fine conduct?! I went out in a hurry to file a case against her. The unreachable is now trying to reach me out. She sent an sms, about that matter. I didn't give her the benefit to explain her side through texts. I brought the matter to court to powwow the better way, I mean the sensible way that is. And that would be the easier course than go into some verbal vollies. I just kept mum and cool...the best way.

Zonked out yesterday...quite a long day indeed.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No language barrier...

Got this early email from Japan and it really brightens my day...

I'm very glad that I see your page about me and us.

The son's name is Hayato, he always welcomes us with smile.
His grandpa and Masanori got many clams, yesterday.
We can get many foods from nature in Toyohashi.

Mata asobini kite kudasai. Matte imasu. Kazue

PS/ Learning other language is important but for me it is not a hindrance nor an obstacle if you are nurturing friendship from different country specially like of Japan . Learning English is not one of their priorities. But with Kazue and company, who really try putting their best foot forward...that's great, isn't it? They make it a point that our link is continuously in progress. And I am happy and proud to have them as friends. They are great people, sincere, and very accomodating.

To you guys out there...KAMPAI! Hope to have morning coffee with you again at Casa Blanca, our favorite hang out for morning table talk...while sipping freshly brewed coffee, with fresh cut banana and buttered toast and my favorite boiled egg.

**Hugs and Kisses to Hayato**
**Say my I Love you to Makki**

From your friend, Norie-san

Jazz try it, harder!

The reason of my great exhaustion...

My younger sibling...

She's always complaining...but what can I do?! In the family there ought to be a sibling rivalry talaga. But anyway, she's so sweet and loving...and very masunurin....kahit she always snap complaints...sumusunod pa rin. Love you girl...

Monday, May 19, 2008

My fave old gumshoe

Last Sunday, the 1st day of my class that needed me to wear something like rubber shoes, I prepared my new pair ahead a day before. But when I had it on and while doing something to and fro, I felt a sudden tightness. I undid the lace and removed it. I saw another new pair, which was the green one again but it all ended up like the other. This new pairs of shoes were bought before I left for Japan. When Mak told me that it's wiser to have an inch larger for a traveler's shoe set. So I did. So I got 3. But the 3rd one which was an inch larger wasn't fit for the activity. And so I ended up to my old favorite gumshoe, my original Sketchers I bought a little less tha 3 years already or it might be 4 years. The best thing in buying the original one is that it will stay for you for so many years. And the best thing also in buying an inch larger from your size is the comfort it would give you. I have kasi a large size so medyo nandadaya ako na size 8...but it was so wrong pala not to have an allowance for the feet to air inside the shoes. So from now on, I'd be looking for 8.5...and it's the right size for me. It is very important na our feet will always be left in the comfortable zone so as not to ruin our day. And I'm always tempted to buy those immitation that costs a cool P350 to P600 a pair. But never did I used it longer than 3mos or more. Original brand may cost a whooping of P3000 and up pero sulit naman ang tibay. Hay naku...kakatipid ko lalo akong nagagastusan. Will save, then I might get a new pair of KSwiss, or another Sketchers...

Words to ponder...

I is a cold word; we have a warmer sound. Us ring sweeter on the ear than me.

It's a manic Monday!

This is going to be a fast one...before leaving for so many appointments today. Really it's a monday Monday! Gone half fast reading the book, The Husband by DK and it's quite hair-raising now and I really can't take reading off.
Will be a busy day today outside. Need to do it fast and it's quite taxing also. My body aches due to some taxing exercises but it's really my doctors advice. Been a few weeks now of trying to get rid of my back-brace since Dr. Cabarza is not quite happy to my habitual wearing of that stuff. ..habit forming and it's not working to my advantage more so, it makes me more weak. So, I have to follow their instructions or else...

Ok...need to go now...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I need a power nap...!

Gonna take a nap first and will be ready afterward to my sked, with Lizel...secret...I am so sleepy and need a quick snooze. The person to bring the money hasn't come up still. I had just a 3 hour sleep and that's torturing me now. Got my eyes smarting already. I need a power nap now...and I mean now...

The Husband, another DK's hit.

Told that I would be starting another book which was Memoirs of a Geisha, but I ended up to another Dean Koontz...which is The Husband. I really am accustomed to his plot na and memorized ko na ang style niya for reading more than about 50 of his novels, using different pen names other than Koontz (aka W H Allan, David Axton, Brian Coffey, Deanna Dwyer, K R Dwyer, John Hill, Leigh Nichols, Anthony North, Richard Paige, Owen West, Aaron Wolfe). All books belong to me and I am keeping it talaga as a treasure. Nobody can make hiram dahil I tried not once, not twice, not thrice and what can you expect, walang bumalik ni isa man lang. Know what I did...I searched for the same books I've lost and bought again to complete my lists. I wonder why. And so, alam ng lahat sa house na hiramin na ang lahat 'wag lang ang mga books ko. Kungdi malalagot sila sa aking verbal vollies. Joke ;/... but it's true. Talagang masasabon ko sila. And it's meant that way. My house rule # 1. It was all well kept in a box. I have still yet a dozen of new books and some hands-me-down waiting to be read. Hehehe...eccentric...why not?! And one thing more...can't read a book without covering it first..kahit di sa akin I make it a point to have it neatly covered. And no one naman seems to take it against me instead natutuwa pa sila. And never naman akong manghiram palagi. Very seldom. And if I do, I make it a point to return it in time.

Sana bigyan ako ng free books for this favorable mention. It would be just great!

Lack of decent sleep...

Well...well...everyone is asleep and the house is so qiet. Slept around 3 in the morning doing what-nots and pillow fighting and a lot of teasing with C. Had tried fitting C's pants and voila...I got 2 hands-me-down. Yey! One is a stretch crampled "baston" which she doesn't believe na uso nung days namin, calling it now skinny jeans...and 1 is a Chili Pep which I bought at Greenhills...woohoo may additional na naman akong panglakad. I'm nagkukuripot pagdating sa akin dahil sayang ang pera. Wow exciting...libre pa. Then would you believe that I was up so early...before 6am? Yup, I recieved a text message with money I'm waiting for the arrival of the person involved. No signal inside the room so I am forced to stay awake in the terrace. Done with a cup of coffee and no intention of having another cup since I noticed that I am gaining na naman another unwanted poundage. And I hate it. I want to get fit! You know, sometimes when we feel stressed we tend to find a way, we have to be very extra careful. Lalo na sa gaya kong getting over the hills na and scoliotic pa. I need to lose some more...and I mean more. Health is very important to us. Good thing I am not having the usual episodes of hypertension...lucky me. I won't to be around forever, much as I want to be. But I am taking care of myself so far and I plan to keep doing it...for my kids. I want to stay healthy. I remember going to the resort with my kids to unwind a little and a treat too, kind of weekends together. With a lot of stressing problems in my head, I bought a pack of mentholated cigarettes. For the nth time I went back into smoking that night. It felt good. I couldn't exactly tell why, but it gave me a good feeling. Puffing and blowing concentrated rings of dau furrowed her brows and felt aghast when she saw me, knowing that I am not a smoker. I don't do things like this anymore. What's happening to me? What has come over me? I asked myself. I quit smoking right after my youngest tried puffing my lighted cigar when he was still 6 and accidentally he got a deep burn scar left on his arm. Still exists and very noticeable up to now. Always like, "I got this from my mom's cigarette when I was a small kid." Argh! I wonder what to tell that time. Don't ever ever try this 'coz this is bad for anyone's health... and he went like..."eh why are you puffing?!", and so I quit right away. Then out of the blue I wanted to go back smoking na naman. But then I imagine how I would try killing myself from smoking na naman so I warned myself not to...for the nth time again. Not so good a try...specially when I am having pains in my chest. I don't want to ruin myself anymore health-wise. Remember the famous Latin phrase, Memento Mori...

Still a Dean Koontz' fanatic...

Done reading Four Blind Mice by James Patterson. It's a good read but I still will be a DK fanatic. I have quite a lot of his books...almost all. And enjoyed each one. They are both good or rather superb in creating an action packed-thriller fiction, with harrowing plots that can turn a screw so to say. But I am still a Dean Koontz follower.
I will have yet to see how beautiful the book...Memoirs of a Geisha, given by Makoy as a birthday gift to me a year ago. It was written by Arthur Golden and was made into movie,under the helm of Rob Marshall. I am curious why it is said to be a treasure of a book. And that's for me to find out. Will start reading after this post. I read in bed so to help me fall asleep.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Late time blogging...with Mishah

It's a little way before midnight yet I'm still alive...and couldn't sleep. I just want to blog more. If there's good thing about blogging, one fosters camaraderie among bloggers around the world. We're able to meet and find new friends from blogosphere itself. Even though we're far apart we have this unbelievable link and bond with each other. And that what makes us special. More so, our gray part seems to be honed, and stimulate...and whetted like knives. It sharpens our mind. And really blogging is taking quite some part of my daily life routine. I can't do a single day without sitting here in front of my computer, one of my favorite nook all the time. And would you believe who follows me here everytime? It's Mishah. She never gives up on me. Sometimes I feel so guilty whenever I see her sluggishly following me everywhere I go in every corner of the house even in the comfort room she'd follow too. Thought she was sleeping under my chair, but when I got up to pee...she'd be awaken and half-awake she'd follow my trail. Whoah...she's like a shadow that's keeping up on me everytime I move. And so with Enzo. They are my great true friends. So loyal and so sweet.

Here's to you!

Sigh...I feel sad that we're not able to make it to Kat's birthday bash as I promised. Whoah...wish we were there also. Sarap pa naman ng foods pihado. But Charri is a bit under the weather, since yesterday pa. All along I hope until kanina that she'll bounce back to her usual old self. But her dysmenorrhea is still bogging her. She wanted pa naman sana to meet Kat in person. Everyone here in the house knew Tack because of the shirts I bought from her mom. They kinda liked the design and when I told them Kat's story, they became a frequent visitor to Tack's site. She's really giving inspiration to some others...and her present condition didn't curtail her bubbly spirits, instead she became a model to some weakened heart like spring back again and be alive. For one, whenever I get uplifting texts from her, I feel so sorry for myself that in my situation I should always be brave enough for all those trials I've been getting instead of having a dampened spirit, just how Tack faces hers courageously. She's really a toughy, yet so sweet and unbelievably she's so candid, and her unfazed faith is superb. I like it when she said..."ang sarap kayang mabuhay, tikman mo!"

To you my dear friend, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And I think I will have to meet Talitha again, to send my small gifts wrapped for you. Hope to hear from you soon and may the Lord continuously bless and guide you. Always stay as sweet as you are...

Friday, May 16, 2008

To you, bubbly Kat Yarza... myspace graphic comments
Happy Birthday Graphic Comments

I received a text message from Kat that her CI is now working and I just hope she'll have a wonderful day ahead with it. Uy... maririnig na niya ang sweet voice ni Madge...ang kanyang dakilang ina. And hopefully lahat ng nagmamahal sa kanya including my family who become aware na may isang Kat na super galing ang wisdom at grabe ang spirit and her faith as well. Makki also sent greetings via an email. To you are an inspiration to everybody including me na minsan eh pasaway na pessimistic pa. Thank you for the concern you are giving...keep it up!

Friends don't leave each other! myspace graphic comments
Myspace Friends Comments



This is quite late already...hehehe...late shows how neck deep I am to so many concerns, I just want to be updated sana with what's happening around but the trouble is, I read 1 day later.

I still don't know the truth of the matter. But it's quite alarming, and still it vouch for the rule that no one is exempted or no one is above the law. What will gonna happen if the archbishop is officiating a marriage vow or a simple mass for that matter? The arresting officers might ended up finding their seats first and listen before the handcuffing..."Father, inaaresto po muna namin kayo..."

Wheew! Only in the Philippines...

Touch wood...touch wood!

Whoah...really I am too neck deep with so many concerns, (with other's too). Know why, I have this attitude to buy newspapers, broadsheets or tabloids basta't reading materials. Then I would keep it beside my office table and would always be read late. The past days after the China quake, I got so many geological alerts via SMS and I just ignored it by just saying silent prayers. It was about six point something magnitude that was about to happen according to the text alert. Then when I glanced finally at my newspapers, jeez...the headline tells about the 7.9 magnitude that hammered Southwest of China recently. And I really didn't quite like the picture on the inset. A young male student trapped under a crushed structure and a young boy among the rabbles sipping water given as first aid. This was China's worst ever in three decades. Thousands remained buried or missing. Death toll was really unimaginable. With this, let us just hope and that this kind of great catastrophe won't happen to us or anywhere else. This is something nightmarish. I am tough, but I am so afraid of earthquakes. I saw how hapless victims were during the Baguio and Catanduanes biggest quake that was shown on tv reports.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Is there still hope in Darfur?

There's still another place on earth that needs healing in a jiff. They are in great crises! With the dovetailing man-made calamity that sends them impoverished, no ending famine and drought due to drastic climate change, political conflict still exists, and so that put civilians in deep quagmire. Such a situation for some poor souls. They need hope and help. If only we can see the people there who needs to crawl like ants for food because famine is there inevitably and seems not to get away each moments of their lives, not to mention the injustice, the unpredictable genocides and ongoing violence that became a huge source of their disturbance. Now this unbearable miry situation needs a lot of concern and healing specially for the helpless Sudanese children.

Give them a chance to live better...ACT now!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Healthy snack...walang pumansin!

P30.00 each in wala talagang pumansin kahit isa...ang ending ako lang ang umubos. :(