Thursday, July 31, 2008

Getting sick from exhaustion...

Yesterday I was so sick...with terrible headache and my eyes was even painful too. I think and I'm sure it was an elevation of my diastolic pressure. Painful here and there. Plus the palpitation. I just plopped down in bed and just closed my eyes until headaches had put me to slumber. I dozed off for awhile but was awakened by a great fear...fear of knowing that it's too bad to sleep when your bp's shooting up...specially at noontime. The most common time when hypertensive patient's usually is attacked by aneurism they say...or sometimes succumbed to death due to heart failure. So I sat beside my bed...and then took a cold shower after to lessen the pain. Though still lightheaded, at least not that same thumping severely. Just ate less...and just had lots of water.

When I woke up in the morning...I was alone in bed...I missed my daughter so much who went with Tita Fe for the freshmen's recollecton, a whole day affair and had slept at Sta. Rafaela Convent that night. So I was left alone in our room...with no choice.

Before 8am, this morning I felt ok and so I decided to resume my tasks. I went to municipal hall to get things done. Submitted my salesbook report and get my application for the change of address. Then I proceeded to Union Bank to apply for my EON Debit Card. The teller informed me that it will take about a week for issuance of the card. Gave me numbers for inquiry purposes. So I went straight to Sta Lu to meet my dau sana. But she begged off and said she'd be home later. I just ate canton and mantao alone at Chowking. I wonder why this lady in the cashier offered me tofu with bagoong and soy sauce... it didn't go well with my canton. I left half of the servings. Makapag alok lang kahit di bagay. Next time I won't just give a nod if it's not what I really like. Kakaiba ang lasa. When I left I saw my favorite bonito with raisins...mainit init pa at French Baker...syempre di pwedeng di ako mag-uuwi kahit 3 lang...I paid P39.00

Going back, sometimes we have to rest for awhile to guard ourselves from exhaustion and fatigue. Too much of everything makes us so weak and sometimes too it dampens our sipirits, so we usually end up to bed so sickly and tired. Doing things as much as we can hold is not a healthy practice. It will just ruin our body mechanism. Remember that health is wealth. rest if it need be...

TAG: Six Quirky Things About Me

Was tagged by Mike although I've done this already way before...anyway I'll do this for our tagging purposes and for Mike also...for the effort and the initiative to include me in his list.

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My Quirks

1. Can't go out without wearing mascara and lipstick...and nicely shaped eyebrows.

2. Can't do without my fave cologne (Denenes, Baby Bench Blue, 29) and perfumes (Escada, Burberry, Bulgari, 212 and D&G Light Blue)

3. I crave for pineapple juice with lots of ice when I'm sick.

4. I read a lot...and it means a lot...from cover to cover, be it a book, a magazine or whatever.

5. I seldom watch Pinoy movies...(no offense meant)...piling pili lang talaga. But SG starrer has catched my curiosity. I will surely watch it.

6. I love chocolates but I don't like choco ice cream. I dig pandesal stuffed with fried tuyo minus the fishbone and the scales syempre. :)

I'm giving this tag to veradik, tack, denz, joyD

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"As president...I care for you too much..."

"My responsibility is to solve our problems now, and provide solutions on how the country should advance in the future"

Some of the highlights of the 57 minute speech of GMA
VAT significance
"Take VAT away and you and I abdicate our responsibility as leaders. We shall pull the rug from under our present and future progress, which may be compromised by the global crisis,"

Agricultural Reforms
As an exhibit, she cited Edwin Bandila, 48 years old, of Ugalingan in Carmen, North Cotabato, who use to make do with a meager harvest of 35 cavans in just one hectare of land while the construction of the Malitubog-Maridagao irrigation project in Carmen kept getting delayed,

“In my first State of the Nation Address, sabi ko kung hindi matapos iyon sa Setyembre ay kakanselahin ko ang kontrata, papapasukin ko ang engineering brigade, natapos nila (In my first SONA - in July 2001 - I said if the contractor fails to finish the project by September, I will cancel the contract and let the military engineering bridgade do it. They finished it). With Malamar, now he cultivates five hectares and produces 97 cavans per hectare. Mabuhay, Edwin!" she said

Agrarian Productivity
In response to criticisms about the country’s increasing dependence on rice imports, President Arroyo said Filipinos were being hard on themselves. She noted that even during the Spanish regime, the people have been buying foreign rice.

“Nature did not gift us with a mighty Mekong like Thailand and Vietnam, with their vast and naturally fertile plains. Nature instead put our islands ahead of our neighbors in the path of typhoons from the Pacific. So, we import 10% of the rice we consume," she said.

The reason, she said is that "Philippine topography doesn’t always cooperate"

President Arroyo said another project soon to be completed is the San Roque-Agno River project, which is expected to irrigate thousands of hectares of land in Pangasinan.

She said farmers and fisherfolk will now have more loans to avail of, with the Land Bank increasing funds for the purpose fourfold.

“That is fact, not fiction. Check it," she said.

"Agrarian reform should not merely subdivide misery, it must raise living standards. Ownership raises the farmer from his but productivity will keep him on his feet," she said.
She cited the need for former tenants to be empowered to become agribusinessmen by allowing their land to be used as collateral. At the same time, she said the government “must curb the recklessness that gives land without the means to make it productive and bites off more than beneficiaries can chew."

"At the same time, I want the rackets out of agrarian reform: the threats to take and therefore undervalue land, the conspiracies to overvalue it," she added.

Better transportation
Along with massive rice production, Arroyo said, the government is cutting costs through more efficient transport.

For arm-to-market roads, she said her government released P6 billion in 2007.

Mrs Arroyo also highlighted the economic benefits of the roll-on, roll-off system (RORO).

She said this is the reason why the price of bread remains cheap in many areas particularly in Mindanao and Visayas.

"RORO boats carried 33 metric tons of cargo and 31 million passengers. We have built 39 RORO ports, and 12 more are slated to start," she said.

She also thanked local government units who stopped collecting fees from delivery vehicles.

Peace talks

President Arroyo boasted advancements in the government's peace negotiations with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

She said that while peace in Mindanao has been elusive, the government and MILF peace panels agreed on the issue on ancestral domain on Sunday - putting to rest the most contentious issue in the peace talks.

"The comprehensive peace has eluded us for half a century. But last night (Sunday), differences were settled and the tough land issue on ancestral domain was resolved," she said.

Call for unity
At the end of her 57-minute speech, Arroyo reiterated to government officials as well as politicians to unite despite their differences.

“We are three branches but one government. We have our disagreements; we each have hopes, and ambitions that drive and divide us, be they personal, ethnic, religious and cultural. But we are one nation with one fate.
Source; GMANews.TV

PS/And the winner is...
Wearing his Bugkalot tribe attire we call bahag, Nagtipunan, Quirino Mayor Rosario Camma attended President Arroyo's State of the Nation Address stole the show and somehow eased the tension and relieved the formality without effort. He's tribal attire was a complete contrast to those extravagant and finest of gowns worn yesterday.

And the much applauded 50centavo per text from Smart.

Belated... myspace graphic comments
Graphics for Happy Birthday Comments

May you have many more birthdays to come...Marusselle!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Hometown visit... myspace graphic comments
Myspace Thank You Comments

Here at Jenn's computer shop. Woohoo! Reunion minus the blast! Saw my good friend/classmate named Precy who's a Physics' teacher 'til now at Rizal High alma mater dear. Grabe, kung anong waterloo ko yun pa major niya...nakaka-intimidate naman. Well...a lot of kwentuhan about the past. Then came JennyL. We waited for her shop to open at 9am and here we go now. Charri is busy with her project, a menu card with the help of Ate Jenn. Saw Fe here also awhile ago she's my dau's classmate who has a bakery na may pinakamasarap na Spanish bread. I missed that one since we've transfered na in Parkwood. I saw a lot of people now na matagal ko ng di nasilayan. Sometimes I do miss my hometown...but I love na where we are peacefully staying...

PS/ Am thankful to you Jenn for the help you have extended ha...See you again after I 'm done with my EON Debit Card....

Sona 2008...rain or shine

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s 2008 State of the Nation Address (SONA) will be heard today, Monday, July 28, at the Session Hall of the House of Representatives at the Batasan Complex in Quezon City...amidst not only the prevailing thyhoon Igme but also those prevailing opinion and criticism, and let us not forget those who'll give her favorable remarks along her side.

She'll be accompanied by First Gentleman Atty. Jose Miguel Arroyo, and expected to arrive by 3:30 p.m. at the Batasan where House of Representatives Honor Guards await to accord her with military arrival honors.

The President will be wearing a reddish-pink Filipiniana attire of native silk from Misamis Oriental in Mindanao and pineapple fiber from Aklan in the Visayas.

The entire entourage's arrival and the sona event itself will be beamed live over the government’s television and radio networks, and over private networks joining the broadcast pool.

Everybody is eager to wait for the President's speech in full text to be downloaded from the OPS website. So let's wait for that much awaited vis-a-vis report from the President herself.

Source: (Gov.Ph news)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Trendy fingernail art, studs and dangles

Women, and young ladies in Japan loves wearing fingernail art and sometimes with studs and dangles also. It is very fashionable and I just wonder how heavy the feeling is. Because it is really heavy with all those glittering studs and rhines stones glued artistically. They are very'll wonder how they put them together . And I think it's quite awesome. Charri has her own complete set in one bag and she's using it. Me, I don't think I want to wear those glittery stones on my nails...I just want a simple French tip on my square nails. I just love platinum and nothing else.

Lesson # 16

1. Anybody home? - Gomen Kudasai

2. Are you busy? - Isogashii desu ka

3. Be careful - Ki o tsuke nasai

4. Beware of dogs! - Moken chui!

5. Are you ready? - Yoi wa ii ka


From my super sikat na friendship, Tack...let's pray daw for these lovely people who'll be taking their board exams this weekend...Gambatte!

Another one liner from Tack..."May friendster ka? Add mo ko hah!" Hay kaloka...hanga ako talaga sa kanyang pagging positive and bubbly...napakaganda ng outloook sa buhay...Hurrah for this young girl full of courage and strong faith! Love yah gurl....

I'm so tired of wearing corrective eyeglasses...

Lasik now is commonly performed in our best hospitals with the best surgeons we have. (I know of one, Ms Donna Cruz' husband is very good also, I've heard) Me, I also feel so tired wearing spectacle to correct my maybe if I have some money for the surgery, why not?!

LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis and is a procedure that permanently changes the shape of the cornea, the clear covering of the front of the eye, using an excimer laser. A mechanical microkeratome (a blade device) or a laser keratome (a laser device) is used to cut a flap in the cornea. A hinge is left at one end of this flap. The flap is folded back revealing the stroma, the middlesection of the cornea. Pulses from a computer-controlled laser vaporize a portion of the stroma and the flap is replaced. There are other techniques and many new terms related to LASIK that you may hear about.

The LASIK technique was made possible by the Colombia-based Spanish ophthalmologist Jose Barraquer, who, around 1950 in his clinic in Bogotá, Colombia, developed the first microkeratome, used to cut thin flaps in the cornea and alter its shape, in a procedure called keratomileusis. Stephan Schaller assisted. Barraquer also provided the knowledge about how much of the cornea had to be left unaltered to provide stable long-term results.

Source: Wikipedia

I feel like crawling into a hole...

I don't know if I have to post this or not but just the same...on the second thought...why not. When I was in Japan I have learned much how to take care of my skin more. Doing the daily beauty (?) regimen...indulging in hot bath everyday as in...routinary talaga...scrubbing and massaging the jaw and the face as well with a very minimal or just a pea-size of your favorite mosturizer and applying body lotion'll feel great. Not one...or two...(forgive me but no bragging here)...I always say pangit ako pero I am really amazed why some people who would see me went like, "Ang ganda ng skin sa face mo...may nilalagay ka ano?" Then pag may nagtanong ng age, I'd go, walang tanungan ng ganyan, waist ko na lang itanong mo...( kasi lumiit ng konti). Eh dapat lang maging proud kasi dati para akong drum kalaki eh. :) Going back, my dau went to visit kasi her classmate Cher, and it so happened that I saw Cher with her mom at Chowking. The mom gave that flattering ganda ng skin (face), but since I am not used to such kind of praises, I'm just ignoring it lang. But still my daughter went home with that story to tell. "Naku mama, lagot ka...Tita was asking me talaga kung ano pinapahid mo sa mukha mo" be honest, mayroon talaga. It is a routine na to put mosturizer at night before going to bed, but only after some cleansing of course. Then I massage my face with my magic wand (laser) to tighten my skin pores and lift some saggy parts. Kasi ang di natin alam may fats ang ating face like cheeks, kaya dapat minamasahe yan. And that rejuvinating investment yan, dahil may kamahalan talaga...pero ako laking pasalamat ko kay Makk and Takumi whose generosity I can't forget. I use Nuskin na alam ko talagang mahal din sa market. I got everything in gratis...arigatou gozaimasu! Eh since napupuna nila, it pays off pala to really take care of the skin...lalo na't may nakakapansin...pero nahihiya ako talaga. Hindi kasi ako sanay ng pinupuri ako...honestly! And I've noticed wala pa akong crows feet at my age except for that one deep line between my brows...from too much worrying at pag upset ako. Pag nakikita kong nagdodouble na chin ko natatakot na ako for the unwanted added weight kasi I'm tired na of being on the heavy side of the scale. Gusto kong maging medium size naman...healthwise and iba talaga pag slim ka, malayo sa sakit. And since I have a heart problem na, and hypertension, I have to be very extra careful about my health. I want to stay longer for my kids who really really love me and whom I adore to be with. :)

PS/ Kahiya talaga itong item na ito...but I want to share this as well. Dati I used to go out sans any make up...ngayon, I always make sure that I wear mascara and my fave lipstick, and maayos na brows...Makk gave me as birthday present last year a Revlon & Maxfactor foundation and a Maybeline lipstick that I am using right now. Puro gratis po yan kaya laking swerte ko dahil kung ako ang bibili hindi ko carry. Bigas na lang ang bibilhin ko. And besides, pag dalaga na ang anak mo like me, me guardia civil ka na...critic bago ako makalis eh kutakutakot na puna mula sa ulo hanggang paa. Like, "Oh di bagay ang rubber shoes mo mama sa pants mo", "Oh wag kang aalis ng walang kilay ang pangit mo", "Bakit ang loose loose ng tshirt mo, ang sagwa", "Magpalit ka ng Havaianas, mukha kang tomboy sa Crocs mo"....
Grrrrrrrrrr...pag mainit ulo ko, I went like, Pakialam mo eh dito ako kumportable?! Pero syempre lambingan lang po namin magnanay yun. We love each other so much that we treat each other as friends...super best friends...berks kami. Kaya ayaw niyang mukha akong alipin pag umaalis ng bahay. Sarap ng bonding namin. And ang nakakatuwa, my son said once when he saw me wearing mascara, "Ma, lagi kang maglalagay niyan...bagay sau"
Di ba nakakatuwa, suportado ka ng mga anak mo sa pagpapaganda. Kaya jan po nag-umpisa ang konti kong pagiging vain. Sila po nagpush sken. It's already 353am yan ang di ko macontrol, staying up so so late...dark circles around the eyes ang wala po akong bye bye time again...this is quite unhealthy out!

Right to remain silent...

I think we're all familiar with this warning when a cop yell at one offender of the law, that goes like...Freeze! Put your hands up...then follows with this Miranda Warnings...

Read this:

The Constitution reserves many rights for those suspected of crime. One of the fears of the Framers was that the government could act however it wished by simply saying an individual was a suspected criminal. Many of the rights in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, such as habeas corpus, the right to remain silent, and the right to an attorney, are designed to ensure that those accused of a crime are assured of those rights.

Police were able to take advantage of the fact that not everyone knows their rights by heart. In fact, it is likely that most citizens could name a few of their rights as accused criminals, but not all of them. The police's position was that if the accused, for example, spoke about a crime without knowing that they did not need to, that it was the person's fault for not invoking that right, even if they did not know, or did not remember, that they had that right.

This was the crux of the issue in Miranda v Arizona. In 1963, Ernesto Miranda was accused of kidnapping and raping an 18-year-old, mildly retarded woman. He was brought in for questioning, and confessed to the crime. He was not told that he did not have to speak or that he could have a lawyer present. At trial, Miranda's lawyer tried to get the confession thrown out, but the motion was denied. In 1966, the case came in front of the Supreme Court. The Court ruled that the statements made to the police could not be used as evidence, since Miranda had not been advised of his rights.

Since then, before any pertinent questioning of a suspect is done, the police have been required to recite the Miranda warning. The statement, reproduced below, exists in several forms, but all have the key elements: the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. These are also often referred to as the "Miranda rights." When you have been read your rights, you are said to have been "Mirandized."

Note that one need not be Mirandized to be arrested. There is a difference between being arrested and being questioned. Also, basic questions, such as name, address, and Social Security number do not need to be covered by a Miranda warning. The police also need not Mirandize someone who is not a suspect in a crime.

As for Ernesto Miranda, his conviction was thrown out, though he did not become a free man. The police had other evidence that was independent of the confession, and when Miranda was tried a second time, he was convicted again. After release from prison, Miranda was killed in a barroom brawl in 1976.


The following is a minimal Miranda warning, as outlined in the Miranda v Arizona case.

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be provided for you at government expense.

The following is a much more verbose Miranda warning, designed to cover all bases that a detainee might encounter while in police custody. A detainee may be asked to sign a statement acknowledging the following.

You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. Do you understand?
Anything you do say may be used against you in a court of law. Do you understand?
You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future. Do you understand?
If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you before any questioning if you wish. Do you understand?
If you decide to answer questions now without an attorney present you will still have the right to stop answering at any time until you talk to an attorney. Do you understand?
Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you, are you willing to answer my questions without an attorney present?

Source: Wkikipedia

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A good read Exupery

As a kid once, I loved to hear stories and amazingly like Pinocchio, Cinderella, Hanzel and Gretel...and our own kwento ng pinya, ng Bundok Makiling, at iba pa. I just love to hear everything. And this one story caught my attention...when my son always asking for my help to make a synopsis. I am a reader but this story never did sink into my mind because I was very busy so I would always end up giving him the unfinished summary, not once, twice or thrice. Until I finally read the whole story and it's really one of those good read that teaches us values as we read the whole plot. This story written by the famous Antoine de Saint Exupery is entitled The Little Prince. I knew now why this book is always a part of their subject. Because the author reveals his own views about the follies of mankind and the simple truths that people seem to forget as they grow older.The essence of the book is contained in the famous line uttered by the fox to the Little Prince: "On ne voit bien qu'avec le cœur, l'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux." (One can't see well except with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes). There are also two other main points in the book, both spoken by the fox. They are: "You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed" and "It is the time you have spent with your rose that makes your rose so important."

Throughout the book, a child's view of the world, of the purpose of human life and of relations between people, (as represented by the Little Prince and partially by the narrator), is set off against the grown-ups' view (as revealed in memories of the narrator and in characters that the Little Prince meets on asteroids). But the author underscores that the "'grown-ups' are like that. One must not hold it against them. Children should always show great forbearance toward grown-up people."

Do you know that:
The B612 Foundation is a private foundation dedicated to protecting the Earth from asteroid strikes. Their immediate goal is to "significantly alter the orbit of an asteroid in a controlled manner by 2015".It is named for the home asteroid of the eponymous hero of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince.

PS/ This book got my highest rating's because it imparts a lot of values and enlightenment. You must have a copy and read it...

Source: Wikipedia

Friday, July 25, 2008

Forgiving heart

Yeah, it's hard to forgive and forget but it is a christian value to somehow let go of the hatred if we may call it that way...if your faith is greater than your hatred, then by all means it is easier to forgive rather than hate those who've maligned us in any way. We can just pray for them to get better after all, it is their choice to do mean thing. Forgiving heart is closer to heaven. And it is lighter to sleep without being bothered at your sleep. :)

But wait, in jest how can we forgive if no one dares to ask for it...

Just let it ride!

It is not quite easy to forgive specially if the person involved has intentionally ruined some part of you to the max. We all can forgive but it's harder to forget. The bottom line is, contemplate first and wear your thinking cap before you do something to hurt other people. And sometimes too, there are people who are so dumb doing something foolishly and carelessly leaving some crumbs for a trail...

Driving Offense

The Policeman couldn't believe his eyes as he saw the woman drive past him, busily knitting. Quickly he pulled along the vehicle, wound down his window and shouted "Pull over!"

"No" she replied, "they're socks!"

Source: Arcamax

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lesson # 15

1. You take a rest - Yasunde kudasai

2. You said it - Mattaku da

3.You are wrong - Anata wa machigatte iru

4. You can speak Japanese well - Anata wa Nihongo ga yoku dekimasu

5. You are right - Ossharu tori desu

To Kazue and company, Gaman shite kudasai...leonor-san

Good morning teacher!

It's been a long day indeed! Been out of the house early at 7 and I just got home very exhausted and so sleepy that I just want to plop down to bed. My first destination was to get C's uniform from the dressmaker shop. Then afterwards I bought a bouquet of flowers and offered it to the Adoration Chapel, my favorite place to visit where I can find peace of mind and solace...a comfort zone I believe. When I was about to leave the holy place, I saw by chance, my teacher (Mrs. Leticia Ibanez) way back in elementary. I greeted her first of course to give respect. Then she beckoned me in soft whisper while she moved some steps away from me to look at the wall clock inside the chapel and it felt so nice when she uttered my first name...Leonore...kilala pa niya ako?! Nice to hear and I mubled to myself...paano niya ako malilimutan eh tagasulat nila ako sa fairness. Basta. Then when we're outside na sa chapel, nagbeso beso kami ni Ma'm and gave each other a hug and some pat in the back. I invited her to a nearby Jolibee but she declined because I learned that she's waiting for someone. To make use of that extra time she spent it with me near the entrance of the church. We just sat at the garden box. Kumustahan...and to my shock...we're on the same boat...meaning what I am going through now ay pinagdaanan niya and still...she gave me a piece of advice and some counselling. Ma'm after teaching in our school during her heydeys became a principal and got her MA degree in UP, and am so proud of her. She was a terror as far as I can remember, but I must say, that she's one of the best English teachers we have had during our time. Grabe ang galing niya. What I vividly remember was that, she walked with gusto, throwing her hips when she strutted around our corridors, impressing everyone how she carried herself and she has a very nice posture even until this time when I saw her. Her brows are neatly curved, she's still the same. We chuckeled a lot because the irony was, I was aloof to her that time because she's my teacher...and I was just her pupil...but now we're talking on the same level na hindi na ako takot sa kanya. I should say, the respect is there, but on a friendship level na kami. We are bound to meet this morning, maybe because she's an authority when it comes to the problem I have shared, ang sarap ng feeling kapag alam mong ang kausap mo ay isang respetado. And of all, siya ay naging bahagi ng aking kabataan. When we parted, I promised to give her a call...

Somebody needs our prayers...

This item of plea is from my good friend Tack...Jenny's dad suffered multiple stroke last Wednesday and she's asking not too much...a prayer for him.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm not superstitious...

You can cut newspaper, cut your hair, cut your pants but have you heard that you shouldn't cut your nails at night? Probably you have had heard of this. And different people tell me different results. One is you might not be with your parents when they die. Or you'll become poor...and who wants to be poor? But I tell you I am not really that superstitious person. Just don't ask me why I do not rest my chin on my palm...

Words to live by...

He that goes a-borrowing goes...

-Norman Isaac

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Birth Control Pills...

An elderly woman went into the doctor's office. When the doctor asked why she was there, she replied, "I'd like to have some birth control pills."

Taken aback, the doctor thought for a minute and then said, "Excuse me, Mrs. Smith, but you're 75 years old. What possible use could you have for birth control pills?"

The woman responded, "They help me sleep better."

The doctor thought some more and continued, "How in the world do birth control pills help you to sleep?"

The woman said, "I put them in my granddaughter's orange juice and I sleep better at night."

Source: Arcamax

Getting used to it...

You may have heard about a new bride who was a bit embarrassed to be known as a honeymooner. So when she and her husband pulled up to the hotel, she asked him if there was any way that they could make it appear that they had been married a long time.

He responded, "Sure. You carry the suitcases!"

Source: Arcamax

Erratum...( a mere shenanigan )

I was advised by a fellow blogger who has just left a message wherein informing me about Nelson Capulso's reported demise through text message I got last January 28 of this year wasn't true enough (I received this item while I was still in Japan pa...sigh...hindi pala totoo! Caramba!)...that in fact he has just spoke to him over the phone last night. I'll try to tune in at 103.5MAX FM tomorrow. Thanks for the information and I stand corrected if that's the case. I shouldn't have had taken the message seriously. I just believed it right there and then because a friend of mine sent it to me I think via email. My fault...I did post the message itself knowing it was a real item. I should I have known better.

max fm: Please pray for Nelson Capulso aka Sgt Pepper. He was involved in a big car accident and passed away 1:20am last night> Please pray for his soul. May his legacy live on forever. If you want to send you condolances to his mother please contact her at 0921 228 5325. Or contact the station through our MAX text line..max_fm_"your message" send it to 2968.. your condolences will be read on air

To somebody out there, thank you for the correction...I'll go check on this as soon as possible.

To Sgt. apology...and Kudos!

And to the one who concocted this foolish prank...Grrrrrrrrrr!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Table etiquette # 14

Musical Chairs

It is self evident: Every guest at a party Should have a comfortable seat. It is not. I have attended too many dinners where this simple, basic notion is overlooked. So for the sake of anyone planning a party, let me declare the absolute necessity of providing guest with chairs.This is just as true as buffet for forty as a cozy dinner for six. It is simply bad manners to assume that your guest would enjoy perching on sofa armrests or, worse yet, standing up during a buffet meal.If you do not have enough chairs, and cannot borrow what you need, consider renting them, or trimming your guest list.

Guest with spacial conditions (like me) must be given seating that is appropriate. You do not want a gout-stricken relative struggling in and out of a bean-bag chair during cocktails, nor would you wish to offer a delicate Louis Quinze side chair to a guest whose girth resembles that of a sumo wrestler. But bear in mind here that a hosts do walk a fine line between being considerate and being too deferential. Make your guest feel comfortable without appearing overly solicitous. Be careful not to give anyone the feeling that he has been parked in the "Handicapped Only" zone...

Source: Craig Claireborne

Mixed emotions...this coming Christmas

One month to go and we're in -ber months again and so we smell Xmas this very early. Making lists of what to have for our loved ones and things to give a way in act of sharing for those who are less fortunate. This is something that everyone has been looking forward to. Young and old alike is ecstatic every year to celebrate this special day. But I cannot help myself but be with mixed emotions now that I've already been hearing carols over the radio. I spent last year of Christmas outside the country and it felt great to be in foreign land. I saw how Japan being a non-catholic, has overdone excessive decorations along the airport with those huge Xmas trees that stood sentinel to greet and welcome visitors like me. I couldn't believe how they put such a gigantic decorations with all those thousands of glittering lights. It was indeed awesome and had given me so much happiness in my heart. I felt like a kid that time. Those things I saw and experienced has evoked and shaped some good memories that will stay to linger and I will cherish for the rest of my time. Being with people we love most is the best way to spend this occasion. Now that I am here, I can make it up to my kids when that 2007 Xmas had been the saddest for them because they spent it without me. What truly matter is the best time to spend it with love and so much care because indeed Christmas is a love month for everyone. I am sure everybody feels the same way too.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

You're simply the best!

I call you when I need you, my heart's on fire
You come to me, come to me wild and wild
You come to me
Give me everything I need
Give me a lifetime of promises and a world of dreams
Speak a language of love like you know what it means
And it can't be wrong
Just take my heart and make it strong baby

You're simply the best, better than all the rest
Better than anyone, anyone I've ever met
I'm stuck on your heart, and hang on every word you say
Tear us apart, baby I would rather be dead

In your heart I see the star of every night and every day
Oooh yeah
In your eyes I get lost, I get washed away
Aaah hah
Just as long as I'm here in your arms
I could be in no better place

Oh you're simply the best, better than all the rest
Better than anyone, anyone I've ever met
I'm stuck on your heart, and hang on every word you say
Tear us apart, baby I would rather be dead

But each time you leave me I start losing control
You're walking away with my heart and my soul
I can feel you even when I'm alone
Oh baby, don't let go

Watch this amazing video!

This guy is oozing with great talent in painting. He is endowed with extra ordinary dexterity.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Do be well, dawg! myspace graphic comments
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"Product of my confusion"

Doing a great favor for my friend, Angela who composed this poem 2 days ago and asked me if I can post this and I said yes by all means...

Winds of fate blow when we least expect them,
And they are impossible to ignore
I did not anticipate the melange of winds that has gusted strongly
In the midst of my glum and solitude

I was a fool to ignore what lies ahead
Instead I have lost my soul
It was wrong of me to do such
Now though my gaze is fixed toward the future

I want to believe that I can go on as I always had
But yet when I conjured you up
I kept hearing your voice
No matter how much I loved you
I knew it wasn't going to be possible...

Finally when I woke up, after some hesitation
I gathered and pulled myself together,
I knew now what to do...
It'll just be better to keep you in my heart forever...

Bat time...sleep time!

Went to bed at 4:47am and so...I need to fall back into sleep to regain enough vigor and strength that has been totally depleted.

LRT blues

We're on the train yesterday when on the second stop 9 foreigners hopped in. Quite a looker of course because they're such a bunch of beautiful creature and everybody would like to agree I'm sure. I will not say if what nationals they belong to avoid indiscretion. They were 3 men and 6 beautiful ladies in a casual dress. Somebody from the rear corner, out of earshot a man threw the first line. Hi, hello and how are you's. So as they went along with, I got annoyed with this Pinoy who cussed a blue streak, babbling foolishly about the Philippines. Imagine prodding these nationals to go and see the mountainous garbage fill of our famous Payatas. Only in the Philippines daw...(hey unahin mo muna kaya ang magandang places na maipagmamalaki natin) What's to brag there in the first place? I heard him say, "You should see it!" Wow ang galing n'yang tour guide este ambassador in the making.Then he told them that a lot of people here cannot communicate well in English, and so you're talking in front of the mirror hah?!

There's a side story here. We're just at the opposite end gripping to the pole when a lady who was with the group stood right in front of me and Julie who was with me at that time. The young lady gripped to the ceiling pole which revealed her very nice underarm right in our very eyes. Kakainggit ang puti at ang kinis, no chicken skin. And all the rest of the ladies at the back. Because they were all wearing sleeveless tops. Wow, eto na stomach suddenly grew tighter and I felt a little lightheaded. I've met Julie's eyes and she smiled at me. I asked her, Naaamoy mo ba? Ang sangsang noh?! I'm vomity. I asked Julie if she too feels the same way. And she said yes. I just said in jest, Bakit kasi di nagdala ng Rexona ang mga ito, ang wahu tuloy! :)

PS/ Is it unethical to say if you're friend has body odor, bad breath or something of concern? This is Area Manager is always inviting me to attend their seminar of which a known government figure is always the guest speaker. How will I say without offending him that his breath is not nice to be smelled during a huddle. It can be a case of halitosis or he's just famished or he has an empty stomach. I am afraid to hurt him but I always feel my gut pushes upward. There's no bragging here but I am aware of my hygiene and I make it sure to bring along breath freshener for sure. Because once they smell you stink, the impression of you having bad hygiene will always stay in their mind forever.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

I feel blest!

Early this morning at 8am we're already prepared to go to San Sebastian Recoletos. To meet with somebody and fix something. We rode a jeep going to LRT Station. Julie bought 2 cards going to Recto. Nice using this train, cool and fast. I didn't have the chance to get a seat because of a sluggish elderly woman in front of us prevented me to move swiftly. So kapit na lang sa pole. Ok lang naman. Then at Recoletos I've met the person at the a hush hush talk then after that we're about to go home but we went straight to another office near the chapel. There I've met Tita Fe & Tita Dels and we passed the time after a friendly hug and some beso beso...I just hope I got their names right. You know, I am truly touched with what went through this morning...nakakaiyak talaga...some people touches our heart in the most special way. But what I believe is that...God uses people around us to tell us that He is still with us during the most trying times of our lives. I know that I am fully blessed by how things are going despite of the ebbs that I am experiencing right now.

PS/ May another kwento pa ako but I am dozing off and on...I need to rest for a while. So I am signing out first and be back after I fully gather my thoughts that are slowly drifting right now. :)

On forging a friendship...

Lucky indeed if you ever find a friend most of all that one true enough to stand by you, respect you and who will care for you above the rest. One who will stay no matter what arguments go off and will still care and go the whole hog just to save and preserve that friendship thing. I think it can still be possible but still very rare chance that you'll find one true friend who'll stick it out with you through thick and thin. If your friend's just giving you the yourself and be wary!

But still and all...I want to find a friend who's deserving of my time and trust and all there is. I'm positive there's still a chance.

End of the road...

Every beginning will always come to an end (what else?). As this song from BOYZ II MEN, End of the road says...together with equally superb singer, BABYFACE, I both love of my favorite singers on earth. And I'm sure everybody would love I'll make love to you also, one of their best, I should say the best m#@* out song for people in love...

PS/ Dedicated to someone named Andrew, a friend of my friend, who died a couple of days ago...

{Domino Tag}

Mike gave this tag and I am thankful to this new friend of ours. Cheers! :)
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Strong Cup of Coffee Award!

Kcat gave me this award and I really appreciate the effort because I am a coffee addict per se. See the evidence! Coffee lang yata buhay na ako. Would you notice pati music ko with a sound of slurping
...parang hot coffee din. c" )

Want to give coffee for everyone in my blogroll!

Podgy me! I'm losing weight...

I used to weigh 81 kls (178.2, with 41 wl...the worst ever) with my 5'2 frame that slided down to 5'1 because of my scoliosis problem. Nakakahiya dahil konti na lang at pang zumo na yata. :) Malapit ng mag 2 cavan ang bigat ko ha. : (
Now, remarkably I can't believe why it is very apparent now that I am losing weight. Now I'm 62 kls na lang (137.50, 35 wl now) I eat but not a lot anymore, I have my regular work out doing stretching and jazz...kailangan doctor saw me 2 months or 3 months ago and he said I need to lose some more, healthwise. I stay away talaga from the dining table, avoing sweets na tempting, eat less and less rice, don't do with softdrinks, no ice cream buti na lang at di ako mahilig jan, less bread, and less of everything. And I hate na taking pills that are bought over the counter. Now people around me keep on telling na malaki na ipinayat ko and I am happier be'coz I feel a bit comfortable and the sad part is...ang dami kong jeans na sobra ng luwag and what I wear now is newly acquired sa adjacent closet ko na pag-aari ni Ms C...begging na wag ko ng arburin ung new skinny jeans na loves na loves niya. :) Wawa naman. Ang sarap ng feeling pag lighter ka. Dati was a bit sluggish but now iba na.
With my thyroid problem which gives me poor metabolism, I know it's very hard for me to attain my goal but with sheer determination...nothing is impossible!

All I can say is...Don't throw it in...throw it out!

Special Award !

Denz surprised my morning with this one. (big smiles)

Dahil ikaw ay isang sertipikadong blogger, itinuturing kitang matalik kong “KADAMO”

Maraming salamat… :)

Mga Kadamo;

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15.) Cales and Ale

Now, I’m passing this to everyone in my blogroll :)

PS/ Ayan na nga ba problema ko eh. Anyone can help...doing this linkage?! Apology hah! Alam ko not more than 3 clicks yan eh. I saw Makoy doing it for me once pero di ko matandaan. :(

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Catch him on the Eastwood City!

I like this singer...Chris Daughtry, 1st he's a good singer (4rth-place finalist on the highly publicized fifth season of American Idol, eliminated from the competition on May 10, 2006), 2nd he's really an eye catcher...ang gwapo mala Vin Diesel, oozing with sex appeal. By how he answered the questions hurled at him one time in an interview, you'll know he is such a great person. You can relate with his songs specially if you're mending a broken heart. You should hear him sing....I'm going home, Gone, Crashed, Breakdown, It's not over, Used to, Feels like tonight, Over you and my favorite What about now.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Time out...!

Nemui desu...
Big yawn...

Kiotsukete ne!

Anata wa itsumo watashi no kokoro no nakani irudesho... :)



Ehemmm.. Ehemm..

Ladies & Gentlemen.. Nyek!
Bahala na si batman!

PS/Magssign out na lang ako, napatawa mo pa ako Kcat. :)
Madge and Talitha...hi, hi, hi...mwah, mwah, mwah also!

snagged item from Underkcat (Kcat,my apology ha!)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Promises are usually made to be broken...

After all is said and done, more is said than done.



Welcome to my new home! Well, with my new music...I hope you'll enjoy your visit here.

Counting her blessings!

Got a message from Kcat that she is featured today in Philippine Daily Inquirer. Since there's no newsstand inside the village I decided na lang to browse at the internet for today's headline on Philippine Daily Inquirer. There you can read the post by Maria Congee S. Gomez carrying this title, "Kcat finds life's beauty beyond pain..."
Kcat became one of my dearest blogger cum friend days before I went to Japan late last year. She has always this keen sense to sniff and have the feel when I am somewhat low and gloomy. I won't say depressing, because I'll be a lot in shame if Kcat would know this. Never did I allow myself into depression since the time I knew this girl who has shown a lot of courage and wisdom to share with others. Now I know why fate led my path to know Kcat. She is an inspiration to me and for the rest of my brood here. Having an unfazed faith despite of her situation still she has all the time and effort to send me messages to uplift my spirits all the time. Pag sad ako, my daughter will say..."ma, read Kcat's blog...please" I love this girl a lot and also my kids love her too. She is an awesome example to youth...who really loves her family, she exudes a good sense of humor and she can even make me laugh in an instance with her simple one-liner, "hindi ako bingi, tahimik lang..." Just try reading her post and you'll see.

I love you friend, please say hi to Madge, Talitha and Maro, the popcorn boy...also with your dad and everybody there. Wah, yung tshirt ko di ko pa makuha, 'coz I am still busy here. See you soon...

Sharp sense...

There are those, who in a way are very keen observant and who sniffs like a dog or better to say people who's (can) reading between the lines. Some I wrote but still am trying not to express the full detail and I want to believe that some fragments should be kept, privacywise...some like me write when things are rosy and there are times when our concerns seemed too big too handle and we tend to sulk. We feel low and downhearted that we gather our thoughts and write it, not to throw off dirty thoughts but to unleashed some burden. Blogging for me is not just a passion but an outlet per se. I write when am happy and I write when am (feeling) sad. I just want to write and read a lot. Being a mother I cannot afford to stay away from my nest...much so to have a night life to enjoy with a group of friends. So my only consolation when I get to have so many time to spend is to sit in front of the PC, browsing and writing. A mother like me should not be seen unhappy because children draw their strength to their parents. For what strength do they'll have if their parents would be seen weaker? It is very hard sometimes to put up a front. But we have to...because we mothers should be face trials, and trials for me should always be the springboard to find true meaning of life. For whatever life has to offer...there'll always be comfort, but you'll have to find it...

Thanks Ida...I'm still okey...very okey! :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

When something is on the wane...

My indecisiveness...I hate!

Being resolute and determined is one of the most trait I've ever wanted to inject into my system. I always tend to give chance another try. I always tend to give reason for everything that's why I always tend to vacillate. Because maybe it is my heart that strongly overpower my every judgment. I always give reasons to why things have to happen. But in a way I think I've got a lot to muster to be able to achieve that kind of tough firmness in decision making at once. That, I wanted to quit but I couldn't be just a coward quitter...I wanted to hate, but I couldn't do much if there's still love inside...I wanted to love but just couldn't do so when I'm hurt...I wanted to leave but couldn't just leave in a jiff when there's still a lot of things to reconsider. But when no string's left to pull, it's about time when my firm decision is on top that nobody for sure can ever really sway it.
Sittin' here, eatin' my heart out waitin'
waitin' for some lover to call
dialed about a thousand numbers lately
almost rang the phone off the wall

Lookin' for some hot stuff baby this evenin'
I need some hot stuff baby tonight
I want some hot stuff baby this evenin'
gotta have some hot stuff
gotta have some lovin' tonight
I need hot stuff
I want some hot stuff
I need hot stuff

Lookin' for a lover who needs another
don't want another night on my own
wanna share my love with a warm blooded lover
wanna bring a wild man back home

Gotta have some hot love baby this evenin'
I need some hot stuff baby tonight
I want some hot stuff baby this evenin'
gotta have some lovin'
got to have a love tonight
I need hot stuff
hot love
lookin' for hot love

Hot, hot, hot, hot stuff
hot, hot, hot
hot, hot, hot, hot stuff
hot, hot, hot

How's that hot stuff baby this evenin'
I need some hot stuff baby tonight
gimme little hot stuff baby this evenin'
hot stuff baby got to I need your love tonight
I need hot stuff
lookin' for hot stuff
gotta have some hot stuff

Sittin' here eatin' my heart out no reason
won't spend another night on my own
I dialed about hundred numbers baby
I'm bound to find somebody home

Gotta have some hot stuff baby this evenin'
I need some hot stuff baby tonight
lookin' for some hot stuff baby this evenin'
I need your love baby
don't need your love tonight

Hot stuff
baby this evening
I need hot stuff baby tonight
yes, yes, I want some hot stuff baby this evenin'
I want some hot stuff baby tonight
yes, yes, yes now hot stuff baby
I need your hot stuff baby tonight
I want some hot stuff baby this evenin'
hot stuff baby
got to I need your love tonight

Plain friendship thing...

I hopped at patrickweb's site to return the gesture because as a blogger I make sure to always say thanks in return because he left a comment in one of my recent posts. Sorrie Patrick since I couldn't leave my message on your comment board, didn't know why. I've read your post about friendship between a man and a woman that eventually might lead to some what deeper in nature. That's very true but I am sure there's still some that can be an exemption to what we say... is possibly to happen.

To be continued...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Some place left prostrated...

Frank (Fengshen) has left Iloilo and Aklan in great glum with some of their residents living in a cage-like area and some are being housed in some centers, according to what I've heard of. While we're busy here working our kababayan there are still finding ways how to rise up with how Frank has done to their lives. It's not easy to build a house much so to rebuild one after the fury of a strong natural disaster like Frank. No money stashed, no food to eat on the table, no work and so is there still hope? Yes, if only our government will look for a better ways to improve our livelihood. Some of them live with their vested interest and not for the country's sake. Dati we have many mananahi or sewer. Nasaan na sila ngayon? Wala na...because nagpapasok na sila ng mga ready made dresses from different countries like Korea, China and the likes. OO nga at mas cheaper but did they know that it ruined the source of livelihood of our many kababayans? We are not in a way improving, we're stuck!
And please, to the authorities concerned...take a look with why these things still happen? Another ferry sank in water, could you just imagine how these people cried in the middle of nowhere, at the crack of dawn where everyone's still snoring? Oh my...another mass grave beneath. Couldn't it be possible to pass a law to prohibit travelling by sea kahit na Signal # 1 lang? Because by the time they'd reach the middle of the voyage the typhoon could have gone even worse than expected. Just be sure of the safest time to travel to avoid things like this. How many people died here? Me I have had travelled only twice by sea. One going to and one going home. My...I didn't try again. Never again. I saw how it was in the middle of the ocean and at night you wouldn't like it eery and it gave me goosebumps. Of all things I cannot swim. I am afraid of the vastness of the sea. I just love to look at the ocean with it's soft waves and the glitter of the sun against the water. Now, the sea is becoming a big burial site of many people who were submerged to death.

Now, please HELP... It's not too late.

Blogroll thing and linking back ethics...

Wow, it's kinda hard pala to update blog links. Been doing this for 3 days already. And you know what I've been doing, visiting their sites only to find out that I am not one in their lists...waah! And sometimes their sites were nowhere to be found...maybe they're changed their url's without informing others they've linked. This blogroll if not for JennyL is really important pala. Months ago she did her own updating and I thought it was just a simple polishing. It's not that pala...'coz this is a sure way of interaction, and friendlywise it can link you with other bloggers around the world. It's been a year now and so, 1 year and 4 months to be exact. At ngayon ko lang naisipangayusin ang blogroll ko.
So if anyone is not on my list now, maybe it'll just take a few clicks to call on my attention and I will just be too glad to do so. Just don't forget to give me the right details.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Skipping breakfast...again!

Waken up by the irritating alarm from my dau's CP. I don't need one because my biological clock still is serving me even better than I need, each morning. I headed to the kitchen to cook for my son's packlunch and to prepare their breakfast. Had put steaming rice in his lunchbox with spanish sardines given to me by Maro she bought from Palawan. Wow ang sarap, spicy. The table I arranged so that everything they'd need is just there at armlength. They have steaming oatmeal alongside milk and sugar. As I took turn cooking and preparing and also sitting in front of the PC to blog a little, which is very normal to me not to waste time in the morning. This' my normal sked in the morning. Voila!!! Nobody did touch their breakfast. They're now off to school with empty stomach again...sigh...they certainly know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and yet...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Time out!

Eyes are heavy to pause for now, and go back again to sleep. Will plop down to bed right after this one...super antok talaga. Been up early at 4am, what else is new di ba? Dakilang alipin ika nga ni Tack. Yes but lovingly naman and no complain whatsoever.

Thank you Kapitana...

Here's a hug and thank you for that one special entry dedicated for me. Coming from a very honorable person like Ms Marie Vergara, who was elected Chairman of Barangay 885, Zone 97 in the 6th District of Manila...and that's something. Hurrah!

Friend, just keep on trucking...!

Got a very dear friend whose life now I may say is in a bad situation. I pity her because she is a friend of mine. But I can do so much and still, much as I wanted to help her, still bad things keep coming in. And I am just making sure to always check on her from time to time so to get an assurance that she'll be okey. I am just here to make her a bit spirited by sending notes that she's still fortunate than others. But somehow, things keep coming in not in the way she wanted it to happen. But as the saying goes, life still must go on. My heart goes to her and I just can't believe it can happen to one like her who's so good natured, so sensible and so strait-laced.

To you my dear friend, just hang on and keep the faith!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gravy train

Really it pays when you know how to be grateful at all times and you know how to appreciate the kindness of others. It's a friendly feeling talaga. Last night I was offered a job, yey...I will not do tasky works, but simply to supervise lang. And the offer is quite tempting and to top it all I just couldn't say NO to that person. If that push through ok lang. I'll do it without qualms. Basta ba may katabi akong laptop or PC...okey na ako. :)

Getting my groove back...

One thing I have learned after this arrogant woman pissed me off for a couple of months or so, four months to be exact. Being so ever watchful of what's coming out of our mouth is a big thing. Mataray in the sense na texting harsh words na akala mo eh walang obligasyon sa kapwa niya, when in fact na she couldn't settle naman pala her debts in time. You know sometimes fate teaches you some rudiments on how to become humble and meek. I am very particular when it comes to gratitude and being apologetic in every situation. Like the case of this woman who promises with a lot of yabang to pay her obligation yesterday, only to find out that she'd just P2000 in hand. Geez...I couldn't turn my eyes to look at her because of annoyance...and I have to control whatever negative emotions I have inside me at that time...breeding...breeding. Thanks to a friend who teaches me a lot on how to be sensible. I hate that time when she texted some nasty words back. Samantalang naniningil lang naman kami ng maayos and magalang pa nga yung text sa kanya. Ang taray talaga ng reply niya. I wonder why she have to act that way, eh wala naman palang ibabayad. The sad part of it was, the dominoe effect of course. We all have our own financial worries of course. All I could do yesterday was to give her a cold treatment for whatever she have had said and done para malaman niyang hindi ko nagustuhan ang ginawa niya. If she could have done the other way baka naintindihan ko pa siya...sigh...may breeding talaga, she didn't even say TY or SORRY so to appease me when she scooted away from our table. Good thing, I was able to take control of my outburst and be as calm as I could. Ballistic pa naman ako pero may ipinagbago na ako. Growing old and being sensible is synonymous. Thanks to my mentors. It works a lot...


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Health is wealth!

Koch's desease can now be treated well and fast if only doctor's prescriptions and advices will be followed to a tee coupled with enough rest and nutritious'll go free from tubercle bacillus.

Missing Popo and Toto

Saturday, July 5, 2008

If it smarts the eyes...

Bloggers like me has their own preference to choose and customize their web page by the colors they want, template they most likely to have and so many other things. One is the blogskin. Like me my original blogskin was black since this is one of my favorite color other that white and yellow and moss green. My site wore this skin for a very long time, then made a lot of changes and went back again to the old one. But when my reader/friend texted me and complained about this, I changed right away no matter how I liked it to be in black. Why? Because I listen to my reader's suggestions. If it is somewhat constructive, ikaga desuka(why not). I make it sure to visit other's sites that went to visit mine. However if it strains my eyes, I make sure to have a fast one no matter how interesting the topic was there if I couldn't bear the strain in my eyes. So dear bloggers, make sure yours won't be a smarting one...that can cause a stinging pain in the eyes of your readers.

Just giving you my two-cent's worth. :)

Some trivia...

The very first pocketbook I got hold and browsed when I was in high school was, To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

***a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Harper Lee published in 1960. It was instantly successful upon its release and has become a classic of modern American fiction. The novel is loosely based on the author's observations of her family and neighbors, as well as an event that occurred near her hometown in 1936, when she was 10 years old.

The novel is renowned for its warmth and humor, despite dealing with the serious issues of rape and racial inequality. The narrator's father, Atticus Finch, has served as a moral hero for many readers, and a model of integrity for lawyers. One critic explained the novel's impact by writing, "[i]n the twentieth century, To Kill a Mockingbird is probably the most widely read book dealing with race in America, and its protagonist, Atticus Finch, the most enduring fictional image of racial heroism." [1]

My favorite of all time, is Jude Deveraux's A Knight in Shing ultimate feel-good novel about love...the epitome of every woman's fantasy.

The novel of John Grisham, A Time to Kill made me shed some tears while reading the part of the cruel ordeal the young child went through in the hands of her antagonist.

The most heart pounding and sensual novel I have read, Possesion by Anne Rule...about sexual savagery and only hope for survival.

I became addicted reading about Princess D's life. I even collected some books from different authors that narrate about her struggles in the palace and how she was as simple Diana and how she fell in love several times. And the story about her failure as a wife and as a devoted mother to his two boys. These books I still keep and treasure for a long time because it's a little quite expensive...and glossy too.

And the last on my list is the heartbreaking novel entitled The Bridges of the Madison County...a good read also by Robert James Waller that has been made into a movie. I really really like Meryl Streep here and Clint too...for their performance.
"It tells the story of Francesca (Meryl Streep), a lonely Italian Iowa housewife. While her husband and children are away at the Illinois State Fair, she meets and falls in love with a photographer Robert Kincaid (Clint Eastwood) who has come to Madison County, Iowa to create a photographic essay for National Geographic on the covered bridges in the area. The four days they spend together are a turning point in her life and she writes of her experience in a diary which is discovered by her children after her death."

Francesca: I'm not sure you can [be yourself] with me along. Don't you see, I love you so much that I cannot think of restraining you for a moment. To do that would be to kill the wild, magnificent animal that is you.. I have feelings of responsibility here.. To Richard (her husband), to the children. Just my leaving, taking away my physical presence, would be hard enough for Richard. That alone might destroy him. On top of that, and this is even worse, he would have to live the rest of his life with the whispers of the people here.. the children would hear the snickering of Winterset for as long as they live here. They would suffer, too. And they would hate me for it.. I cannot live with the thought. [of abandoning my responsibilities] If I did leave now, those thoughts would turn me into something other than the woman you have come to love.

Francesca: Robert, please. You don't understand, no-one does. When a woman makes the choice to marry, to have children; in one way her life begins but in another way it stops. You build a life of details. You become a mother, a wife and you stop and stay steady so that your children can move. And when they leave they take your life of details with them. And then you're expected move again only you don't remember what moves you because no-one has asked in so long. Not even yourself. You never in your life think that love like this can happen to you.
Robert Kincaid: But now that you have it...
Francesca: I want to keep it forever. I want to love you the way I do now the rest of my life. Don't you understand... we'll lose it if we leave. I can't make an entire life disappear to start a new one. All I can do is try to hold onto to both. Help me. Help me not lose loving you.

Some text source: Wikipedia

May you have many many more birthdays to come...

Friday, July 4, 2008

Seventh heaven

Whoah! Can that be really possible? The seventh of heaven...or can one be sitting on top of the world? true example is the Pambansang Kamao, Mr. Manny Pacquiao who from his humble beginning has emerged and became an instant boxing star, with all sure punches making him the first Filipino and Asian boxer to win four world titles in four weight divisions. A real lead fighter who could turn white shorts of his opponents into crimson. A great southpaw puncher...still making raves at the height of his career inside the arena as well as in the history of the boxing bout. A real hurrah of an athlete!!!

Feast your eyes!

Monkey on my back...

Woke up from a very deep and restful wakas...kasi last night and previously I wasn't able to get some good night's sleep really...just had some tossing and turning in bed and with that throbbing headache, who could. Why? Because so much has happened lately that I couldn't make sense of what I was going through...that kept me wondering where this whole thing was going. It always concern about financial, emotional where my faith and patience and sensible decision making was put to test. It really can be so emotionally draining. But when you have this solid and firm footing nothing can sway one. Earlier this morning, with heavy heart and a little discomfort from having cramps and dull headache, I went out to look for possible showband who would be willing to perform at night. So off I went to Rosario, Pasig. I have a friend in high school who has a brother with a band group who sing old love songs. I arrived in time and was lucky enough to get his nod. So now, the show will start at 7 tonight. So maybe they're now starting to show their finest effort. I am now dressed to go there to see how things are going. It's a blessing rain let up before the schedule begins. And another thing, some of my concerns are settled so I have a lot of thank you's to utter now and hours before I sleep tonight.